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Monday, 23 November 2015 10:28

A great weekend!

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Good morning and good week to you!

Weekend retreat: We had a great retreat and I am feeling very energised and happy today! Super powerful healing sessions, nature walks, good food and sharing. Long may it Meditationlast! As the yogi tea bags say, 'A relaxed mind is a creative mind!'

More 1 day and 2 days retreats are coming up, keep checking back as more about this will be shared in the coming weeks.

A little note for today:

Today is a special day. Great opportunity exists.

Consider setting an intention to recognise and enjoy each moment that arises.

We are setting new patterns and opening up to expansion which includes more joy, abundance and love.

Healthy tasty delightful snacking!

Here is a little video I made last winter for an easy way to enjoy a healthy and tasty green drink.

I still have this every day and usually make it in a little mixer to which I add organic spinach, cucumber and sometimes celery.

It is so refreshing. It will sooth and caress your digestive system and  radiate healthiness right through your skin!

Once you get into this you may never want to to miss it!

Wishing you all the gifts of this week x

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