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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

Energy update

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17th September 2014: A quick update that may be of interest on what's been going on recently. I've been observing quite a bit of energetic change happening in people. An old layer is falling away, like a snake shedding it's skin. People are getting ready for another chapter. Although this is a continuous process in life, I'm observing this powerful shift occurring in many right now who are soul orientated and focused upon their spiritual path. For many, a more refined soulful version of themselves is presenting itself as the old version evaporates. This shift is happening right now ( past 3 weeks to next 4 weeks) and during it some are feeling unusual or unsure of what is happening. For some, sleep is being affected, new opportunities are presenting themselves and some are fearing this as much as they would love to love these changes...

The general advice is: tune into yourself and be in nature as often as you can. Find a place to sit, it can be anywhere and just breathe for a few minutes to a few hours. If you find sitting and meditating uncomfortable, walk. Allow your natural rhythm to come through your breathing and walking. Allow yourself time to reflect upon your day, turn the tv off or just lie on the couch for 5 mins. These small changes can be amazingly satisfying. This will help you feel more yourself and bring peace and harmony to your heart, mind and body.


Sepptember 23rd: Well it's offically equinox time. I had a dream the other days how freedom fighters were setting off devices to create confusion and break down bridges and old systems so that new ones' could take their place. Then in the dream I was high up on some top steps and I heard music and started singing and realised in the dream that the same change that could be created through "freedom fighting" could also be invoked and created through music and singing... Next time there is a challenge, when appropriate try responding with active listening, kindness or some other gentle form of love and see what happens. It may be even more effective and negate the need for more damage before something improves xxxslide2

Help others where you can. This is a moment of opportunity. The good energy that you put out will continue to travel through the universe with you as you move forward. 

If you would like some structure for tapping into your soul guidance, check out the workshop tonight and next week. Energy healing sessions are also available by appointment and provide wonderful support for spiritual awakening.




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