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Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00

Foods you can eat while on the cleanse! Featured

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Hi, here are some Food Guidelines and Suggestions for Dr Hulda Clark’s Parasite Cleanse.

These are just a guideline, please make informed healthy decisions for yourself! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

I find on the cleanse, that initially I have the first three days of transition, a little bit here and there is ok if it's in the fridge and it's going to go to waste and I feel like having it now, use it type of thing. I also may eat a fair amount at various stages depending on how I feel! This can help to smooth into the new phase of eating. Ideally, do not eat a lot late at night. The idea of breakfast to break - the - fast, so some form of stomach emptying is highly beneficial for your own healing. Don't go to bed starving! But a large decent breakfast will support you much more than a late night meal.

Quantity is not such a big deal and often in the past I've been known to  have five meals a day plus snacks to survive! Likewiise sometimes my body cuts right dow ad desires very little food. I trust my body to inform me of what I require. I also keep an eye on things and ensure I am supplying enough food to support the energy output required. Remember, just don't go to bed too stuffed!

It really depends on your body type. What I'm saying is don't go hungry, it's not about that. Be organised, stock up on nice healthy food, make good decent meals and bring nibbles or food with you if you are heading out for a while so you don't get stuck, e.g. nuts such as almonds (raw) seeds such as organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, brown rice cakes or ryvita and hummus... Most people find they eat better than ever before!

I've seen hundreds of people go through this cleanse and one thing I've learned is that the best results come from those who are strict to the core with the diet and taking of the herbs. If you are going to do it, do it properly! On a more compassionate note, if you do slip up, don't give up! Get back on and keep going. In the past I slipped up but continued anyhow and then the next cleanse I did 6 months later was much easier as my mind was clearer that I wished to experience (out of curiosity as much as anything else) the best result possible!

I hope these pages are of some help. Good luck!

There are restaurants that cater for this type of food intake too.

In Dublin, Cornucopia, Wicklow Street and Blazing Salads, Drury St, Dublin 2 are both good options.

Around the country there are more and more fabulous conscious healthy eateries  and if you you know of one, please drop a note here and I will happily include it.

Back to business! Cleanse Foods:

Recommend dietary changes:

- Eliminate sugar

- Eliminate fruit

- Eliminate wheat

- Eliminate Dairy (cow products!)

- Eliminate coffee

- Eliminate vinegar and yeast (includes some breads, balsamic vinegar, pickled foods- Apple Cider Vinegar - such as Braggs ACV is the only exception here)

All these feed parasites- so during the cleanse you are ridding them from your body by:

- Starving them (by not feeding them),

- Taking herbs to eliminate them from your body.

healthy vegThe big important question! What can you eat!?

Here’s a general list of foods that are great for you and that you can eat plentifully during the cleanse:

Bread/sugar free/dairy free bread!

Spelt bread is great. Soul bakery make a brown spelt and white spelt bread which you can use, cost 3.99. Available in Super Value, Dunnes in and around Dublin as well as other shops. This is a usual in my diet though I must admit I always toast it as I think it tastes better (with avocado/ hummus or coconut oil which acts as a wonderful butter replacement).

Many farmers markets and other shops also supply various non wheat breads.

Bake your own which you can buy in a pack at the gluten free/special dietary section of the supermarket- if you are baking your own- you can try soy/almond/coconut/goatmilk instead of dairy. Although spelt has some gluten it is minimal and the body can usually deal with it quite easily.

Whatever bread you go for just remember that it is to be wheat free/ dairy free and sugar free!

Any lactose free milk - Soy Milk/ Almond milk/Rice milk. I tend to vary my milk supply each week depending on what calls me. Ensure the one you choose while on the cleanse is “unsweetened” as there can be a lot of sugar and sweeteners added to some milks. I particularly like “unsweetened” Almond Milk these days.

Occasional sweetener you can use after first 4 weeks: Stevia (buy online or in health store) This is a green leafy herb that is sweeter than sugar. It has not the same mass as sugar- which means it will not create the same effect when baking, however, you can add it into sauces or whatever you are cooking/baking for a sweeter effect. A little goes along way- it is way sweeter than sugar. A pinch or one drop is enough. It is actually good for your pancreas and doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels the same way sugar does.

Herbals teas are great-

  • green tea or mate for energy,
  • chamomile for relaxing your digestive system and sleeping,
  • mint for digestion and going to the loo,
  • nettle for cleansing, acidic blood and painful joints.
  • Sample plenty of teas while on the cleanse as they help you feel well and it’s a good time to experiment with new things.

Cheese and so on

Instead of cow based dairy products, try goat’s milk products instead, for example:

- There is a great range of goat’s cheeses available, including hard cheeses, feta, soft cheese and so on, (from lidl, supervalue…) Lidl and Aldi both do good quality tasty goats cheese. Lidl offer a lovely sliced hard goats cheese, this is lovely with some toasted spelt bread, with some coconut oil spread on it, heated as a toasted sandwich, then before serving add some fresh sliced cucumber and or spinach leaves for a healthy and tasty snack.

- Also halloumi (only when made from goat and/or sheep milk- check ingredients- not when cow’s milk is added), when heated, it doesn’t melt like traditional cheese and really is delicious in a salad.

Breakfast Ideas and Snacks:

  • Porridge- Oats are fine, mix with non-dairy milk, cinnamon, cloves and chai spices add delicious flavour.Popeye1
  • Nonsweetened millet puffs, brown rice puffs or spelt puffs (from health store) with almond milk- very tasty
  • Scrambled eggs on spelt toast
  • Avocado on ryvita crackers, sliced tomatoes on toast with spinach and goats chese

Eggs: Boiled, poached, scrambled


Tomatoes –

All on spelt toast with a sprinkle of salt

Or Ryvita crackers

Or brown rice cakes

Or multigrain cakes (like rice cakes from Aldi)

Delicious Salads

yum dinnerTry a salad at any time of day- also fantastic for breakfast - and gives the body great morning energy- that will be seen in your glowing skin.

Choose a combination of any salad foods including the above and


All green leaves


All salad food-

Beetroot ( non-vinegar- available Aldi)


Grated raw carrot and raw beetroot with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper- delicious!

Goats cheese

Almonds/ walnuts/ macademia nuts…

Salad Nicoise- Lettuce leaves, olives, soft boiled eggs, flakes goat cheese.

Chicken/prawn/tofu Caesar Salad. Green leaves, flakes of hard goats cheese, olive oil combined with some bbq/grilled.... prawns/ chicken or tofu.

Warm grilled Goats cheese salad- Salad leaves with some beetroot, almonds and warm grilled goats cheese.

Walnut, Pear and Goats cheese Salad; green leaves, use just a quarter of a pear cut into tiny pieces of you require something sweet, lots of walnuts, and warm grilled goats cheese and lots of fresh leaves.

Grilled Halloumi ( as long as no diary!) on a bed of salad with any of the above ingredients.

Courgette, goats cheese and basil Frittata- Use some garlic when frying courgette- delicious with salad.

Brown Rice               - instead of white rice

Sweet potatoes         - Very tasty cut into wedges and baked in the over, they take a while to cook but taste sensational. Not for everyday but can have twice a week or so. Instead of regular potatoes. If you must eat a regular potato, the best way is baked in the oven as it releases less sugar into the system.

All vegetables (not too much corn or carrots as can be sweet- but a bit is fine)

Make/bake bread/ scones/ pizza bases etc- (Use spelt or look up gluten free, dairy free, sugar free recipes online- there are loads, sure try some out).

Meat/ chicken/ fish/ Tofu (if you eat them!) all fine- bbq or cook how you like and eat with salad/ veg/ sweet potatoes/ brown rice/

Instead of regular pasta, eat brown rice pasta/ vegetable pasta/ spelt pasta... Very tasty


Mix fried onion with “Braggs amino spray”(from the store), add broccoli, chopped up mushrooms, add half a cup of hot water mixed with a teaspoon bullion, add salt and pepper, served on a bed of spelt pasta with grated or flakes of goats cheese.

Try quinoa- its’ a South American grain instead of rice or as another option- instead of couscous- it’s really nice, slightly nutty like yourself and has protein in it which is great for giving you energy- can have it with stir fry or cold with salad. Try cooking it in vegetable stock (bouillon) or season well as it carries flavor nicely.


walnuts hazelnuts and almonds 440282Raw nuts might become one of your close friends;- Almonds, hazelnuts (go organic if you can, otherwise, Aldi provide affordable options). Stay away from roasted, heavily salted and moldy nuts!

Ryvita crackers, avocado...

Any crackers that are wheat free, sugar free and dairy free. – Ryvita is the main one.

Almond and all nut butters are delicious ( go oraganic - health stores sell a large organic peanut butter at quite good value).

Coconut oil- again available in Dunnes, and Super Value and health stores,- use instead of butter. Very nice on crackers or toast.

Try rice cake with coconut oil with avocado and sprinkle of salt and pepper for yummy tasty treat.

Try Ryvita crackers with almond butter and thinly sliced strawberry (once a week- no more than two strawberries!)

Add cinnamon- 2 teaspoons a day reduces sugar cravings massively and is good for you..

Sugar-  a teaspoon of cinnamon daily  and or/ 15 mls of apple cider vinegar in hot or cold water also helps to sort out sugar cravings and cleanse your body. Also supplement with extra fish oil/ flaxseed oil – (3 – 4 capsules daily). Some people have even come out of Type two Diabetes this way

Bon Appetit!

Thank you! Cornucopia Restaurant in South Wicklow street caters specifically for this type of food. It is a vegetarian restaurant has all the foods marked dairy free/ sugar free…etc. It has one of the tastiest fresh salad selections in Ireland and over all delicious food and cakes. A nice tofu salad in yammamouri is also quite super delicious. Japanese food can make it quite easy to abide by these food guidelines too. Let me know if you come across any other places/foods worth mentioning! Thank you.

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# start cleanseMichele 2014-11-22 17:46
Hi Orla,

thanks for the useful advices and tips in this page. Tomorrow i'm gonna start the cleanse. I let you know how is going on. Just a question: what's about honey?
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# RE: start cleanseOrla 2014-12-01 10:35
No honey! Enjoy! All things sweet feed parasites, so that is why. All the best!
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# MrsIrina 2017-08-31 03:44
Hi Orla,

Thank you for your post, however, I found there is a lot of information confusing and contradicting: Your suggestions were to eliminate wheat, dairy and fruit, yet you suggested "pear walnut salad" "goat/sheep milk" - which are in fact dairy products, rye and spelt are types of wheat.. I really don't get it. This post really confused me :-( You said "sweet feeds parasite" - but there are sweet potatoes suggested, please, explain, are they not the 'sweet'? Rye or spelt breads break down into sugars, which do feed parasites, just as any other types of wheat. Haloumi/fish oil - full of fat! Fat is the parasite's most favourite food along with carbohydrates... This post have made me strongly doubt the validity of information have been provided here, and it feels like this post falsely misleading people into sufferring even further, by feeding the parasites instead of getting read of them :o :cry:
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# Food cleanseOrla 2017-09-01 11:50
Hi Irina,
Thank you for your questions. I hope the following is of help to you. I would love to hear your thoughts.
- What cleanses have you undertaken Irina? What food protocol did you follow and for how long? How effective has it been for you? I am always open to listening to other people's approaches and sharing good information.

- There have been many successful cleanses using the parasite cleanse herbs as sold on this website along with this food approach and I am happy to stand by it. Many customers were searching for years before they came across it and had excellent success with it. I am always happy to talk to my customers 1-1 about their leasing process. I cleanse twice yearly for optimal wellbeing regardless of how I feel and have moved over 12 years from ill health to fantastic super health.
I also encourage each person to listen to their body and be their own master. This list though highly effective is simply a support tool to support and stimulate people on their healing journey. Please reread the first line.
Thank you and wishing you every success on your healing journey.
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# Parasite dietJeff mci 2018-02-22 14:50
I dont think this post is misleading..I think the internet is many different types of information regarding parasite cleanses..i must say , however, that this article does in fact contradict most of the other articles on this topic....for instance.. meat? and goats milk? fish?...Based on other sources, all meats should be rid of.. Many individuals also stated that coffee is bad...yet you said no to coffee. Please provide feedback at your earliest. - best_wishes-
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