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Friday, 27 March 2020 12:18

Why I've not been posting much here recently!

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Dear friends,    

Last year I ran into trouble with this website. Orla Queen Crown

Certain bugs that the experts couldn't fix!

As a result I created a new website that will launch soon.

Rest assured, I have been busy with plenty going on regarding workshops, workplace wellbeing, healing sessions, natural health products and more!

THe main delay to my new website is finaling an updated version of my logo.

Let's just say it's been over 6 months! Soemtimes you go on a big journey only  to come back to where you began but every step has purpose, and it's a differnt being that returns :) 

It will be up soon!

Till then I'm sharing mostly via facebook click here

and instagram click here.

Please come join these pages, given them a hi and say hi.

Big news is that I'm offering powerful healings through Zoom! Well thats where the chat happens and then the rest through meditation and distance healing.

Also am co-hosting a fantastic cleanse programme this April.

It is the perfect time to cleanse.

Please check out fb and insta and as above get in contact for more details.

Lots of peace and love,




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