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Soul's Goals Workbooks

Soul's Goals Workbooks

Hi and welcome!

There will be four lovely work books appearing over the coming months in this area. Contact me directly if you have an interest as workshops and private sessions are currently available and running.

Here is a link to The Soul's Goals page which shares information and insights regarding Soul Guidance.

Click here for more info on Your Soul's Goals! (scroll below to purchase this deal)

One to one sessions are available too. You can combine a soul's goals session with a healing session, allow 90 minutes or have a pure souls'goals session which involves the two of us moving together through a process of questions, ponderings and meditations to help you understand more of who you truely are and to tune into your soul guidance. This is like having a personal workshop and alot can be achieved in these sessions. These sessions can take place in person or by skype.

At present there is a special with 2 session for just €99 Scroll below to purchase this special. Thank you!


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