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Terminator Zapper

Terminator Zapper

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Pinhole Glasses
Pinhole Glasses are a safe and completely natural approach that may help improve your eye sight.  read more...
The Soul's Goals & light language day Deposit for Saturday November 17th 2018
A practical step by step process for tuning into and gaining your inner guidance, and feeling more satisfied and fulfilled. A process for understanding and aligning with your soul's calling and living through awareness and delight, today and every day.   read more...
Terminator II Zapper Standard Edition
The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue, killing parasites while boosting health, feelings of wellness and vitality! *Price includes tracked postage to anywhere in Ireland*  read more...
Healing Package with complimentary gifts
A package to support those who wish to make progress and book a number of healing sessions.  read more...

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