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Pinhole Glasses

 'I love my pinholes! My vision has actually improved. I'm now noticing small details that I have not ever I believe noticed before! Thank you.'  Pinholes Libby Gerry Wexford


Pinhole Glasses are a safe and completely natural option that in most cases help eye sight by simply wearing them for j15 -20 minutes most days!

What they may do for you:

  • Sharpen Vision
  • Rejuvinate eyes
  • Increase clarity

May also help:

  • Relax the nervous sytem making you feel calmer and more at ease
  • Increase your natural focusing power
  • Boost attention and awareness
  • Strengthen presence and connection with nature

pinhole glasses lrg 

A lot of eye focusing problems are caused by weak muscles in the eye. This is especially true of the long-sightedness associated with ageing.

Pinhole glasses are specifically designed to exercise the muscles in your eyes responsible for focusing. When you look through the pinholes it improves your ability to focus and thus helps reduce stress, headaches and tension. Most users report a noticeable improvement in just two to four weeks. 

This product can be posted anywhere following payment via online payment, bank transfer or cheque.

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Great testimonial!

A customer called recently to report that he had achieved outstanding results from wearing his poinhole glasses. On his return visit to his optomistrist he was informed that the hole in his retina had healed and his eye sight improved! He had bought the pinholes in the hope they would help his eyesight. He had been wearing them for five months, 30 mins a day, 3 times a week while watching tv! He was delighted and wanted to share the good news. 

How they work

pinhole effect on eye

When you look at an object, your brain adjusts the focus of your eyes until it senses an increase in contrast. When your brain cannot find a difference between a dark and light area it cannot focus your vision. Pinholes improve this contrast which helps your brain find the focus point more easily. This gives you a sharper, clearer picture.

As your brain makes your eyes use their focus muscles more with the pinholes, the muscles are exercised. So they become stronger and better at focusing when you are not wearing them. They are reported to be particularly effective for computer screen use.

Pinhole Glasses work for both long and short-sightedness. However, they tend to work better and faster for long-sightedness because short-sightedness can have different causes. Be sure that there is enough light.

Suggested Use:  

  • If you are long-sighted (difficulaty with near vision): wear your pinhole specs for close focus activities pinhole glasses sunshinelike reading and looking at your computer screen.
  • If you are short-sighted:get the benefit from focusing at a distance, eg. watching TV or a nice view.
  • If you are short-sighted and long-sighted (quite common in people middle aged or older): wear them for a variety of activities for maximum benefit.
  • Give your self a minute or two to adjust to the pin holes. They limit your peripheral vision so do not wear when driving, operating , machinery and even be careful walking. 


What do experts say about Pinhole Glasses?

“When you wear prescription glasses you’re falling into a trap. You’re no longer fully using the focusing muscles in your eyes or the photoreceptors in your retina. The important ciliary muscles start to weaken, so you need to go to your optician for stronger and stronger lenses.

The moment Pinhole Glasses are placed in front of the eyes, a narrower parallel beam of light comes through the holes. This focuses on your retina and sends messages to your brain for clear-sightedness.

Pinhole glasses focus light on the ‘fovea centralis’. This brings objects into focus whatever the shape of your eyeball, while the rest of the glasses’ black lens stimulates the photoreceptor ‘rods’ in the rest of the retina. Therefore the whole retina is being stimulated and exercised. This is relaxing and beneficial.”--Peter Grunwald

Grunwald recommends wearing Pinhole Glasses if you suffer from short sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia and presbyopia), and regular astigmatism. 

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What is the inspiration for selling pinhole glasses on    IMG 3315

Back in 2004/ 2005 I was going through a challenging time, I used to fuzz up my eyes as I walked through the local town Mount Maunganui, in New Zealand where I lived. I didn’t want to see anyone, as I didn’t feel capable of “keeping myself together.” I was going through an intense ego breakdown / spiritual wake up and this was just part of how it all unfolded.

Within 3 months my eyesight began to weaken. By fuzzing up my eyes feeling unable to face what was around me, my eyesigh had deteriorated, and no matter how hard I tried to focus, my distance vision stayed blurry. The fact that I have only vision in one eye and the vision was deteriorating shook me out of not wanting to see and back into wanting to see! I also had other health and spiritual issues going on and thankfully with God's grace moved through the dark night of the soul into lighter awareness and a massive journey of healing and awakening. 

It was then I discovered pinhole glasses at a health store. I thought they were hilarious at first, and openly laughed at them! But then I wondered, what if they work!? They cost nearly $40 back then, but I got them anyway. Between using these on occasion (ranging from 10 – 20 minutes at a time) and taking various eye supplements including bilberry, blueberry and eyebright, my eyesight corrected itself. I still see perfectly today and it’s now my delight to share this great product with you.

I've discovered since then, that pinholes, in addition to helping improve vision, also greatly relax the eyes, the muscles around the eyes and improve eye fatigue including that from computer screens, as well as relax the nervous system. Simply put, they are a great tool for wellbeing at a great price.

They are so good you might like to get a pair for yourself and a pair for a friend!

Is there any reason I SHOULDN’T use pinhole glasses?

While pinhole glasses are claimed to be useful for people who are both near- and far-sighted, they are not recommended for people with over 6 diopters of myopia. Additionally, pinhole glasses should never be worn while driving or when operating machinery, due to the reduced brightness and peripheral vision.

What if I don’t like my pinhole glasses? Can I get a refund?

If for any reason at all, you are unhappy with your Pinhole Glasses, just return them to us within 3 months of purchase and we will refund your money in full. However, we cannot refund your money if the glasses are cracked or broken, so recommend that you use protective packaging. Please note that this guarantee does not cover the cost of return postage. Thank you.

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“For months now I felt like I’m not in touch with myself anymore. I was negative all the time and I felt lonely and lost…I reached a certain point in my life where I felt something had to change… Calling Orla turned out to be the best thing. Within one session I started to believe in myself again, be much more positive, more motivated and I had much more faith in myself and life again. And I was in physical pain as well. I don’ t know how, but my aches were gone the day after!″ --Marie


“Hi! Orla, just to let you know, day 3, as you said, my knee is much better, very little pain and at times none. Keep up your great work.” --K


“I was suffering from a very itchy scalp and had taken numerous anti-histamine to remove the itching which failed to address the issue- I was still itchy! …I started the herbal parasite cleanse and had a healing session the same day. Remarkably within two hours of the healing session, the itching had completely stopped.”


“I had the good fortune to pay a visit to Orla’s practice at Sutton cross. I am in good health for my age but suffered a bit with tension lack in energy and upper back aches as I went through the day and got tired. After my visit which is almost two weeks now, tension gone energy level high and no upper back ache. I am just over 70 years of age and feel I got a new start.” --Paddy


“I had been to the dentist a month previous and suddenly started getting toothache and a general ache in my mouth. It began to wake me up at night and I got worried after four days of it, so booked an emergency appointment at the dentist for the next day …At the same time I called Orla who was available to see me immediately. Within an hour and a half of the healing, the ache had completely disappeared. I was able to call the dentist and cancel my appointment for the next day and today, three weeks later I am still feeling great and pain free!” “I had a pain in my right shoulder. It had been coming and going for nearly a year…After the healing I noticed the pain was gone… that was four months ago and it hasn’t come back… I am very grateful for feeling well again!” –Betty


“I had been so busy for so long, being busy and a bit stressed seemed to be my normal! Orla kindly offered me some healing one day, and afterwards, I was so relaxed I could have crawled into bed for a day and night. If you’ve been pushing it and would like to give your body an opportunity to feel more peace and rejuvenate, I couldn’t recommend anyone more- have a healing with Orla- and get ready to snooze!” --

Services and Pricing


I have been practising healing since 2003 and have trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology, crystal insights, flower essences, homeobotanicals, working with angels, Z Point for Peace and more. My work and sessions have now evolved into a unique form of healing using touch, sound, crystals and word.

Healing helps people heal and feel more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually integrated. It helps poeple relax, feel present in the now and more connected to their heart, life and inner wisdom. 

We are all going through changes at present as we go through a leap in evolution. 

You may be looking for support with a particular challenge, such as changing job or healing something from the past.

I also help people raise their game to the next level. What is the strongest area in your life? Well let's help all areas strengthen to this level and support you going forward in fulfilling your potential in all areas.

I'm excited about working with people who have a calling or feel deeply moved to make a positive change in their lives. 

Many are called, but not all answer. Some people are almost forced to listen and change. In many cases a soul has already agreed to awaken in this lifetime and it will create situation after situation to help their awakening occur. Often these situations appear painful and challenging. However, it has a purpose and the more we allow ourselves to fulfill our calling the more peaceful and harmonious this planet will be.

I have many successful artists, writers, business owners and even some entire families as customers who benefit greatly from this work.

How it works:

I invite new potential clients to avail of a free 20-30 minute Skype session. During this time we will chat about how you are, what you are seeking and ascertain whether we are the right match to work together and if so our plan of action. Following this we will arrange a one to one session or Skype meeting depending on location. 

The healing session starts with a chat about how you are feeling and what you would like to receive from the session. I encourage you to define yourHealing Ania Orla SMALL intention and desired outcome for each session.

Examples of intentions include:

  • Clarity re next step in life
  • Healing and letting go of a pain, trauma or some experience from the past
  • Feeling peace
  • Being positive and open to the next step
  • Aligning with the right career and job
  • To allow happen that which is for your higher good.

The customized sessions are very intuitive. They take place on a healing bed, dressed, shoes off and covered with a blanket while gentle music plays in the background. I am guided each step of the way working with light beings and guides.

Some people will feel the energy moving and perhaps see colours and visions and some will not as it is unique to each individual and each treatment. In certain cases, messages and visions are received which are shared at the end of the session.

I like to work with clients over a series of sessions helping them self-realise whatever it is that is calling them. In these instances we may meet for example fortnightly or monthly. 

A summary report is sent to each client within a few days of the session. I am also available following sessions, usually via email or phone to provide support and answer any follow up questions. 

Although an appointment may only be 60 or 90 minutes, I prepare in advance for each session and following each session prepare a summary report which can include meditations, affirmations and recommendations.


This varies depending on location, length of session and other factors.

Sessions are available in Blessington, Dublin, London and Monaco.

The price generally is between €85 - €200 per session. Feel free to get in contact for further info.

Included in the price is prechat via email, healing session, summary report, recommended meditations customised to individual and on-going email support. I deeply value each client and only work with those who feel fully ready for this work,

Please note that no-one is ever turned away due to money so if you are are feeling called, you can also pay what you can afford. Please send an email/text/ call and we can discuss further.



Healing is an ancient art which has existed for thousands of years that can help you connect to your natural peace and presence.  Healing is a great investment in yourself on so many levels. You'll feel more peaceful, more connected to your heart and self with clearer thoughts and decision making.

You have come here for a reason, and each day offers you special gifts and opportunities. We are in a new era of connection and possibilities. It is a joy and honour to support each client with their connection to oneness and their awakening to the deep beauty and presence within.


These healing sessions aim to help you:

  • Release blockages, open up the flow and bring balance and peace to the body, mind and spirit.
  • Release pain and tension from the body.
  • Calm the mind.
  • Increase clarity with life direction and purpose.
  • Release anxiety, anger and stress.
  • Experience peacefulness and contentment.
  • Increase positivity, self-acceptance and feelings of love.
  • Feel free and delighted in each moment. 

How I got into healing

As a child I was aware of other realities and had many strange experiences where other entities would visit me at night. This happened every 9 months to a year from playschool to the age of 13. I tried to forget it all as I grew up as I found it distressing and did not understand what it was all about. I tried to become a “normal” teenager and live a regular life…Happy-Orla-with-crystals

Time passed by and then it all began again! In 2003 I was introduced to healing as well as to Tarot and Meditation by Maria Jesus Lopez. I loved meditating and began experimenting and achieving out-of-body experiences. In 2004 I moved to New Zealand where I underwent great change. I became aware that I was creating my experience of life and made a choice to be happy. As I became aware of an inner guidance I moved career path and began to work for a herbal healer Mervin Fischer. I worked for Mervin for over three years, making herbal tonics for clients, supporting parasite cleanses, advising on supplements and running one of his shops.

During this time, Bernie Melhuish, a New Zealand spiritual healer kindly invited me to work with him. We worked well together, and set up the healing centre, AllsWell, where we worked in our spare time with many people seeing many miracles over a number of years.

I was fascinated by natural herbs, flower remedies, supplements and healing foods as I saw what a difference they made to my life and to so many others. I focused upon my passion and after a while began to receive messages for my customers, from products that were helpful to messages about their life’s journey. I loved the work!

From July 2009 to May 2012 I took some time out to be with family, come back to Ireland, travel and develop my skills and self further.

In May 2012 I returned to Ireland from Mallorca where I was then living for the Uisneach Festival of Fire. As soon as I arrived in Dublin, I had a wonderful feeling and knew I was home to stay.

I am currently offering energy healing sessions all throughout Ireland by appointment and weekly in Dublin. Many report great results from healing sessions, enjoying the experience of the session ("the electircty running thorugh my body feels amazing!") and the after effects, " I felt happier than I've felt in years!" I don't tell everyone they'll feel this way, but you can expect improvements to your life and state of being. I wish you every happiness and continuous well-being. Healing is one of the ways I can support you with this vision. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hearing more or having a personal session. Thank you.

Energy Healing

I can only recommend taking the time to do one session. I'm sure I'm going to do many more, it's absolutely worth it. Orla, I'm so grateful, I can't tell you how much has changed in just 2 weeks!!! Thank you for everything. Marie

I feel more connected to myself and at peace. Thank you. Everything feels easier and I can even breathe more easily. Frank 

Orla Tara 

Healing is an ancient art form going back many thousands of years. It can help you let go of the past, of patterns and traumas both known and unknown. In addition you'll feel more peaceful, heart-centered and enjoy greater clarity. It can also help align you with your soul's purpose and inner guidance and thus help you achieve your calling in life with greater ease, joy and clairty. It can be deeply enriching and profoundly life changing.

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • Did my soul choose this path? Why?

  • How can I be of service to the world? 

Are these questions you ponder? Are you seeking support on the journey? Someone who can see the true you?

There is a leap of evolution occurring in the world at this time.

Are you feeling the pull to experience life on a deeper level?

To live a more purposeul, meaningful, interesting and beautiful life?


It is a pleasure and honour to do this work. I have devoted my life to healing, wellbeing, awakening and self-liberation. It's amazing what progress can be made with some focus and how we can redirect our life story to a more joyful path.

This opportunity is open to all.

If you've had enough, are feeling called or simply wish to take your journey to the next level, I welcome you to get in contact.


  •  Release tension from the body and improve physical well-being 
  •  Enjoy greater clarity with life direction 
  •  Expand beyond and thus let go of anxiety, anger, stress...
  •  Heal old patterns and traumas
  •  Return to a state of harmony
  •  Feel more peace, contentment and positivity
  •  Embrace self acceptance and the feelings of love and gratitude toward oneself, others & life
  •  Feel, enjoy and be in the present moment 



A little about what to expect

Some people feel the energy moving and see colours and visions and some may not as it is unique to each individual and each treatment.

In certain cases messages or visions are received which are shared at the end of the session.

At the end of the healing, people report feeling peaceful, centred and connected. A recent email said,

'Thank you so much, since the session I feel more myself that I have in many months...'

A written summary with recommendations including meditations, supplements, mantras etc is sent to the client following the healing.

The client is encouraged to take on a daily practise of meditation, affirmations, and possibly more, with a follow up session taking place in general anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks.

Email support is included between sessions.

This work is for those who are ready and willing to self-realise. If this is you, I would love to hear from you.

Energy treatments are available from:

  • Dublin city centre, Harvest Moon centre
  • Blessington
  • Other locations by arrangement
  • Via Skype

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Magnus healingHealing Ania Orla SMALL



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