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Meditation helps one feel more relaxed, at peace and present. Breathing in and out with pauses in between, while focusing on love, enables one to realise more love in life. Being aware of the breath keeps you in the now. Meditation is the method of being one with the breath and one with life.

There are many varieties of meditation. Listen to your inner calling; this can be a feeling of excitement or curiosity when you come across a poster, sign or article. A group setting or an audio guided meditation can also be a wonderful introduction. Check out my groups (send me an email if you are interested), videos and your local healing centers for more info. Allow it to be easy and enjoy!


Meditation is a gift. Some of the benefits include:

  • Awareness of a deeper calmness in the air that surrounds you.
  • Being “in the now” = “feeling the moment fully.”
  • Increase one’s natural healing power, for oneself and others.
  • Positively connect with life.
  • Deepen spiritual awareness.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, receive guidance and answers.
  • Sleep more peacefully and wake up feeling relaxed
  • Events and ideas flow more naturally.
  • Less blockages, negative mindset and fears.
  • Easier to not get caught up in challenging moments and return to peace and clarity.
  • Increase the peace and love in any environment.

Click here for a video of one of my favourite and most powerful meditation practices!

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