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3 x 90 min Special Energy Healing Sessions at Crystal Healing Room in Dublin 2

Price: €359.00


orla treatmentHealing can help one let go of the past, of patterns and traumas both known and unknown. 

It is deeply enriching and profoundly life changing.

Following a session one feels more peaceful, heart-centered and enjoys greater clarity.

This healing can also help align one with their soul mission and inner guidance and thus help one achieve their calling in life with greater ease, joy and clairty. 

Particularly effective if you ever ask these questions:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • Did my soul choose this path? Why?

  • How can I be of service to the world?

 Are you open to support on the journey? 

Click here for more information on energy healing!

Tune in and ask yourself, as a limitless being, what do I really wish to experience?

Purchase now 3 or more sessions and receive a special discount of €95 which includes, plus free Bach Flower remedy and pinhole glasses. 

For more info on how a healing session operates, click here!

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Price includes a report with a summary of session, meditation, exerceises plus follow up email support.

All queries are welcome and a skype call is possible in advance to chat and ensure that this work is right for you.

Can be in person or via skype.

Payment can be made in cash, via PayPal or direct bank transfer BOI. Please text Orla on + 353 87 2320159 if you've any queries or would rather arrange cash payment. Sessions valid for 6 months from date of booking. 

Release the past and beathe anew.

The Divine is dreaming through You!

This is a new moment!

-Time to feel peaceful, happy and at ease with all as is-

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