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Well it's been a great month so far and looks like it will continue to unfold this way. Of course it has it's more tender moments too Orla conscious concert:)

So what's been happening? 

Well there have been a number of alchohol free events on that I've been fortunate enough to go to. After a years break, there was a great Flux event at the RDS, and i'm told there will be more events by flux soon to follow. Check it out on facebook and through Joe Quinn. 

The Irish Conscious Concert, a yearly event, took place in March, lwhich brought fantastic beings from around Ireland and the world together for a fantastic evening of 'awakening consciousness through sacred entertainment.' The beautiful Sudha graced us with sanskrit chants and music - see the you-tube clip below for a taster. This was followed by a talk by Aaravindha Himadra, who has connections with and journeyed to the Valley of the Immortals in the Himalayas, where many agreed, disagreed and basically made up their own minds! This was followed by Entheogenic and a great dance which closed the night.

The music of Entheogenic is set the the heart frequency of 432, listening to music at this frequency to said to open the heart and help one feel more loving and connected to the all that is. If you'd like to try this out for yourself, Xavier is also offering music played at this frequency at the Rialto F2 hall every Thursday evening. This is a great place to go dance and in the same location the Dublin dance co-op offer a Monday music wave, 100 minutes of a music wave based upon the five rhythms of Gabrielle Roth. Give it a go- if dancing is your thing or you are in any way curious. These are all drug free alcohol free gatherings, so bring your water or apple juice~!

In adddition to these Monday and Thursday night regular dances, The Funky Seomra is still holding great monthly alcohol free Saturday night discos from Film Base in Temple Bar. Anyone can go, and many just turn up on their own as it's a great way to meet other interesting people who like to dance!

Darren Maguire also held an alcohol free rave party at the same location a few weeks ago, check out Tribal Dance, playing old skool dance music from the 90's combined with raw food snacks and smoothies- a winning combo indeed :)

As you can see there are lots of events happening, and these events are for have having a great time but also serve as a great way for us to connect together.

Healing wise, over the coming month there is a healing day on this Friday the 8th of May and again on Friday the 22nd of May. Appointments are also available on other days so do get in touch if you are interested.

There is also a soul's goal introduction workshop taking place on Saturday the 23rd of May. All are welcome to attend. Bring a friend and have some fun. We will look at what excites us, at how we feel about ourselves and how we can shape this to help us live a life that we are happy with and  feel delight with. We will share with you a technique that you can implement straight away for more soul aligned living and for experiencing days with greater satisfaction and peacefulness. It will be followed up with a 2 day workshop in June.

This Saturday, the 9th of May there is a 24 kirtan happening in Birmingham where people from around the UK and Ireland will gather with some world leading Hare Krishna kirtan leaders including the dear Madhava, for a glorious 24 hour non stop chanting and dancing session! I am very happy to be attending, after which I will travel to London to visit my super special sister, Jacinta. I will also make some time for work  and am delighted to be offering healing energy and soul awakening sessions. The trip will then bring me to Brighton to connect with a dear soul sister where we will do some work and have some play before I return to London for some quality time before returning to Dublin, just in time I hope for the Monday co-op dance wave! 

At this time of great change it is so important that we make time to connect with others who are travelling the road of the conscious journey. To connect and have fun is important work - seriously! Take it easy on yourself. Rest well and have fun. There is a new wave of energy coming for us all. Be ready and smiling! With love, Haribol! Orla

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Thursday, 16 April 2015 12:51

You are the light warrior of this time

You are a shining light

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As you make it through the darkness you leave an essence of light on the path you journey in the cosmic mystery - this light helps others find the way too. Every thought, every action, every word, every feeling is rippling through the universe right now. The path may seem heavy sometimes and even a tiresome struggle you'd like to be rid of, but please hold on... You have done so much amazing work in overcoming the challenges this world presented you with. True transmutation. Celebration time is here and way more is on the way~ 6 months of great energy is lining up for us...

Light warrior

Yes every day is a good day, but sometimes it is really challening, expecially for some. In this moment I salute you; you who have worked your butt off letting go of all to be soul, present on this planet; you who has helped the light grow on this planet to exponential proportions. This is true light warrior work and as beautiful as it is, we all know that it is has not always been easy. You are doing light warrior work when you choose love over not love, when you think kindness, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, peace... instead of... This goes for how you treat yourself as well as how you relate with others; deep down each person is an aspect of your own being.

We are awakening

You are a beacon of shining light. The great masters are amongst us, we are all at some level of awakening. Even those poeple you didn't like or who were mean and nasty, they too are awakening! We are growing into ourselves, into our true selves! Let's keep going!


When you forgive, don't just wipe the slate clean for your experience, wipe it clean for your experience and for all others involved, this is true forgiveness and liberation, the greatest gift to yourself and others. Wish them well. Let it go. Recognise soul family, every male and female a brother and sister. Competition is over, it leads only to isolation. Let's raise up each other, celebrate each other and hold space and love for each other, when the going is great and when the going is tough ~

The 5th Dimension

The new paradigm,the 5th dimension is here and accessible now for all. We are in a place of divine harmony and in the vesica pisces of multidimensional 3D and 5D reality. Anchor into your body; be it in the heart, the third eye, the solar plexus ... Choice is a massive part of this journey. Love is often a choice, especially in moments of transmutation. Right now, I urge you to listen within to your heartbeat for one minute and re/affirm your choice. I choose to be fully present in this body, I choose to align with peace & I choose to love you X <3 U

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