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Tuesday, 23 June 2020 16:20

Rise & Thrive Zoom Club 6.30am weekdays!

New ☀️ Rise & Thrive Zoom Club 6.30am - 8.15am weekdays woman angel wings

You heard it right!

Yes we are early morning hanging out.

It's the new buzz!

Like to join us? Well, we would just love that!


Live meditation @6.30am, then time to to work on your vision.

6.30am Meeting online for live meditation that takes 20-30 mins✨✨✨ 

7am Then turning off mics, cameras and working on our soul's work/ personal dreams/ passionate projects/ whatever you wish...

Might be yoga, journalling, more meidtation, writing a book, editing work, poetry, music, food...

8.15am Brief check in before we finish up. Sometimes we go till 8.30 - nothing written in stone here, figuring it out as we go along! 


To feel amazing. The energy is so potent at this time. You'll have lots of great insights and fly ahead with your projects.  A 20 min nap during the day will help replenish your energy if you like to stay up late.

The high you will get from this is beyond comparison of the feeling you get staying in bed for an extra hour(s) me! It may not be for everyone but it may right for you right now.

Running this on a week to week basis. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or send a message via facebook here

Try it out for a week and you'll see what you see.


1st few days are for FREE!

Then €10 a session or a whole week for €29.

Concession donation rate also available.


Paypal with your name and Rise & Thrive Zoom Club: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Everyone is welcome who is drawn to this. 

Much love.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 15:02

Wake Up Inner Hero!

Everyone is a star. Everyone is a hero. The heroic version of yourself is inside you and it is awakening. It is aligned with love and clear, yet it has its own colour, personality and gifts to bring to this world. The liberated beautiful and brilliant self - your inner hero is who you truly are!

Would you like to know yourself better and be more of your Inner Hero?

Your hero is always present; you just got to turn your focus to see and be one with the true you!

That means no getting side tracked by addictions and aversions! I know! But it doesn’t mean that you can not enjoy things, you can! It’s really just means to not get sidetracked by being overly attached or just too scared. Trust me, it is a seriously fun, fascinating and fulfilling path and worth experiencing! 

In the things you do well in life, your hero is acting through you. Keep growing these areaa and aim to expand the other areas of your life to this level too. In growth, there is expansion and in expansion there is oneness with the life force energy. Introduce the ease that you feel in one area to another!

The inner hero is peaceful, happy, courageous and strong. Sometimes the hero requires rest and rejuvenation and this is also perfect. Sometimes the hero has to find the energy to move their ass and get going, this too is perfect. The hero within you is the real you. Are you willing to allow your hero to be in each and every moment!?

"Where is my hero now!?"

We, mankind are shifting identity as we move into greater consciousness; from personalities with souls, to souls with personalities and this shift in identity makes quite a difference.

Keep a journal, record how you feel, major events and observations and get ready to watch the magic unfold. It is a commitment, and commitment is super powerful. Let’s warm up!

What you'd love to happen but is not happening is usually what you are afraid of.

In your journal, write out what you’d love to see happening in your life and project love into these ideas regularly. This will help lead the subconscious from resistance, fear and sabotage to peace, acceptance and delight!


~When you focus on what makes you feel good you naturally generate feel-good energy~

~Move your focus to a place that feels good for at least some of your day! 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there goes a very long way to creating a much more enjoyable day!

Experiment and see for free!~

Focus on feel good for 3 x 5 minutes daily- and after 5 days you’ll see that you’ll feel quite sweet or your money back! ?

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