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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 17:44

Growing pains!?

Spiritual Change and Transformation in the Now!   Sunrise July 2017

When life gets in a funk, what do you do? Many people are going through challenges at present. As we all know when a challenge comes, we can either drown or become a better swimmer. I’m all for growth and so it’s no surprise that I view challenge as an opportunity to outgrow the old self! As I do I become a more expanded version of myself, more harmonious, conscious and integrated. This is the vision! Here are some of my approaches for dealing with these gorgeous growing pains! Please share and feel free to add your own. Ideas are one of the few things that increase in quantity when shared ?

  • I feel it. Whatever it is. I just really feel it, and allow myself to express it in words/ actions/ tears/ music etc. Once I feel it fully, ti begins to move, which is the idea. You don’t want to get stuck with an unpleasant feeling for a long time, it’s not good for your health. So number 1 feel and express however feels natural.
  • I remember my core vision of life, that is;

‘Life is always working out for me!’

I view all situations that arise this way. Of course things can suck, but after feeling it a while, I also ponder it from this perspective. That leads me to number 3!

  • I bring in my favourite prayer,

‘Thank you for this blessing!'

Take that, pow, you unpleasant feeling, bet you weren’t expecting that. This is a go to statement I use regularly. I find it particularly powerful in the face of atrocity ( or anything that leans this direction!)!  Repeat this over and over in the face of something that you cannot see a blessing in and I guarantee you within a few days you will shift, and begin to see the blessing. Guarantee you I say- or your money back :)

Sunrise July 2017

  • Remember if a situation/ experience doesn’t feel good, the story is not over yet! Sure why not spend a minute or 2 visualising a nice ending and then just let it go. Over time things change, become clearer and often change.
  • Choose to embrace patience in your time of growth! This is a MAJOR theme. Patience, people want it now, this minute and get upset that ‘it will never happen,’ Patience dude, things are flowing perfectly quite often so give it time. So what can help with patience!? Well there is a Bach Flower remedy that can help, it’s called Impatiens- get yourself a bottle and take a few drop 5 – 10 times a day, more regularly the more intense it is! If you are having a general hissy/ stress attack get yourself some Rescue Remedy while you are at it. B Complex vitamins decrease stress, take 1-2 in the morning. Magnesium at night time also helps, as does good oils such as Udo’s oil, all available from health stores. Also remember to use your power, using your power usually starts with a choice, ‘I choose to be patient.’ Ponder what that feels like and you’ll get the ball rolling in the right direction!
  • Who your main relationship in life is with? Is there a God/ Krishna/ creative power/ love that you relate to? Often there is and one forgets this power in times of challenge. Keep your central relationship centre in your life and it will help keep all in balance and give you strength.
  • Use a mantra! This can help quiet the mind. You can use anything from ‘One’ to an affirmation to a sanskrit mantra. I often use,

‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Kirishna, Hare Hare,

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare Hare.’

Repeat this mantra in your head and out loud. Move your awareness through the body from the crown to the feet repeating your mantra. Then go back and look for where the challenge/ emotions sit on the body. Repeat the mantra in this place and it will take you from the story back into to the present moment.

  • Every day do something good for yourself and bring goodness to others. Help yourself and help someone somehow. This brings lots of good energy.
  • Remember that life is made up of seasons and cycles. There is rest time, process emotion time, it’s okay to do nothing time, it’s time to get off your ass time, it’s time to put away the childish toys time, time for action, time for celebrating…!
  • Remember your passion and give it some time even 10 – 15 minutes. Draw a picture with a pen and paper, make up a melody, sing a song, make something, sew something and if you don’t ‘have a passion, just do something that makes you feel good for even a few minutes. You’ll get pleasure from it and it will get you back into your authentic self and centre! Great!
  • Focus on the breath for 3 breaths as often as you can. Use the stomach muscles to take three breaths. Push the muscles in and out peacefully, drawing the breath in and out. Viola!
  • Give the delight meditatin a go. If you feel like more than the three breaths, Click here! for a light yet powerful deeper favourite meditaiton of mine!
  • What do you appreciate right now!? Shift the focus. Click here for more!
  • Not matter how rough tough it feels, remember this too will pass. Whatever it is, wonderful or temporary, if it's in the outer world, it will come and it will go! The question is how smooth do you wish it to be as you move through it!? All the above points will help smoothen the path.

Hope this helps! Just give one a try and drop me a line if you’d like any more info on these approaches. I’d also love to hear what you do, so please share!

Much love,



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Sunday, 01 November 2015 23:22

Energy update November 2015

Treading the mystery

Have you been feeling sensitive? Gentle? The calling of the heart? Tears? Letting go?

The feeling for many at the beginning of the month is that they are deep in the mystery. Being ok with not knowing what's going to happen can be a saviour here. Sometimes we can see what is coming towards us and sometimes not. The desire to control and know will only frustrate. Give it up and instead focus fully on the now.What if you choose to be be cool with now this moment and TRUST that all is lining up? Your dominant energy is going to greatly affect your outlook and experiences. For this reason- choosing to be cool or even happy with everything as is can elevate you to a peaceful and happy place. Being happy with everything as is - is more of a feeling than a mental exercise. Feel the feeling and then embrace each part of your life with this feeling. For example, money, accept it, feel happy and spin happiness into how you feel about money. The mind will have to give up arguing, but let's face it the mind could argue all day long and it does no good. If you like, experiment with this and see how this serves you. Include happiness/ being cool with /accepting: family - friends - society- personal development - fitness - health - career - home - environment - and anything else that arises.


  • We've been here before and got through ok so we'll get through this time too!
  • I am happy with everything as is


Awareness that I have a choice in how I manage this makes a difference. Knowing that the mystery is part of the human experience helps us let go and trust. Challenges will come and go but the more peaceful you feel, the more you trust that things will work out and visa versa. If you haven't bee feeling this, perhaps you've been not been listening within to your inner guidance? Meditation, exercise and being in nature all support this stillness that enables us to feel the force greater than the little mind that lovingly guides each one of us. A few months ago I had a vision of wave of energy moving through the earth. Teh save arose in September and will peak around November 23rd. There could be a plus or minus of 5 days as you integrate this expansion.

Many of us are feeling growing pains as the parts of us that aren't in alignment with the higher nature rise in our awareness. It can feel like the child within can't cope. This is ok and natural at this time. Good news is that this is part of the awakening prcoress and that we can make great progress at this time!

What is going on for you? Has any fear arisen?

  • Can you put it into words?
  • Can you accept it?
  • Can you add to that, 'I am getting better at....' - go on be kind!
  • Can you turn it around? In words, then visualization, and then action?
    • 'I'm realising I'm quite good at...' - play with this it will feel good and open the mind to new neural pathways, association and reality.
    • Write it out and read it to yourself daily to remind yourself of the journey and that all is working out nicely.
    • Also, write a paragraph on a card of an evolved version of yourself, a step ahead from where you are now, and put it in your wallet. Read daily. This is what feels good to you. Include on it 'I am happy with everything as is.' What you are saying here is that you are happy with things as are and that you are heading in a feel good direction. Simple really.

This wave of energy implies a wonderful opportunity for transformation and greater harmony. Some opportunity will arise in the next few weeks- if it feels great - go for it!



Everyone knows or has heard of the importance of breathing- but to breath consciously from beginning to end 13 breaths in a row takes you to a whole new level of ease. In addition if you are eager, focus upon a feeling (you'd like to experience more of) as you breathe.

If you require help as to which feeling to focus upon, visualize the greater version of you who is dealing successfully with the situation you are in. Ask yourself, what soul trait do I have in this vision? If that is too much just observe yourself taking 13 breaths in a row- it's still enough and amazing!

Examples of soul traits include:

  • Loving kindness
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Peace
  • Confident
  • Forgiveness
  • Trust/ Faith
  • feeling supported
  • Happy
  • Inspired
  • Funny
  •  (add in your own)

Be in nature. A 2 hour walk, 5 minutes in the garden or 13 breaths when you park the car can be enough. You may notice a big difference and even be surprised at how easy it can be. You are ready. You deserve to be well and enjoy this peak of light on the 23rd.

Calling out for help & allowing others in!

And it’s so healthy to call out for help too.

‘Vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together.’ Brene Brown

Sometimes we spend our time being strong and don’t allow our vulnerabilities to show. However, it’s often in the moments where we call out and share our vulnerability that our connection with others deepens and something beautiful arises. Don’t miss out on sharing with a few people how you are feeling/ what you are experiencing.

 Allow yourself be vulnerbale and share how you feel or what you are thinking with someone you love and trust. 

If something is proving challenging, fill the situation in your mind with light, keep doing this. Change will occur.


  • Be in nature.
  • Use the 13 breaths -  observe 13 breaths to come back into the now.
  • Share with a friend or friends how you are feeling, and listen to them too. Let the barriers down. Share.
  • Big opportunity is coming around the 23rd!  
  • This is a special time. Enjoy! Take risks and have fun!


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