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Wednesday, 04 May 2016 15:17

Birmingham 30 hour kirtan!


Am here in lovely London, and yes really and honestly it is lovely here! 

After a great experience of a 30 hour kirtan in Birmingham (they call it a 24 hour kirtan but I left to get the train after 30 hours so who knows how long it actually went on for!? A big thank you to everyone who helped organised a great festival and gave so freely. Can you believe that was not 1 penny charged to attend this gathering though donations were gratefully received! Still, that makes it pretty inviting for many, and many there were with over 1600 registered and I believe many donations were also received! Lord Jaganatha

What it involved:

30 hours of continuous kirtan, that is singing of the Maha mantra to many different melodies in a call and response manner. The Maha mantra is considered the great mantra, it contains the energy of all mantras within it. Various singers from around the world and UK turned up to lead 30 minute to 2 hour sessions with a large group of wonderful musicians.  Over two days people sang and danced and all of us were fed four lovely meals each day too!

My experience:

I love singing this mantra. It connects one deep into the heart space where a sweet feeling of love arises and permeates my mind and being.

Through kirtan there is a call and response where a 'leader' sings the Maha mantra and everyone responds and sings the mantra with the same melody. 

It's a real journey of emotion and depth. While I sing, I find major things moving through my awareness especially my family, friends, past and even future experiences.

Orla Birmingham kirtan 2016 People were advised to sleep in a hotel but I decided to brave it and sleep at the hall! I lay down with a blanket and somehow managed to sleep quite  comfortably right beside the kirtan players. At this stage the number had gone from about 900 in the busiest moment to 20! I awoke early and sat up  immediately and very happily joined back in! 

Through the 2nd day I entered deeper into the present moment, the presence of love and the presence and love of the creator. line up kirtan 2016

I am ever grateful for this experience. If you'd like to give it a go, look for a kirtan group near where you live. In Dublin and London there is kirtan weekly at the Hare Krishna Temples as well as in other places.

Personally I love (as you can probably tell!) and highly recommend it. Allow the sound to move through your heart! Give it a try if you feel the calling!




The Maha Mantra:

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna

Hare Hare

Hare Rama

Hare Rama

Rama Rama

Hare Hare!

'Haribol' means chant and be happy as this is what chanting is said to do for you- make you feel happier! A pretty nice outcome!

Meanwhile this week, I am in London checking out opportunities, spending time with my sister and offering one to one healing and soul's goals sessions. 

Back to Ireland next Monday evening, with healing sessions taking place Tuesday and Friday at the Harvest Moon Centre, Dublin 2

Irish number: 00 353 872320159

English number: 00 44 7435816809


I welcome you to get in contact whereever you are as in addition to being in Londond nad Dublin am also working with other locations via skype!

Wishing you peace and happiness,

Thank you and Haribol!



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Monday, 25 April 2016 14:56

Earth Fest! 2016

earth festJust back from a great weekend at the Earth Fest held this past weekend, 22- 24 April on a lovely organic farm in Slane. Designed by the wonderful Enda and Masha this event celebrates Earth Day and is a transofrmational festival where there is no litter, composting, education talks with a focus on good music, heart connection, sustainability and living  in harmony with the Earth. 

I went up with some lovely friends and had the pleasure of meeting great people, openness, warm hearts and hanging out and sleep (warmly thankfully) in nature. On Sunday woke up to dancing bearthe sound of the birds singing and felt my aura relax and expand with each tweet as if the bird song was massaging my energy body! As I walked through the field I heard a voice inside me sing, 'I am happy with myself as I am,' nothing like a bit of self-acceptance! 

Congratulations to Enda and Masha and all involved for creating a great festival and a lovely start to the festivaling of 2016!

Communal food, three stages, great electronic music, live music, performances, bands, John Spillane, kindness, chai (thank you Keshet & co!) and a fair bit of beautiful sunshine and fires created a lovely vibe.

Orla healing outdoors I was able to bring the healing table too and offer some treatments. 

 I had the fortune of giving some friends, Nicola and Rafael, plus the wonderful talented Niall Mac Giolla Rua a lift and hearing his gig on Friday night. 

 Was great also to meet up with festival friends, especially Marcus, Andy and Jim :) 

 Meet new friends, or more like recognise and remember old soul friends.

I even got to sing a song on stage on Friday night with Niall Mac G R! It is good to step outside the comfort zone, hey Niall if you are reading this; am looking forward to next time! I also had the opportunity to sing one of my own songs. Ok it was what it was (!), pretty simple, but it's a start and it is going in the direction of delight, the soul's goal and this is worth celebrating! The next Earth fest Orla and Niallday I got to do some mantra singing to the electronic ambient sounds of Rafael Lima. I'm not going to lie, my sound making into a mic was all a bit dodgy, but hey I know it's only going to get better! Thank you life for these opportunities and beautiful people.

Thank you also to all involved. I loved sitting out doors under the beautiful sky and chatting.

Nicola nad Niall Earth fest I have some pictures, so please check back in a day or so and hopefully i'll have them up on this page!

 Looking forward to many more gatherings, healing sessions and gigs this summer!

 Peace and love, EArth fest orla piano

 Orla xxx




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Would you to shrae with you some of the great products we are loving this week. 

Did you know that Arginine is a natural amino acid that gives you more energy!?

This product works. I estimate this product give about 25% more energy! Seriously, that's a lot and where I really see it is if I go for a run, I can run longer, more easily and faster. I experience a large and noticable boost from this product!

But similarly if I am busy and working, it's like going from a four gear to developing a new 5th cruising gear. It takes about 30 min - 1 hour to enter into the system and more physical energy is yours! Give it a go next time you are exercising, working hard, going to a party or cutting the grass! I bottle of 100 caps is only €20.

Likewise Ornithine is also an amino acid but helps you sleep like a baby, deep restful sleep and heal well while you are sleeping. This is a great product that makes a real difference to 9 out of 10 people. Imagine sleeping more deeply and waking feeling more rested and strong!? It's a great feeling! 100 caps is €25.

Fancy trying either or both of these? You are welcome to purchase online, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 087 2320159.

Thank you.



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Friday, 01 April 2016 14:23

Delight Meditation!

Hi and welcome to the beginning of one of my favourite Heart cloudmeditations ever!

Why it's a fav?

  • Becuase it works!
  • It's powerful.
  • Feels great.
  • Creates good energy in one's day, mind, heart, body and being.
  • Feels wonderful.
  • Fills my cup with overflowing good energy so that there is plenty for all.

I love this and am happy to share this with you. It goes further than this though so please back to me by email if you'd like more!

Peace and love dear brothers and sisters, I'd love to hear how you find this and if practising over 3 weeks what differences you notice.

The light is here and connecting us all.

Dear delight I can recive what you offer!

Thank you,


The Delight Meditation

Awareness of delight in the moment is the greatest guide to harmony. It guides us along a path that is for our higher good and the higher good of all. Meditating upon delight is incredibly powerful and a quick way of aligning with the soul self. It will increases awareness of light and delight. It helps one:

  • Attune to peace and joy which will then seen more obvious in daily life.
  • Recognise the optimal path for your optimal life, and thus, help you make wise and loving decisions.
  • Tune into moment by moment soul guidance.
  • Connect with your inner vision.
  • Experience abundance and joy.
  • Be aware of delight in any moment.
  • Feel ease regardless of what is occurring.
  1. 5 breaths:Move awareness from the mind to the stomach muscles.
  2. Push the stomach muscles into the spine to exhale, once you exhale keep the stomach muscles held in for a few seconds as you pause.
  3. When it feels natural, push the stomach muscles out, as a breath is naturally drawn in. Again pause for a moment holding the full breath                                    i.    Repeat for 5 breaths to get in the flow.
  4. For 5 more breaths continue but focus upon feeling the air entering the leaving the nostrils. Feel the heart spae opening.
  5. For 5 breaths focus for a few seconds on the pause in between the breaths.
  6. Call in the feeling of delight and locate it somewhere on your body. It is still or moving? Observe it x 5 breaths.

Like to go to the next step!?

  1. Visualise a white light surrounding your aura.
  2. For 10 breaths:
  3. Inhale light and the feeling of delight from the white light of your aura into your heart.
  4. Exhale the light and the feeling delight light back out into the light which surrounds your aura.
  5. After 10 breaths the body and aura will be radiating white light and full of the feeling of delight.

Like to take it a step further!?

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 20:12

Workshops and Soul Holidays

We would love you to come join us for a workshop and retreat. There are fun, powerful & feel good journeys that support great connection & consciousness! 

meditating happily anywhere

For queries & to book in please text/call + 353 87 2320159 or contact us on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


One day workshop coming up in May and September, with 2 day retreat in November.

Private retreats also available, please enquire. Details above.



A Weekend Retreat in June 2018 close to the Hill of Tara

Souls' Goals online

Soul's Goals 1 and 2 in Dublin city mid May 

Healing/skype sessions 1 to 1 in Dublin and Blessington ongoing throughout year

Healing retreat November 2018

Special available for those seeking to make deep changes with booking of 6 sessions over 6 months. 

Soul's Goals are currently being run online

All queries welcome

Previous workshops

January 21st near Merrion Square, Dublin 2

For an in-depth look at your inner guidance, belief system, meditation and your soul visions, please come along. Bring an open mind, open heart and willingness to adventure and have fun! Click here for event page

Thursday the 8th of September in Dublin City. It is a Dance Meditation and all are welcome! For more information click here!

Our next workshop is taking place via Skype so you can join from anywhere in the world! Click here for more details!

Also available upon request where possible are 1 and 2 night personal retreats for 1 -4 people. Includdes healing, massage, heathy homemade food, meditation, and an adventure!


 Workshop  Date Location   
The Soul's Goal Level 1 + 2                        Saturday April 16th 9.45am - 6pm             Dublin €63
The Soul's Goal Level 1 + 2                                    Saturday May 7th                                               London £79
The Soul's Goal Level 3  Saturday May 14th Dublin €69
The Soul's Goal Level 4 Saturday June 11th  Dublin 2 €69
Meditation basics; The peaceful breath Wednesday April 7th 7pm-8.30pm Dublin 2 €15
Meditation: Embodying Soul Attributes Wednesday April 20th 7pm-8.30pm Dublin 2 €15
Meditation: Self-love & Calmness Wednesday May 4th 7pm-8.30pm Dublin 2 €15
Meditation:The happiness breath Wednesday May 18th 7pm-8.30pm Dublin 2 €15


Soul Holiday Date Location Investment
Music, nature and healing June 3th - 5th Wicklow €269
Healing, juices, veg food & light language July 1st - 4th Wicklow €289
Soul's Goals, Drumming and visualisation September 16th - 18th Wicklow €279

infinity new

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Monday, 21 March 2016 18:01

March Equinox 2016

March 20th 2016 Equinox! Equinox march 2016

I woke up this morning with a feeling of delight. As someone who loves that feeling, it was and always is especially welcome. A smile on a dial I hoped out of bed. 5 hours sleep must be enough for today because I feel wide awake and alert!

I lit the fire I had prepared with fallen twigs from the surrounding trees the night before. A few hours later just before my run I lay down on my bed for 5 minutes. This is something I love but rarely do! 3 hours later or so I woke up! The trip I’d been planning on making to Dublin among other things no longer possible, but I knew it was fine and needed to happen and so I let go and got on with it. I retired back to the fire where I watched a bit of a movie and then felt massively drawn to go outside to the beach at the lake where I live. The sun was out about an hour before setting and the sky was true blue. A beautiful evening. To my surprise there were two people talking exactly in the place I had felt drawn to. Being a small local community here I knew both of them with one of them even being a guest at my house! Talk about small world!

I joined them and sat down on the dry pebble ground. One headed off and silence arose. Beautiful silence. A photographer who had found this heavenly location further down the lake bank sat also in silenc, all three of us listening to the birds taking in and being part of this vision. I once said to a friend that I didn’t know what to do when faced with something really beautiful, he said to enjoy it is our job and is enough! I am now a great enjoyer of good things and it wonderful.

2016 march equinoxI didn’t touch my phone during the grand show of the sunset so these are from after sunset and earlier in the day too. I’m really glad life can be so beautiful and amaze us time and time again. ‘That is the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen,’ I said more than a few times this week. So glad the divine blows the mind with beauty amid what has been a challenging time for many and a time of change for all.

I too have been growing and moving into a more balanced approach to living- quite fitting for the equinox where we are experiencing equal hours of night and day. Have you been calling out for more balance in your life? Can you see it coming into play?

I’ve been a bit whacked needing a bit more sleep these past few days too. An energetic person who often goes without sleep I am delighted to be able to enjoy some rest. New times are presenting themselves. If you feel the call within, please listen, whether it be to rest or bring more balance into your life for greater harmony and happiness.sunset lake 20 march 2016

I hope this finds you well and blesses the dreams and projects you are soulfully passionate about with extra divine energy. I alsopray that any shadow parts or unpleasant aspects receive the blessings of understanding/ forgiveness/ compassion and acceptance. We are evolving. May we relax into the place where everything is okay and working out for us. This is a powerful year and for many an intense time. This is a reminder to:

  • Rest as you need it.
  • Be conscious of the thoughts, words and actions that move through you. Use a go to mantra such as ‘I am feeling peace’ to direct the rambling mind and reconnect to the heart.
  • Clear your space. Start with one drawer or cabinet, whereever appeals to you the most. Over the next few weeks keep going to include the bedroom, living room, kitchen and beyond inclduing car and garden. Clear one little space at a time for new things are coming and it is time to make space for them.

Wishing you peace, love, clarity and courage, Orla 

photo 1 4

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 09:57

Stepping through the Portal

The Portal of the Divine Mystery/Mastery

My sister told me last week that she is stepping through the portal. woman angel wings

The portal to where? The portal to an even more true version of myself, possibly even as the poster in the hallway says, 'the me I never knew.'

Many are going through change right now in conscious preparation for even greater(more satisfying and fulfilling) times ahead.

Issues arising are 'healing.' Whatever is arising is what now needs to be dealt with. It is yoru urrent main distration to being in the now and as you deal with it, you'll observe the distraction evaporate and find yourself more in the now.

Things that are coming to mind are distractions to being in the now. We transcend and expand through it when we can find harmony with ourselves in what is happening. Accepting/ embracing/ transforming it from something heavy to a gift, to something that we can accept and be comfortable with is often the way. 

The opportunity for trancendance and expansion is happening for all. No need to be afraid of letting go of who you've been in order to discover who you more truly are. I'll be flying there next to you. Many of us are. No need to choose familiarity of the same ole crap over the portal to the unknown. Have a clear intention and good feeling? Go with it- give it a go! grow! Leap! Fly! When you feel ready give it a go- and get support if you need it. This is why countless healing therapies and supportive services exist. You don't have to do it alone! 

Stress is being seen as a gift and people are realising that their priorities are changing. Happiness of the heart is goign 'knock knock' with quality of life and a happy, peaceful heart being recognised as more valuable than any job or status.

Remember in any moment you can feel lonely or feel God. 

The expansion is occuring for everyone. Those who have worked on themlseves may be able to ride this wave more easily. Challeneges will always arise but with compassion and understanding we can learn to ride the waves and not need to get so washing machined by every single one! There is no judgement here. Just the reminder, that all is well. Life is siupporting you. Can you take just half a day to be in nature and really feel into this? It will greatly help. I guanantee this. Just take it easy, no yapping. Look at the patterns in nature and the space between the braches. Breathe. Gratitude and ease  permeating the body and cosmos. All of us are on the wave. The wave of a 'Welcome to a higher vibe life!". It has been gifted to you. Are you saying yes!?

Everyone I see is an element of me. Harmony with myself, others and whatever arises is key. Wishing you peace and success with this expansion. xxx

Sunrise Pictures 171

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Saturday, 23 January 2016 15:07

The most wonderful retreat

It's a week now since the Jan Soul Holiday Retreat took place and what a deep week it has been.

Many of the activities varied from sharing something each person appreciated about themselves to silence while looking at a nice viewpoint to eating delicious homemade vegetarian food to pondering what if hte universe is a friendly place to simply sitting on the couch or shutting eyes nad listening to music. 

It my experience it is in the nothing that much occurs. We can be expecting something big but often it is in something small that a slight change of direction occurs which can lead to an entirely different path and destination.

This amid nice food and a loving caring environment supports deep insights and evolution.

It can take days even months further to process what occurred or 'shifted' in those days.

In this instance, there is about a 10 day processing period following the retreat where the intentions each placed at the beginning of the soul holiday are working on a deep level and often creating some changes and new opportunities.

It is great to sit down to acknowledge what occured.

Deep gratitude to all involved!

Each person comes from a different background and situation yet each brought their true self and over the hours and two days shared themselves vulnerably, openly and voluntarily in the most beautiful way. The space, respect, listening and kindness that each person gave to the other enabled ease and peace in which that which needed to could arise. 

So much contribution from everyone;

Kombucha, Kefir, A bag of logs for the fire, loads of lovely scones, chocolate, food, stories, insights, setting the table, helping in the kitchen (+ in so many ways!) laughs and more...

Good connections.

Thank you to each that came. 

Intentions are powerful and when set consciously can create great change to one's existence. Thank you to each who participated in the Little Soul Holiday Retreats and if this is something you are new to but might like to experience, please get in contact as the next soul holiday retreat takes place end of Feb. Thank you. 

dancing bear


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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 14:43

'The Soul's Goals' Wicklow 30th Jan 2016

Welcome to the first Soul's Goals event of 2016!

  • Are you ready for change? living room
  • Are you excited by it?
  • Are you feeling ready to do things differently and take responsibility for your life?
  • Are you committed to being really happy with this change!? i.e. 
  • Are you ready to let go of patterns that no longer serve you so you can become more of who you truly are?

This is about fulfilling your potential. Only €69 for the day and deposit of €35 books your place. Numbers are limited as this is taking place at my mini retreat home by Blessington Lake. If interested book today and avoid disappointment! 

*Includes delicious homemade vegetarian lunch and mini afternoon tea. Sure where else would you want to be!?*

Gain clarity with what excites you and where you are heading.

Take time out to ensure you are on the most enjoyable path that is leading where you wish to go- in all areas of your life.

Watch life respond as you become clearer.

Would you like to enjoy more satisfaction and fulfillment on a daily basis plus live to your soul's potential?

We guarantee that you'll be happy with your investment- or your money back.

Click here for event info

Click here for early bird price and to book your place

a new way to think

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Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:12

Being peaceful in the dark

Even though I can feel the change discussed below I can still feel love thankfully and wish you a very Happy 2016. There is a big wave arising at present offering great opportunity. Looking to see where the peak is; I see peaks at 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2023, 2028, 2038, 2042 and onwards to the point that I'm not sure this is a wave that will go up and then down, rather it may just expand outwards like eternal concentric circles.

Top tips are to embrace personal development and all relationships. Everything else will flow as these are nurtured. This year please come join us at a soul's goal seminar, soul holiday retreat, healing or skype session or look into our natural health products if you feel the call. We are here to support you and we are here to support inner peace and happiness. To your success and delicious n delightful expansion during 2016 and beyond. Aho!!!  

sacred light

I've seen a potential dark four days in early January 2016. Sounds like a scary movie but it just's a transition from one chapter to another…

This is to remind us that it is not something to panic about even though it can feel that way when certain states of being we are familiar with seem to disappear.

Flirt with the possibility that life is supporting you and always working out for you. The dark days may be further magnified by the contrast of the bright lights, intensity and sensitivity of Christmas and New Year.

Expect a shift in your awareness to somewhere new. Go out and walk, do the obvious things that help you get through the days such as good food, sleep, movies, hugs, kindness towards others and simply breathing~

One of my favourite exercises is to:

1. List your questions- if you have any, then let go, the answers will arrive when the mind is healthy and open.

2. Breathing practise:

Inhale: feel your awareness focusing into a little light in the centre of the chest- Pause.

Exhale: tune into the space around the physical body. as you exhale imagine and feel the light and good energy in the heart space expand into the space surrounding the body- Pause.

Use the stomach muscles as a pump to inhale and exhale.

Repeat x 12. Practice morning, night and  inbetween. This will help you feel more peaceful transition the void of the unknown. 

Challenging moments can arise and depart with ease when you choose to let go and for example practice the above meditation.

The inner light strengthens. New ideas and energy flows. As far as cleaning out your cupboards, this will energetically bring light back into inner places. If you feel the call give it a go- for at least three days in a row. For the Northern Hemisphere; Enjoy and give yourself time over these next 6 – 8 weeks to rest, refuel, sleep and take it easy so that as spring arrives you’ll be ready and happy to embody the flow of increasing joy and energy.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy too and thank you for embodying the light at this time xxx

beginnign the best part of your life


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