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Yes it is a wonderful time of year. Time to let go, relax, change, spend time with family, friends and whoever you like. The solstice, Christmas and New Year offer us the opportunity enjoy the pleasure of living a bit more and gift ourselves and those we love in some special way.

I've found myself drawn to more meaningful presents this year. Personal handmade jewelery,books, food, body oils, supplements and even a poem have made it in there for my dearest and nearest! If you are having a think about what to get yourself or someone you love this year, here are some special deals on beautiful treatments and products. Vouchers can be emailed or dropped off in Dublin/ Wicklow where possible. Terms and conditions are below. Please note that a free skype or phone consultation is available to ensure that the Special is right for you and to answer any queries you may have. 

Christmas Specials:

  • Tripple healing package  Christmas present
  • Healing session and Customised Bach Flower Remedy
    • 90 minute healing session 
    • Customised Bach Flower Remedy
    • Make a real impact in one session
    • RRP €108 + €35 = €142 Special €118 
    • Click here to purchase
  • Tarot Reading and full healing session
    • 60 min healing session 
    • 30 min tarot reading
    • This 90 minute session will give you insights as to your current influences and the healing will help you clear that which you'd like to let go of. Feel more at peace and ready for the new year.
    • RRP €128 Special €111 
    • Click here to purchase
  • Deluxe healing session
    • 90 minutes to deeply relax and release as blocks are cleared and the body and mind lighten and harmonise.
    • RRP €108 Special €98 
    • Click here to purchase
  • Regular helaing session

Premium packages

Please Text 087 230159 if you wish to avail of the free skype consultation to help ensure that this work is right for you. 

  • VIP Day 1 Full 8.5 hour day to make for maximum impact and deep change fast. Upgrade your mind, emotions and body. woman angel wings
    • Recieve 2 healing sessions, 90 min morning and 60 min afternoon.
    • Meditation guidance to hone your own practice and be guided through customised meditations deigned specifically for you.
    • Discussion of delight, what is it and how to ultise it for optimal living and happiness.
    • Be guided through the process of the souls goals so that you are clear with 8 column approach to satisfaction and fulfillment. This includes relationships, home, family, finances, health and fitness, personal transformation and more. x
    • Lunch/ tea and coffee and all materials on day included.
    • When you come on this day you are ready for change.  
    • RRP €899 Special €649 
    • Click here to purchase
  • 5 week 'Boost." Upgrade and boost how you feel and experience about yourself and life.
    • An amazing gift to help you increase in clarity over 5 weeks.
    • 3 x 90 minute healing session
    • 1 x 60 minute skype call
    • 2 x Bach Flower Remedies
    • RRP €471 Special €299
    • Click here to purchase

Terms and Conditions:

Special prices valid till 4pm, 24th of December, 2015

Healing sessions take place at a beautiful Crystal healing room at the Harvest Moon centre, Dublin 2

All vouchers valid till 31st July 2016

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Sunday, 13 December 2015 23:45


Healthy people have boundaries.

I didn't really know what this meant at first because I grew up thinking boundaries were bad and to some degree that I was also bad if I tried to have some. 

Have you experienced others taking advantage of your kindness? Are you pushing people around, taking advantage of their energy? This is in general how dynamics work – one requires the other to exist. Which roles are you playing in your main relationships? Take a few deep calm breaths, feel the heart at peace on the pause when you are holding a full breath and on the pause when you have no air after you have exhaled. Activate the stomach muscles when you do this by holding the stomach muscles in- for better focus.

Boundaries are an issue for many and most likely you have noticed this pop up in your recent experience and dealt with it in a good way. Well done. Keep an eye open and be happy to say yes or no with what feels right inside of you. It is ok to say no. It is ok to listen to yourself, to go with what you feel internally and get to know yourself and observe and reflect upon the outcomes of doing so.

Being aware of and honouring your boundaries is healthy. It is not rude.

Knowing that this much is cool but that much does not feel good is also healthy.

You do not need to be rude or hurtful, walked on or abused to have healthy boundaries.

Everyone benefits when healthy boundaries are observed. Usually they are only not observed when people simply do not know that the concept or idea of them even exists. Like I was for many years- and during that time experiencing both parts of the dynamic. 

If you find yourself upset these days, look at the boundaries you have. Take care of yourself and Love yourself. You are wonderful and remember it's ok to have boundaries xx

radhe krishna thank you




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Sunday, 01 November 2015 23:22

Energy update November 2015

Treading the mystery

Have you been feeling sensitive? Gentle? The calling of the heart? Tears? Letting go?

The feeling for many at the beginning of the month is that they are deep in the mystery. Being ok with not knowing what's going to happen can be a saviour here. Sometimes we can see what is coming towards us and sometimes not. The desire to control and know will only frustrate. Give it up and instead focus fully on the now.What if you choose to be be cool with now this moment and TRUST that all is lining up? Your dominant energy is going to greatly affect your outlook and experiences. For this reason- choosing to be cool or even happy with everything as is can elevate you to a peaceful and happy place. Being happy with everything as is - is more of a feeling than a mental exercise. Feel the feeling and then embrace each part of your life with this feeling. For example, money, accept it, feel happy and spin happiness into how you feel about money. The mind will have to give up arguing, but let's face it the mind could argue all day long and it does no good. If you like, experiment with this and see how this serves you. Include happiness/ being cool with /accepting: family - friends - society- personal development - fitness - health - career - home - environment - and anything else that arises.


  • We've been here before and got through ok so we'll get through this time too!
  • I am happy with everything as is


Awareness that I have a choice in how I manage this makes a difference. Knowing that the mystery is part of the human experience helps us let go and trust. Challenges will come and go but the more peaceful you feel, the more you trust that things will work out and visa versa. If you haven't bee feeling this, perhaps you've been not been listening within to your inner guidance? Meditation, exercise and being in nature all support this stillness that enables us to feel the force greater than the little mind that lovingly guides each one of us. A few months ago I had a vision of wave of energy moving through the earth. Teh save arose in September and will peak around November 23rd. There could be a plus or minus of 5 days as you integrate this expansion.

Many of us are feeling growing pains as the parts of us that aren't in alignment with the higher nature rise in our awareness. It can feel like the child within can't cope. This is ok and natural at this time. Good news is that this is part of the awakening prcoress and that we can make great progress at this time!

What is going on for you? Has any fear arisen?

  • Can you put it into words?
  • Can you accept it?
  • Can you add to that, 'I am getting better at....' - go on be kind!
  • Can you turn it around? In words, then visualization, and then action?
    • 'I'm realising I'm quite good at...' - play with this it will feel good and open the mind to new neural pathways, association and reality.
    • Write it out and read it to yourself daily to remind yourself of the journey and that all is working out nicely.
    • Also, write a paragraph on a card of an evolved version of yourself, a step ahead from where you are now, and put it in your wallet. Read daily. This is what feels good to you. Include on it 'I am happy with everything as is.' What you are saying here is that you are happy with things as are and that you are heading in a feel good direction. Simple really.

This wave of energy implies a wonderful opportunity for transformation and greater harmony. Some opportunity will arise in the next few weeks- if it feels great - go for it!



Everyone knows or has heard of the importance of breathing- but to breath consciously from beginning to end 13 breaths in a row takes you to a whole new level of ease. In addition if you are eager, focus upon a feeling (you'd like to experience more of) as you breathe.

If you require help as to which feeling to focus upon, visualize the greater version of you who is dealing successfully with the situation you are in. Ask yourself, what soul trait do I have in this vision? If that is too much just observe yourself taking 13 breaths in a row- it's still enough and amazing!

Examples of soul traits include:

  • Loving kindness
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Peace
  • Confident
  • Forgiveness
  • Trust/ Faith
  • feeling supported
  • Happy
  • Inspired
  • Funny
  •  (add in your own)

Be in nature. A 2 hour walk, 5 minutes in the garden or 13 breaths when you park the car can be enough. You may notice a big difference and even be surprised at how easy it can be. You are ready. You deserve to be well and enjoy this peak of light on the 23rd.

Calling out for help & allowing others in!

And it’s so healthy to call out for help too.

‘Vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together.’ Brene Brown

Sometimes we spend our time being strong and don’t allow our vulnerabilities to show. However, it’s often in the moments where we call out and share our vulnerability that our connection with others deepens and something beautiful arises. Don’t miss out on sharing with a few people how you are feeling/ what you are experiencing.

 Allow yourself be vulnerbale and share how you feel or what you are thinking with someone you love and trust. 

If something is proving challenging, fill the situation in your mind with light, keep doing this. Change will occur.


  • Be in nature.
  • Use the 13 breaths -  observe 13 breaths to come back into the now.
  • Share with a friend or friends how you are feeling, and listen to them too. Let the barriers down. Share.
  • Big opportunity is coming around the 23rd!  
  • This is a special time. Enjoy! Take risks and have fun!


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Thursday, 29 October 2015 23:57

I am a friend of Time!

I’m now a believer in and friend of time. I love my work. I consider my life a work of art, everything receiving energy, from my home to health to fitness to family to friends to work to finances to transformation. It’s the system I enjoying using and I call it the soul’s goals.

I have complete freedom of what I do and when I work. However I realised that time was causing me unnecessary stress I realised when at 10ishpm I felt the pressure of doing things that one should do as it is drawing late, such as tidy up, prepare to go to bed. I felt an angst of a childhood of being told to go to bed when quite simply I did not want anyone telling me what to do!

Hanging out with Sandy Newbigging on Tuesday the 27th of October after his insightful talk at the BuddhaBag was wonderful. His Buddhist premise that all stress comes from conflict and conflict arises from either attachment or resistance got me thinking as there is always room for improvement!

So a few days later when it came time to consider night time activities, I recognised resistance, and welcomed the situation. I felt it fully, compelted the experience and let it go. I’ve decided now that time is my friend and that I’m not gonna stress about it!

'I am a friend of time.’

I realised that even though I’ve given myself the gift of freedom when it comes to what work I do and when I do it- I was still secretly lashing my back with anonymous whips for not measuring up. It’s a double whammy cause I also realised that my time system is not like the standard time system, maybe somedays it can be, but it doesn’t have to go with it. Rather I’d like to go with my own time! It says paint. Yes Master! It’s says write, I say amen! Saying i'm a freind of time, helps me RELAX! That's aboit it, but that is enough!

Give yourself this gift too next time you observe some stress arising- face it- name it - feel it- complete it and liberate yourself from it. Viola. A more relaxed reality is this close. 

Actually one of my favourite things from his talk in addition to the above reminder is to relax the eyes both when open and closed. Relax the eyes and widen the periphery of your vision. It helps one be more present in the moment. This both feels good and looks good. Just check yourself out in the mirror as you do this if you need proof!

Sandy is holding a workshop in London the 14th and 15th of November. I recommend checking out his work and new book Body Calm 

Thanks Buddhabag, Conscious Living, Sandy and all those who turned up to this lovely gathering x

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 09:24

Stress Relief

Is managing stress is an area you are dealing with?

Here are some great ways to increase the peace:

  • B Complex vitamin: Take 1 daily each morning, take 2, one at breakfast and one a noon/lunch – but no later than 3pm) on stressful/ challenging days that require more energy and greater calm.
  • Good oils, either flax seed/ fish/ hemp/ etc. Udo’s choice are great, either in capsule or liquid – depending on which you will use. Take 2 -3 capsules daily at the beginning of a meal such as dinner
  • Ponder regularly perhaps each morning and or evening, or at least once a week,

Who am I and how would I feel, what would I be doing/ thinking/ speaking if there was no stress?”

The pondering of this is important and will bring you closer and more in alignment with this reality.

  • Consider the version of you where you feel little or no stress and fill out the following ( they can change day on day):
    • I am…
    • I believe ….
    • I am happy that….
    • Thank you…
    • I love…
  • Cut out sugar, replace with fruit, honey, stevia etc. Increase water intake to approx 2 litres (non tap - either filtered or bottled) daily.
  • Green smoothies: Get yourself a little whizzer if you don’t already have one. Look at the “Have a superlife” mix of 8 super foods available from health stores, 300g is about 20 euros. A large dessert spoon of this mixed with cucumber, spinach, celery water and whatever else you like (almonds soaked overnight, dates for sweetness…) also ok and fine to make fruity ones with berries, pineapple etc… will vitalize your blood nad being each morning so the point that you may crave them above any other breakfast option!
  • Morning run/ walk for 10 to 20 minutes. This will clear stress right out of the system, give you a natural high, oxygenate your body and get into your real soul rhythm. Ask your man to join you if that helps!
  • Take magnesium an hour before bed and ornithine (available from website) for a deep healing and restful sleep.
  • Emotionally, have a Bach Flower remedy made for you ( available from website and via personal appointments/ healing sessions).
  • Have some healing/ massage every few weeks to ease stress and help you let go of past. Being in the present moment in peace is the easiest and most delightful and inspiring place to be. Healing can greatly help this state of being arise.

Contentment and peacefulness are some of the greatest riches. Love is natural in these states. All is well. There are other ways too to support the shift into peacefulness. Please feel free to get into contact if you have any queries. Thank you.


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Thursday, 03 September 2015 17:56

What a time of healing I am in

What’s different this time is that there is no real sadness or regret, though there is pain. Unresolved, it arises. I didn’t even realise it existed but it appears, pain and tears and moves right through. Released, a bird freed flying the coup –happy & feeling love for the whole universe and I feel even better than before.  Yes the difference this time is that I am willing, very willing to be whatever I am, whatever it is. I’m ok with life, I accept it graciously. Is that what comes with age? Experience? Or just ‘pfff’ a moment that instantaneously arises of its own accord? There is a flow and I will not take it personally. I happily allow and observe.

There is a force of Good. It is with us and I can feel it, a gentle breeze against my cheek, at all times that I remember her; she is here, loving us into voluntary relaxation, release, submission as a beautiful unfoldment of our true nature emerges. All furnaces have been lit by this flame. What gift is this? Indeed what a time of healing and renewal we are in. 

'This being human is a guest house. every morning a new arrival; a joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and attend them all. Even if they're a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of it's furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. 

Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.' 


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Monday, 10 August 2015 13:18

Welcome, Vision, Mission

Hi and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting Here you will find sacred energy healing sessions, meditation techniques and wonderful products and workshops that support your health, vitality, peacefulness, self-confidence and spiritual awakening.

Our vision is to support the joyful spiritual awakening of the people of Ireland and all people on this planet; to support the natural evolution of a harmonious Earth, where people are free to experience and enjoy a peaceful, prosperous, healthy, happy, conscious and loving existence.

Our mission is to provide healing, energy treatments, high quality products, services and information which support great health, vitality, inner vision, awareness, happiness, self-confidence, living from the heart, being in the now and spiritual awakening for all.

We understand that this journey to healthful living may be a very personal one. As such, we are happy to meet you wherever you may be along the path, via one on one meditation sessions, personal Skype calls or other adjustments to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Reach out with questions, ideas or personal requests.

Please take a look around our site to learn more about the products, services and inspiration that we provide. 

Monday, 10 August 2015 12:25


“For months now I felt like I’m not in touch with myself anymore. I was negative all the time and I felt lonely and lost…I reached a certain point in my life where I felt something had to change… Calling Orla turned out to be the best thing. Within one session I started to believe in myself again, be much more positive, more motivated and I had much more faith in myself and life again. And I was in physical pain as well. I don’ t know how, but my aches were gone the day after!″ --Marie


“Hi! Orla, just to let you know, day 3, as you said, my knee is much better, very little pain and at times none. Keep up your great work.” --K


“I was suffering from a very itchy scalp and had taken numerous anti-histamine to remove the itching which failed to address the issue- I was still itchy! …I started the herbal parasite cleanse and had a healing session the same day. Remarkably within two hours of the healing session, the itching had completely stopped.”


“I had the good fortune to pay a visit to Orla’s practice at Sutton cross. I am in good health for my age but suffered a bit with tension lack in energy and upper back aches as I went through the day and got tired. After my visit which is almost two weeks now, tension gone energy level high and no upper back ache. I am just over 70 years of age and feel I got a new start.” --Paddy


“I had been to the dentist a month previous and suddenly started getting toothache and a general ache in my mouth. It began to wake me up at night and I got worried after four days of it, so booked an emergency appointment at the dentist for the next day …At the same time I called Orla who was available to see me immediately. Within an hour and a half of the healing, the ache had completely disappeared. I was able to call the dentist and cancel my appointment for the next day and today, three weeks later I am still feeling great and pain free!” “I had a pain in my right shoulder. It had been coming and going for nearly a year…After the healing I noticed the pain was gone… that was four months ago and it hasn’t come back… I am very grateful for feeling well again!” –Betty


“I had been so busy for so long, being busy and a bit stressed seemed to be my normal! Orla kindly offered me some healing one day, and afterwards, I was so relaxed I could have crawled into bed for a day and night. If you’ve been pushing it and would like to give your body an opportunity to feel more peace and rejuvenate, I couldn’t recommend anyone more- have a healing with Orla- and get ready to snooze!” --

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Monday, 10 August 2015 12:21

Services and Pricing


I have been practising healing since 2003 and have trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology, crystal insights, flower essences, homeobotanicals, working with angels, Z Point for Peace and more. My work and sessions have now evolved into a unique form of healing using touch, sound, crystals and word.

Healing helps people heal and feel more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually integrated. It helps poeple relax, feel present in the now and more connected to their heart, life and inner wisdom. 

We are all going through changes at present as we go through a leap in evolution. 

You may be looking for support with a particular challenge, such as changing job or healing something from the past.

I also help people raise their game to the next level. What is the strongest area in your life? Well let's help all areas strengthen to this level and support you going forward in fulfilling your potential in all areas.

I'm excited about working with people who have a calling or feel deeply moved to make a positive change in their lives. 

Many are called, but not all answer. Some people are almost forced to listen and change. In many cases a soul has already agreed to awaken in this lifetime and it will create situation after situation to help their awakening occur. Often these situations appear painful and challenging. However, it has a purpose and the more we allow ourselves to fulfill our calling the more peaceful and harmonious this planet will be.

I have many successful artists, writers, business owners and even some entire families as customers who benefit greatly from this work.

How it works:

I invite new potential clients to avail of a free 20-30 minute Skype session. During this time we will chat about how you are, what you are seeking and ascertain whether we are the right match to work together and if so our plan of action. Following this we will arrange a one to one session or Skype meeting depending on location. 

The healing session starts with a chat about how you are feeling and what you would like to receive from the session. I encourage you to define yourHealing Ania Orla SMALL intention and desired outcome for each session.

Examples of intentions include:

  • Clarity re next step in life
  • Healing and letting go of a pain, trauma or some experience from the past
  • Feeling peace
  • Being positive and open to the next step
  • Aligning with the right career and job
  • To allow happen that which is for your higher good.

The customized sessions are very intuitive. They take place on a healing bed, dressed, shoes off and covered with a blanket while gentle music plays in the background. I am guided each step of the way working with light beings and guides.

Some people will feel the energy moving and perhaps see colours and visions and some will not as it is unique to each individual and each treatment. In certain cases, messages and visions are received which are shared at the end of the session.

I like to work with clients over a series of sessions helping them self-realise whatever it is that is calling them. In these instances we may meet for example fortnightly or monthly. 

A summary report is sent to each client within a few days of the session. I am also available following sessions, usually via email or phone to provide support and answer any follow up questions. 

Although an appointment may only be 60 or 90 minutes, I prepare in advance for each session and following each session prepare a summary report which can include meditations, affirmations and recommendations.


This varies depending on location, length of session and other factors.

Sessions are available in Blessington, Dublin, London and Monaco.

The price generally is between €85 - €200 per session. Feel free to get in contact for further info.

Included in the price is prechat via email, healing session, summary report, recommended meditations customised to individual and on-going email support. I deeply value each client and only work with those who feel fully ready for this work,

Please note that no-one is ever turned away due to money so if you are are feeling called, you can also pay what you can afford. Please send an email/text/ call and we can discuss further.

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Monday, 10 August 2015 12:19



Healing is an ancient art which has existed for thousands of years that can help you connect to your natural peace and presence.  Healing is a great investment in yourself on so many levels. You'll feel more peaceful, more connected to your heart and self with clearer thoughts and decision making.

You have come here for a reason, and each day offers you special gifts and opportunities. We are in a new era of connection and possibilities. It is a joy and honour to support each client with their connection to oneness and their awakening to the deep beauty and presence within.


These healing sessions aim to help you:

  • Release blockages, open up the flow and bring balance and peace to the body, mind and spirit.
  • Release pain and tension from the body.
  • Calm the mind.
  • Increase clarity with life direction and purpose.
  • Release anxiety, anger and stress.
  • Experience peacefulness and contentment.
  • Increase positivity, self-acceptance and feelings of love.
  • Feel free and delighted in each moment. 

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