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photo 4Hi, and happy new light to you! The Equinox is here and more light is flowing through the northern hemisphere!

Here is a little vid made this morning and now up on the Introduction to Energy Healing page Click here to go to Introduction on Energy Healing!

Here is the clip to make it easy for you...

If you would like a session, call, text or email, check the contact page for details.

Next days for energy healing sessions are Friday the 27th of March and Saturday the 28th or Dublin city or via skype. Maybe see you then!?

Peace & unconditional love :) Orla


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Hi and Welcome!

Thank you for all your support in 2014, be it purchasing product online, having a healing session, checking out the blog, coming a workshop and even sending a query. I would like to take this moment to  say, Thank you, and if you are a new customer or have just come across this page, Welcome!

Here are the main diary dates so far for January, February & March this year. 

If you have a query, feel free to get in contact. Thank you. Wishing a peaceful and magically authentic 2015 for us all.

Please note:

  • In addition to below 1 to 1 sessions are available by appointment  in Blessington, Sutton and Dublin city.
  • Healing session are available at a discounted price the first Friday of every month from Dublin city.
  • Soul's Goals workshops take place monthly and a support workshop for those familiar with them takes place the last Friday of each month in Dublin city.
Date Location What’s on:

Friday January 23

Soul's Goals

Dublin City

Souls Goals evening for 2015 envisioning.

Our first Soul's goals gathering for 2015. Come along!! For those familiar with the concepts & who have attended a previous workshop.

Thank you to those of you who attended and are reading this!

Healing Days:

City Centre

Fridays (first Friday of month) 

Feb 6th 2015 

Next day

March 6th 2015

10am - 8pm





Dublin City

Text or call to book in

Energy Healing, Energy calming & adjustment Sessions

  • Release pain or blockages
  • Support your spiritual awakening
  • Attune to the true you
  • Harmonise with a vision, goal or intention
  • Feel lighter, brighter, clearer and happier
  • Enjoy some quality and healing 'me time'!

Can also can combine with or just avail of:

  •            Bach Flower Remedy Session
  •            Soul’s Goal or Meditation session

Soul's Goals gathering


Friday 27th of February

6.30 - 8.45pm 

Dublin city


Monthly gathering with great exercises for tuning into soul guidance, revving up our heart energy, opening to the cosmic mind and being in harmony with life.

Bring some nibbles to share if you are hungry! Sociable, powerful, supportive and feel good.


2 day workshop

DATE CHANGE please note: 

24st & 25th April


Dublin City

Souls Goals in-depth Workshop

'Give it a go!'

  • Develop your self-confidence, self-belief and ability to love
  • An effective process for tuning into your soul guidance
  • Easily put into words your visions and intentions for 2015 and beyond
  • Learn how to shape your reality regardless of current circumstances
  • Recognise inner vision and guidance in your day to day life
  • Know yourself
  • Experience and experiment with feel good energy 
  • Align with the great inspiring inner vision you are here to experience
  • Hear & share stories, insights and techniques for manifesting
  • Learn to recognise your moment by moment soul guidance
  • Learn how to bring the magic into this and every day!

Friday 27th March

Saturday 28th March

Dublin city


 Energy Healing, Energy alignment Sessions

  • Release pain or blockages
  • Embrace your current spiritual awakening
  • Feel peace, let go of past and come deeply into this present moment
  • Align with in order to experience your vision, goal or intention
  • Feel lighter, brighter, clearer and happier
  • Enjoy some quality and healing 'me time'!

Can also can combine with or just avail of:

  • Bach Flower Remedy Session
  • Large number of natural health products and solutions also avaialble
  •          Personalied Soul’s Goal or Meditation session



Available to purchase through the website:

  • 5 Product Herbal Parasite Cleanse 1 - 3 month detox including altered diet. Seriously feels great!!
  • All in 1 Herbal parasite cleanse for children over 5, pets and also works as a great immune tonic.
  • Pinhole glasses : See if you can improve your eyesight!
  • The Terminator Zapper. A small electronic device that boosts the immune system, confidence & kills parasites!
  • Arginine: Greatly boosts physical energy and increases libido.
  • Ornithine, for great sleep and rejuvenates body through boosting human growth hormone. 
  • Copper Om Neti Pot; clean sinus, ears and eyes, calm the mind, open creative centre and third eye.

Date yet to be confirmed for Meditation Sessions

  • For all levels, beginners, and intermediate welcome.
  • Learn about breath awareness and meditation techniques
  • Sleep well, increase peacefulness, contentment and achieve more!
  • Small groups. Fun, relaxed, easy but will make progress and sociable!


Evening workshop:  20 euro or donation

Healing session 1 hour: 55 euro

Healing session 90 mins:   75 euro

Healing day: 50 euro per appointment (allow 75 mins)

Concessionary rate available to all: 35 euros 


***Group work at corporate bodies, universities and schools: also available and taking place***

beginnign the best part of your life


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Who'd have thought? How something so plain and simple can do so much? couple love water

I sell this great product called Arginine. It is part of the 5 product parasite cleanse but is also available individually.

As with all the products I sell, I use them myself, to regularly trial them and share the benefits.

I had the delight of making a new friend recently who is also deeply into health, happiness, eating well, supplementing et al.

When I offered them some of the Arginine I sometimes take when going for a run (I run faster for longer when it's taken about an hour before I run or if not going for a run I tend to fly through my work and jobs more easily) they accepted. As they did so, they reminded me of some of it's benefits:

Taken with food during the day it reported to:

  • Act as an anti-oxidant
  • Give powerful rejuvenation
  • Boost energy levels
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • Reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and cholesterol
  • Unclog arteries
  • Improve cardio-vascular system
  • Boost peripheral circulation
  • In both men and women, increase sexual power , libido and promote healthy sexual performance


Taken on an empty stomach it is said to:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Stimulates muscle development
  • Supports Hypothalamic Response
  • Helps decrease Body Fat
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Helps maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • Helps in promoting Healthy Sexual Performance
  • Help the body produce the human growth hormone: necessary building blocks for the body to maintain healthy growth hormone levels
  • Helps produce Nitric Oxide
  • Stimulates production of Human Anti-Aging mechanisms for those over 23 years. 

Click here to get more info on Arginine and to purchase. As a Christmas present for you, I've taken 3 euro off the price this month, which effectively means - free postage. What are you waiting for!?


-The Arginine for sale on this website have a recommend intake of 1 -3 a day depending on physical  energy requirements, if you are not going to use the energy do not take it. It has been reported that if one takes Arginine and does not use the energy, they can become grumpy! So if you take it, enjoy it~ and go out for that walk, run or hop into bed for that cuddle!

For those looking for bedtime anti aging and healing magic, I recommend the Ornithine to be taken at night and Arginine during the day. It is also for sale on this website, click here for more info and to purchase Ornithine

Hmmm with all this news, and excitement and I think today I shall start a 30 day trial of Arginine. 

If you'd like to try some, it's only 20 euros for a bottle of 100 capsules, Click here to purchase Arginine! And if you made it this far in reading this document the prices may be going up in January so it may be well worth purcahsing now ;) Try Arginine today and you never know what might happen! Christmas might even be more fun!?

Disclaimer: Check disclaimer on home page, if in doubt seek professional medical advice especially if pregnant, breast feeding or on medication. Thank you!

Picture of couple: credit goes to

 Some of the above point are taken from this body building website

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BachFlowersLatest news:

Plan your month to include this great Soul's goals workshop to be held mid November- dates and details to be confirmed, at present loooks like November, 27th 7pm- 8.30pm. slide2For clarity with soul guidance and building self-confidence. Sociable, powerful, feel good self-development  inner work. All donations accepted, suggested donation 10 per person including tea/ coffee.  You are welcome to bring some food/nibbles to chew on while we chat.


Energy healing and calming sessions on special this Thursday the 13th and the 28th of November, Dublin City Centre:
  • Relaxing1 hour healing session ~ €35 : Relax, tune in and reconnect. Improve physical emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Bach Flower sessions: 30 minutes ~ €35 including take home remedy: Emotional support and feel better.
  • 1 hour, combined session  ~ €50 for 1 hr healing and remedy : Support yourself, relax, tune in and take a rememdy home that will support you as you go forward.
 Sessions also available upon appointment in Blessington
I will be in London from the 20th to the 25th of November and am available for healing session during this time.
A Soul's Goals- awakening your inner guidance system workshop will be held on Saturday the 22nd in London from approx 10am to 4.15pm from a lovely location in Bermondsey. Please share withyour friends. We will have a small group to ensure maximum fun and result. This is a great investment in your happiness, inner work, self-development and future. Price for day to be confirmed, approximately £79.
  • Pinhole glasses that help improve eyesight are now in stock,  
  • The 5 product parasite(great for energy and proper clean out) is also on special with free postage! 
  • Full range of Bach Flowers remedies available. Have your own customised combination created just for you.
  • Children's parasite cleanse for over 5's.

Magnus healing

20140807 203743 resizedParasite Cleanse Packs just in. Fresh. Celebrate life with a cleanse in November and enjoy this special discount on all cleanses. Free postage on all cleanses purchased direct from the website!! Code will be put up on the 1st of November. Those purchased during a session or workshop pay only 111 euro for the 5 products. Get in quick and you'll have cleansed your body before Christmas festivities arrive to help yourself feel, look and be your wonderful self! 


skype imageNow appointments also available via Skype! Soul's goals sessions, meditation, intuitive readings and spiritual awakening support all available world wide. 

That's about it for now! I wish you joy during the beautiful month of November. There has been a challenging period for many over the past 8 weeks, expect this to shift during November. Get ready for fun and success and be outside in nature every day as much as you can! Thank you.








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Hope you are well and enjoying life.
This is a quick note to let you know that two soul's goals gatherings and some healing sessions are planned for this month.

The first on Wednesday the 17th of September is for those who have already attended a soul's goals meet up and are wishing to refresh their creative powers, tap into delight together and share some envisioning for the next 3 months.

The second on Wednesday the 24th of September is for anyone who has never attended a soul's goals group before but is interested in the concept of co-creating their life consciously, investing in self-confidence and living through delight. All information is provided on the day and all you got to do is turn up! Please click here for more info and details of event on meet-up

Sessions run from 7pm to 9pm.
Herbal tea and filtered water are provided.
Feel free to bring some food to eat while we work away.
Payment 20 euro or by donation.
You are welcome to bring a friend.
It will be easy going, interesting and uplifting.
Located near Merrion Square.

Looking forward to gathering with you.

There will also be healing appointments available in the city center on Wednesday the 17th September, Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th of September, usual rates apply of €55 for 1 hour ~ €70 for 1.5 hour ~ €90 for 2 hours. Also appointments are available by donation.

I am also offering sessions in Castletownbere the weekend of the 13th - 14th September and Carrick-on-Shannon and Roscommon the weekend of the 27th - 28th September.  

To book a healing session or a place at a soul's goals gathering, please send an email or text 087 2320159 with your name and details.
Thank you.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
087 2320159

youmust learn a new way to think

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Click here to go to facebook page

Hi, and hope you are keeping well and enjoying the summer! I’ve been busy working away on the writing, with first draft of the Soul’s goals book completed today!

Just wanted to let you that appointments are available in Dublin city centre on Wednesday, the 20th of August for the services and products listed below. Also, am out and about travelling in Ireland this month so whereever you are, if you would like an appointment, let me know and let's see what we can do. All products are available for purchase online and if you have any questions, drop me a line. 

Energy work: Energy healing sessions to help re-balance the energy body and support physical wellness, clarity of mind, soul awareness and peacefulness.

    1. 1 hour = €55
    2. 1.5 hour = €70

Parasite Cleanse Pack: If you wish to purchase a one month cleanse pack, we can go through the instructions and food guidelines.

  • Dr Hulda Clark parasite cleanse (5 bottles) is available for  €123
  • ClarkFx, one bottle containing combined herbs, handy for younger members of the family and pets =€45
  • Terminator Zapper: Electronic device which sends negative ions throug the body, boosts wellbeing and alkalises your blood:  €119

Soul’s goals session: 1 to 1 session focused on helping you tune into the feeling of delight and receive soul guidance in all areas of your life. There is a special on the website for August, buy 6 sessions, get two free- which means you only pay for four!! The sessions can be in person, or over skype and include all materials and course book. Where two or more people would like to pursue this together, we can do this in a group format.


Meditation session: If you would like some private one to one coaching we can go through some meditations together. I have a booklet I’ve created with information, techniques and tips which I’ll give you to take home.

Appointments available from 8am to 9pm and contact details can be found at top of the page.

Please call, text or email for further information or to book yourself in.

Also check out the website and give a like to the facebook page to receive up to date news and specials.

Thank you,




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Saturday, 10 May 2014 00:00

Trip to London!!!

Hi, just letting you know that from the 12th to the 17th of May I will be visiting London and Brighton, seeing clients and catching up with friends and family. If you are interested in arranging a session, for healing, energy rebalancing, soul guidance support or meditation please contact me as I would love to see you and as many people as possible while overtuniversal-lovehere.  I will also be arragning a two day workshop in either Londond or Brighton in about 6 weeks and willl keep you posted as the details are confirmed. Wishing ye all a great month of May, it's a time for new beginnings and listening to the heart. Be kind to yourself, Orla 


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