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Friday, 02 January 2015 19:42

Embracing the Divine Masculine

A friend in New Zealand, an amazing healer who I used to work with, Bernie Melhuish posted this picture recently. He is a spiritual healer who works throughout New Zealand, totally humble and yet respected and loved by so many.

A few weeks ago he did some art work, that is channeled, he starts and then gets guided...

here is one of his pics

Bernie divine masculine


Here is what I saw, Sun ~ Sirius ~ Earth in alignment. Crown chakra open. masculine and feminine coming into balance. 'Perfect imbalance in balance' meaning however you are/feel right now is perfect even if it feels askew, it is the observation of one state shifting into another. The masculine energy is shifting as we open to, accept and welcome the masculine energy into the heart. Looks like everything is lining up for some great super quantum shift ~ March 2015!

Here is the follow on:

Embracing the masculine energy.

I have spent years working with the Divine Feminine force, feeling it, embodying it, bowing to it and observing it. The divine feminine had indeed been arising through out the world, and today many women and men are embodying this. Hurray! But it's not over...

The Divine Masculine energy is shifting now and it's time for realignment within each of us has come. Of course many may be already in harmony with this energy and I am so glad of this. In my case and that of many I know it is currently happening- but what does this mean?  Talking to a 'spiritual' male friend about the feminine and masculine roles in society, he said,

'The masculine role in society has not just been hard for women, it's also been hard for the men. Men have had to play to a role that for many didn't feel right, and maybe they didn't want to be that way. but there was little choice or room for understanding for them to behave in any other way, they had to fit in and 'be a man' to survive in society...'

Such clarity, that made so much sense and can be seen right through society, I could only bow and smile to this person.

In this picture the darkened circle on the lower right represents the Divine Masculine and the slight askewedness it has been experiencing on Earth. It is shifting though, a lot now and will continue over the next two years and as it comes more into alignment and people will find themselves changing in their belief structure, thoughts, words and actions regarding the masculine role. This will affect women as much as men as the Yin Yang reminds us that within each is the opposite. What we think of the male race, what we imagine the male role to be, in ourselves and others is all changing. I can not tell you how it will affect you, but expect revelations, insights and more peace. The only difficulty might be if you have resistance to this new energy,  for example keep trying to to push your 'old' viewpoints and approach, and they will probably just collapse and not work any longer. I for one am so happy that we are at the dawning of this time. I have been guilty of great judgement up on the male role in society and I am sorry.

yinyang yinandyang slow 6217960 oI am so happy to ease up on that now and attune to a more loving, respectful and kind way. I didn't even realise I had these judgments, I am by all means a fairly balanced and decent person(!!), but as I sat down and really opened to this, I feel so much more at ease, real, unafraid and open. I feel happier and am enjoying the opportunity this gives to be really kind to the masculine role, supportive and see what happens. The heart is expanding and that is something wonderful to celebrate! I've outgrown my old self, and I truly believe this shift is a cosmic one that is affecting all on Earth at this time. Even the masculine in me is shifting and I am so happy. I went out today and as a matter of necessity, 'the mother of invention,' I broke down a load of wood for my fire and stacked it up in the house. One small feat for man one massive leap for this woman! I am so thankful for this expansion, this opportunity we are all being blessed with. May we embrace both the masculine and feminine energies in ourselves and others, giving each the space to be perfectly as we are. May we expand in peace, acceptance, understanding, compassion, consciousness and joy!

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Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00

* * New Meditation Video **

Hi lovelies!

Here is a video introducing some basics on meditation.

Any approach to calming oneself can be helpful.

There are many ways one can go about this.

Here is a simple guide to one of my favorite, quick and yet super powerful meditations.

Experiment with this daily in the morning (and at night if you will) for 10 minutes or longer.

Observe how your days unfold :)

with love,


vid not working? click here for link!

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Day 23 of Parasite Cleanse

Hi, I hope you are well. I am out and about in the beautiful Irish countryside this week having a break and doing a bit of writing as well as meeting wonderful people. I spent a truly special weekend at the Irish Permaculture Gathering and met so many great souls! I have visited CloughJordan and enjoyed a tour of the lovely ecovillage and am now officially galavanting :)

Here is a video taken two weeks ago when I was on day 23 of the current parasite cleanse (available from this website).

There is a link to this in a previous post, but just in case you missed it am including it again. Am now on day 37 and taking just a weekly maintenance dose. I've also began to have a little fruit (quarter of a banana or a few berries) and honey here and there. I am feeling great. energy is wonderful, mind is clear and happy. Will update with another vid soon. I wish you peaceful breathing and I wish you well x


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dolphins jumping

Today is the 8th of the 8th 2014


Unity: working with others for a common objective

Love: Be and do what you love

Change is happening again!

Can you feel it?

Continuous waves of energy are moving through the Earth.

There is an 8 week powerful wave moving through us at present. In the next two months expect to experience a shift in life. It is wiping away the old ways of being and reintroducing a fresh perspective in each being. If something changes unexpectedly, go with it!

Individual stories, wants and needs of the ego are dissolving or being wiped out depending how compliant one is with this energy; the more you resist love: self-love, love for others and love for life (all the same thing), the more of a challenge and shock the change may appear.

The more open one is to embracing love, and that must be for one self as much as for someone else as much as for life itself (as stated above, it is all the same thing and to separate it in parts is an illusion of the mind – if you feel you can love someone but not yourself, this is a block and you must work on it to have a free flow of energy- the ego does two noticeable unhealthy things, makes people think they are better than others and thus separates them from being one with others, and makes people feel worse than others and thus creates the illusion of separation from others! Both are illusions of the mind, and fear based old paradigm behaviour. Old fashioned I call it. Breathing love for all parts of life will help rebalance this).

Basically there is just love, embrace it, take care of yourself as you would someone you love, breathe into life and out of life- the more you open to loving life (the air), the more wonderful life is.

Working with others in unity is the way forward, there are many opportunities arising this way. A time of unity is arising, that is working with others for a common good. 

Enjoy the now! Life gives you opportunities for delight continuously, but you must be in the now to see them.  You are life! Believing you are separate to it is another illusion! That breath that goes in and out of you- that is life! Yes, you are life! “All the power that ever was or will be is here now.”

If you are not feeling that nice or having a low moment, the best and quickest most powerful and easy advice I can give you is to take one minute or however long feels right, to breathe really quick breaths through the nose, from your stomach (by pushing stomach in and out breath gets pulled into and sent out of body), some deep breaths and some shallow, go with your own rhythm.

Every now and then push all the air out of your lungs and on the exhale and on the inhale really pay attention to the feel of the air being drawn in through the nose and then exhaled back into the air which surrounds you.  Do this for a couple of breaths observing the body and how you feel. This can clear the old air in the lungs and refresh the mind, helping one feel clearer and more intune with the now. Or go outside for a walk or runJ

In addition, give the projects that give you a great feeling some energy this month. There is energy to be used, use it well and wisely and dive into what you love. Love painting? Get your paints out. Love the idea of your own business? Get researching and talking, connect with others. Be the wonderful version of you! Everyday focus on that which feels amazing in your life, what already is, offer gratitude whether silent or otherwise. 

There is a shakeup happening, be sure that you make the most of it by feeling well as much as you can and being/doing that which you enjoy, then when the energy settles it will be working with you on what you love, and this will further expand in your life. Like all waves, cycles, enjoyable moments and challenges, it too will pass. This time next year you may just be celebrating some very great moments that were wonderfully influenced by this month and next, by maybe even today :) Go for it! Do it with others! Jump! 


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Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

One minute wonder meditation


I turned on the radio in the car yesterday and heard a heavy dose of "the news" and turned it off within 1 minute. I thought, what if we mankind use the marking of each hour to breathe in love (into our being) and breathe out love (to the world) for one minute rather than to top up on stories? It could be every hour, once a day or whenever you think of it, such as when the news comes on! 
It could be love, peace, or compassion, happiness, nothingness- or whatever feels right to you in that moment. 
Could it actually be quite beneficial and a beautiful way of caring for ourselves, families and the world we live in? Wouldn't it surely be worth experimenting with? 
In my experiments and observations, breathing this way significantly seems to benefit my day, and if all of us did this even for 1 minute or 30 seconds, we might actually affect the big picture we all share. It's an experiment in using our power. 
When the forces behind the media and "terrorists" appear to be trying to separate us through fear, let's stand together in the name of love, peace and unity. Focus on the energy you wish to receive and bestow upon the word and watch how the details rearrange themselves in your life and in the big picture to express this sentiment. "Man's evolution is dependent upon his ability to bestow love and receive love. What do you think? 


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