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Monday, 15 January 2018 23:30

Affirmations and Healing

Affirmations play a valid part of a healing sesion expecially during the days and weeks that follow. 

We start a healing session by checking in with how you are feeling.

Following this you describe the reality that feels the most delightful, or more accurately, through the feeling of delight, the visions and ideas which come to you regarding your present moment and future.

The main focus is to clear help you clear resistance and align with your conscious and desired outcomes.

The healing session then unfolds for another 2-6 weeks with changes occuring usually during this time.

Below is an exert from a recent client's session 

~That which you focus on will become more apparent in your life~

If you'd like to arrange your own session, I welcome you to get in contact via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by calling/ texting 087 2320159.

Thank you!

Key themes:

Let Go : Let go of everything, especially memories that arise, Husband, ex lovers etc. It starts with making a choice. I CHOOSE TO LET GO, everything else then follows.

Trust: Everything is being taken care of and life is working out to support your highest awakening. When you see everything on your path as a gift, clarity arises. Choose to release victim/ blame/ guilt and see everything that has happened, is happening and will happen as a support from the universe for your liberation, awakening and the experiencing of a more peaceful and happy life.

Love yourself: Eventually you will have no self-importance and feel great as nothing! This is a journey though. For now you may wish to rebalance the limiting beliefs that you have been identified with.

I love myself. I like myself. I am proud of myself. I am happy with myself; are the core elements of shifting self-destruction/ disharmonious thinking back into a place of nurturing, love and reverence, as the relationship with self is a gateway to the relationship with the Divine. Though this you may also shift from seeing yourself as ago/personality to seeing yourself hte the inner self or soul. A harmonious relationship opens with yourself on every level connects you to the limitless flow of the universe. 

All 3 of these are a choice. Affirm that choice daily to shift to a more harmonious vibration.

State: I choose to let go. I let go. Feel: yourself letting go!

State: I choose to trust. I trust.  Feel: yourself in complete trust of the universe/ god/ krishna/ buddha...

State: I choose to love myself. I love myself! Feel: yourself loving your inner light and being.

Further attitude affirmations that may help. You will know if the affirmation is right for you, as you will feel good energy around your heart area. Note the statements that excite you and feel free to adapt/ edit them so that they feel right for you.

Heart cloud 

I how my work is enjoyed by many.

I love that I am nurturing myself.

I am happy, running to nothing and running away from nothing.


I love how people are benefitting from light.

I love the creative people I work with. 

I love the great work I am showcasing with the world.

I love how fun the work I do is.


I trust that everything is working out in Divine Order.

I am light. I am the (inner) light. I am peace.

Life is beautiful, pure with the Divine.

Everything is divinely manifesting.

I love my home.

I love being tidy!

I love the organisation in my home.


Everything is always working out.

I love letting go of things… and trusting that everything I need will be provided for.

I let go with ease.

The universe is a friendly place. 

I embody a high frequency.

I am feeling productive!

I am happy with myself.

I am proud of myself.

Practise the affirmations to harmonise with your desired reality.

May you enjoy all the good fortune that is here for you.

Much love!

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Thursday, 29 October 2015 23:57

I am a friend of Time!

I’m now a believer in and friend of time. I love my work. I consider my life a work of art, everything receiving energy, from my home to health to fitness to family to friends to work to finances to transformation. It’s the system I enjoying using and I call it the soul’s goals.

I have complete freedom of what I do and when I work. However I realised that time was causing me unnecessary stress I realised when at 10ishpm I felt the pressure of doing things that one should do as it is drawing late, such as tidy up, prepare to go to bed. I felt an angst of a childhood of being told to go to bed when quite simply I did not want anyone telling me what to do!

Hanging out with Sandy Newbigging on Tuesday the 27th of October after his insightful talk at the BuddhaBag was wonderful. His Buddhist premise that all stress comes from conflict and conflict arises from either attachment or resistance got me thinking as there is always room for improvement!

So a few days later when it came time to consider night time activities, I recognised resistance, and welcomed the situation. I felt it fully, compelted the experience and let it go. I’ve decided now that time is my friend and that I’m not gonna stress about it!

'I am a friend of time.’

I realised that even though I’ve given myself the gift of freedom when it comes to what work I do and when I do it- I was still secretly lashing my back with anonymous whips for not measuring up. It’s a double whammy cause I also realised that my time system is not like the standard time system, maybe somedays it can be, but it doesn’t have to go with it. Rather I’d like to go with my own time! It says paint. Yes Master! It’s says write, I say amen! Saying i'm a freind of time, helps me RELAX! That's aboit it, but that is enough!

Give yourself this gift too next time you observe some stress arising- face it- name it - feel it- complete it and liberate yourself from it. Viola. A more relaxed reality is this close. 

Actually one of my favourite things from his talk in addition to the above reminder is to relax the eyes both when open and closed. Relax the eyes and widen the periphery of your vision. It helps one be more present in the moment. This both feels good and looks good. Just check yourself out in the mirror as you do this if you need proof!

Sandy is holding a workshop in London the 14th and 15th of November. I recommend checking out his work and new book Body Calm 

Thanks Buddhabag, Conscious Living, Sandy and all those who turned up to this lovely gathering x

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Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00

* * New Meditation Video **

Hi lovelies!

Here is a video introducing some basics on meditation.

Any approach to calming oneself can be helpful.

There are many ways one can go about this.

Here is a simple guide to one of my favorite, quick and yet super powerful meditations.

Experiment with this daily in the morning (and at night if you will) for 10 minutes or longer.

Observe how your days unfold :)

with love,


vid not working? click here for link!

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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 00:00

You are Soul


What is your soul's goal right now?


What if you are on this planet for a reason and every day you receive inner guidance to make this day both enjoyable and satisfying?


The consciousness of man is changing. 

Self-confidence and self belief are the foundation stones to realising and fulfilling one's calling or souls' goals. Believe in yourself.

Who are you?


Everyday from this point on is either a good day or a great day. If today is a good day, what would make it a great day?


What if you can shift from one reality to another reality?

"My soul's goals" is a practical guide to help you do this.

Save yourself years of karma. Consider using use your awareness and creative powers for the higher good...

For more info see the Soul's goals pages of the website, attend a workshop, buy the book online, arrange a 1 to 1 session. 


Focus towards Knowing thyself and being in harmony with thyself.

Remember, You and your dreams are purposeful and you are here for a reason.

If you found this page, this is also for a reason. Listen to your inner guidance. 


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