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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 11:29

Special Pinhole Glasses Offer! 2 for €22

Improve your Eyesight

pinhole glasses sunshineAmazing for improving vision YES improving vision as well as relaxing your eyes and calming the nervous system? 

Wear for 15 minutes a day for great results within 2 weeks.

1 pair €14.99, OR super special till Wednesday 15th August, 2 pairs for €22!

Great for a present, a colleague or someone you care about 

Cloth pouch and instruction leaflet included.

My family and colleagues love them as well as many customers.

Get yours todayhave them delivered within 48 hours! 

Click here for more information on pinhole glasses and to purchase!

pinhole effect on eye

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Fancy 21 days with no sugar, fruit, wheat, dairy, yeast, fresh mushrooms, white potatoes, white rice and honey!?

I did! Well mostly I fancied giving my body, mind and spirit some loving care and attention, a boost, and this is how we rolled :) I took the Dr Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse along with a restricted diet. I usually do this twice a year and it never disappoints, rather it appoints you to an even better place! I had enough of ice cream and was excited to see what would happen. Below is a video taken on 12th June 2018- Day 13 of the cleanse.

Here is what I am eating! Plenty of fresh organic vegetables, especially spinach, avocados, cucumber, brown rice, vegan/ goats cheese, mungbean noodles, raw nuts and wonderful creative new recipes !

Supplements: Dr Hulda Clark protocol cleanse herbs, Wormwood, Cloves and Black Walnut Hull Tincture. Additional amino acids; Arginine during the day gives you 4 hours of extra energy, use in place of coffee/ sugar for an extra boost of physical energy whenever you need it. Also cleanses toxins from body. Ornithine at night time for great sleep, deep restoration and rejuvenation. Gets body to produce human growth hormone, cleanses the body of toxins from parasites and helps you sleep like a happy baby. What's not to love here!?

Purchase full cleanse here

Queries welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for watching!

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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 14:29

Dance Meditation 18th August

dance orlaHi and welcome! merkabadance

Super looking forward to some time to relax and connect more deeply with life this July.

Am delighted to be spending a week at EarthSong this July and also some time away with my sister in warmer climates!

Wishing you some rest and time off too!

Whether it be a day a few hours or a week or longer, may you enjoy every moment :)

Healing sessions are taking place this Thursday the 7th of July in Dublin 2 and then returning again in August.


In August we will be back to weekly sessions with a Special mid August Dance Meditation Gathering taking place Thursday evening, the 18th of August.

Click here for more info! Come join us and add your special energy to the day!

dolphins jumping

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Monday, 10 August 2015 13:18

Welcome, Vision, Mission

Hi and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting Here you will find sacred energy healing sessions, meditation techniques and wonderful products and workshops that support your health, vitality, peacefulness, self-confidence and spiritual awakening.

Our vision is to support the joyful spiritual awakening of the people of Ireland and all people on this planet; to support the natural evolution of a harmonious Earth, where people are free to experience and enjoy a peaceful, prosperous, healthy, happy, conscious and loving existence.

Our mission is to provide healing, energy treatments, high quality products, services and information which support great health, vitality, inner vision, awareness, happiness, self-confidence, living from the heart, being in the now and spiritual awakening for all.

We understand that this journey to healthful living may be a very personal one. As such, we are happy to meet you wherever you may be along the path, via one on one meditation sessions, personal Skype calls or other adjustments to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Reach out with questions, ideas or personal requests.

Please take a look around our site to learn more about the products, services and inspiration that we provide. 

Monday, 10 August 2015 13:14

About Orla

As a child I was aware of other realities. My first memory was when I was about 4 lying in bed one evening when this strange feeling came over me. My favourite toy from playschool, a big spinning top, appeared in the air spinning right infront of me. This strange feeling continued to visit me until I was 13 years old when I begged it to go away and not return. To say I was scared is an understatement. I would scream the house down, but whenever anyone came, often most of my family would appear due to the screams, no-one else could see it or hear it or feel it. Objects would appear, even some rock buns appeared one evening floating in front of me, as did other beings who would speak another language I couldn't understand or repeat but could clearly hear. What was it all about? I didn't know, I just wanted to be normal! My final visitation was very upsetting as there was no-one in my house at the time to help me calm, so I ran out side at night and stood in the middle of the road and stopped a car. It ended up being my neighbours with my friend Daniella and her friend Amanda in the car. They came into my house and things calmed. That marked the end of those visits! I tried to forget it all as I grew up, and really just wanted to be a “normal” teenager and live a regular life. Like many healers/ sensitives, I often felt like an outsider going through life. Still though I was blessed with a kind family and some great friends. 

I went through my teens and university doing my best to follow what I thought was the way. Study, work, drinking, friends...It was fine but part of me felt seperated from this. I always loved the views of the sea and through all these years would walk and sit by the cliffs, looking at the sky and believing and feeling in the mystery of God. I prayed to saints regularly for help! In 2003 I was introduced to healing as well as to Tarot and Meditation by Maria Jesus Lopez. I immediately and naturally took to it and suddenly life began to have meaning. My childhood had left me open to these experiences with a knowing that life existed beyond the 5 senses. I began to blossom. My sister Anne, thought me a line this year, it was to look in the mirror at myself and say out loud, 'everyday in every way I am getting better and better.' I did this and so it happened and funnily this sister, now has no memory of ever saying this! I delved deeper into meditation and began to experiment successfuly with out-of-body experiences. I still didn't know the reason why these things were happening, but felt more on track that I ever had with life.

In 2004 I moved to New Zealand with my Argentinean boyfriend at what I expected to be the happiest time of my life. Funnily enough the exact opposite occurred as I underwent a deep crisis! I found myself deeply unhappy, depressed, anxious, stressed, had skin issues, on-going crying, low energy and underwent 2 operations to remove precancerous lumps from different parts of my body. I had gone deep into the heart space, found pain and hurt and it was time for it to be released and healed. I now approached life from the perspective that I was responsible for my reality and so I would study and write to understand why I had created the situation, gain some form of new awareness, raise some unconscious part of me into consciousness and then observe my outer reality also alter. Always upon this point of realisation and change, life would gift me something unexpectedly! It was a challenging and yet enlightening 5 years of insight and self-examination. I worked with a herbalist and healer to help me heal as well as intensive dedicated spiritual study. I also made a clear commitment to my path and to help others as I was being helped. I found so much benefit from the herbs, flower essences and supplements that I ended up leaving my highly paid strategy role and working for the herbalist so I could learn more about his amazing approach to health. I worked for him for three years making herbal tonics for clients for parasite cleanses and general well-being, advising on supplements and finally running one of his shops and and seeing clients. During this time, I also began to work with Bernie Melhuish, an amazing New Zealand spiritual healer. We set up the healing centre, AllsWell and worked brilliantly together with many people witnessing many miracles over a number of years. 

In the midst of darkness, I discovered a passion for feeling well and was massively inspired to share the good news of healing with others. Orla tearooms newFollowing nearly 6 years in NZ I returned home to Ireland where I reconnected with my family. I gave myself permission to stop working so fast and slow down into the now. I spent time with family and meditated for most of the next two years! Looking back it's hard to know how I did that but I did! This led me to travel for 6 months back to NZ to soul gatherings, great friends and retreats and on to India where I visited every temple I could on a personal quest and spent a powerful 6 weeks at Auroville, Tamil Nadu, on personal retreat. Upon returning to Europe I moved to Palma, Mallorca where I began writing a book. I realised from time travelling and many conversations that it was time to share in a book the insights, lessons and experiences I had been given.   

In 2012 I returned to Ireland for the festival of fire and decided to stay! I set up a healing practice and have been working between Dublin 2 and Blessington since. Cleansing, meditation, tasty nutritious food, a clear mind and spiritual awakening are such incredible gifts. I hold the vision of Ireland as an awakened nation and feel dedicated and passionate about the world awakening to more peace, happiness, health, clarity, prosperity and divine bliss. I am here to support all. A new chapter of light and love has begun on this planet and it is up to each person to choose to go with it or not. Join me!


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