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Saturday, 27 October 2018 09:49

Community Life and Trust

Warm greetings!

I'm just back from a wonderful trip where I had the gift of staying with a beautiful intentional community of 15 adults and 4 children close to Tamera in the South of Portugal.

Intentional community: An intentional community is a planned residential community designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision and often follow an alternative lifestyle. They typically share responsibilities and resources. Intentional communities include collective households, cohousing communities, coliving, ecovillages, monasteries, communes, survivalist retreats, kibbutzim, ashrams, and housing cooperatives. New members of an intentional community are generally selected by the community's existing membership, rather than by real-estate agents or land owners (if the land is not owned collectively by the community). Thank you Wiki.

The south of Portugal, with it's warm climate, natural rural landscape, power spots, reasonable land prices, as well as strong existing communities such as Mooji, the spiritual teacher's base, Monte Sahej and Tamera, who's vision is to birth Terra Nova  a world beyond war with a regenerative, nonviolent culture by building Healing Biotopes: futuristic centers that research and model a new planetary culture, make it a special place for this type of living.

As we look around us we can see that the nuclear family is a challenging way to live. Despite loneliness, isolation, large work load as well as financial burden it is a popular path in the Western world. Is it the way of the future though? There are many ways of living our journeys on this planet and it is nice to remember that we all have options. 

It takes a village to raise a child they say. If you've not experienced that, ever wondered what it might be like?

I have. For over 10 years I’ve had a vision of community living. The vision just came to me, I wasn't even looking for it! I was asking however, how I could best serve the world and fulfil my potential in this lifetime. Shared land, your own home, shared spaces for gathering with the community, eating together, growing food with a group of open minded, conscious people, responsible for and committed to their own journey and self-realisation appealed and felt good as it dawned in my mind. Since then i've been watching and learning about community life, knowing that this is probably the direction I will naturally go.

The community I stayed at is occupied by 15 adults and 4 children. 3 families, and a number of single adults, both male and female ages of all ranging from about 5 to 70. There are 7 acres, 2 -3 of which are to remain untouched natural environment with a well, lake, forest on a hill and natural landscape. The community meet 3 times a week and all jobs are fulfilled in a voluntary manner. People volunteer to cook lunch, attend the vegetable garden, chop wood, attend jobs etc. Every day at 1pm a volunteer cooks a big lunch for everyone. A bell rings and the community gather (if they wish which they seem to - I did, the food and company was amazing!) around the table. Outside the community some work part time, are artists, retired, in school etc.  The community recieves openly many visitors and also holds workshops both by community memeber and visitors on topics such as new wyas to communicate (NVC), 5 rythms, yoga etc. Just so you know, if you are intersted (!), anyone who wishes to join this community must formally apply and live there for 1 year on probation at which time the community will decide whether or not it is the right fit for all parties.

What I always wondered was what would happen to the consciousness of such a group, who are all taking responsibility for their journey's issues, growth etc? Who are committed to living the path of self-realisation and to supporting each other on the path? Who are consciously choosing peace, community and love as a way of living? From the energy perspective this would send ripples of peace and good vibrations out into the wider environment. From within the community, I imagine a group who keep evolving will receive more and more enlightened ideas, visions and approaches to living and being of service to each other, this world and the creator. It is truly inspiring to know that this is happening here in Portugal and in communities all around the world, including Ireland. I too believe it is time for man and woman to walk together in harmony, to turn inward for direction, recognise service to the divine as the highest peak, for when we remember divine service everything naturally flows in abundance!

One of the lines I heard at Tamera, and read in the book Temple Of Love, which I purchased there, is,

The Journey from Fear to Trust.

This is the journey we are all on at this time. Pondering this and the feeling of trust has given me a more gentle awareness of the flow. A focus upon trust has stayed with me since this and continues to show me the way and shine. 

Is community something you would consider?  

I would love to hear your ideas on and vision of community.

Also any experiences you wish to share with trust.

As the American $1 bill says, In God we Trust.

Much love,



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Thursday, 04 October 2018 15:09

September 2018 Intentions and Affirmations

Intentions help focus us in the right direction and affirmations help remind us of whom we choose to be.  IrelandsEyeSept2018
We may or may not feel in alignment with the chosen state, however repeating it and focusing upon it regularly will connect us more powerfully with that reality.
When it comes to intentions, it does not matter what you current reality is, all that matters is what you desire your reality to be. What excites you? Turns you on? Makes you go, ‘Yes please!?’ Below are some from some clients over the past month. As different as we may look to each other, our intentions are often quite similar!
You have so much power and are always creating in your life. Using intentions and affirmations will help you develop a life of your choosing. Read through these intentions and see if any resonate. Feel how your body responds to each one. When the body feels good, it usually means you resonate with it. Copy and paste or write out 1 – 9 of your favourites. Feel free to edit them, or add your own. Read morning and night. Ask yourself each morning while still in bed, ‘What is my intention today?’ It can be from the list or something completely different. Write it out. Remember it throughout the day, alter your behaviour to help it actualise, and meditate upon how it would feel to be totally true for you. May they help inspire and bring out the best in you!
  • I surrender to love. I have surrendered to love.  
  • I am happy with myself. I am patient with myself.I feel good about myself. I am proud of my accomplishments and myself. I like myself.  I love myself. I am the finest and bestest version of myself. I am attractive. I am peaceful. I am clear. I am at ease with all as is. Nothing needs to change! 

  • I am feeling peace and ease with my relationship.  
    couple love water
  • I love allowing my partner the space to grow and observing them grow and thrive.
  • I am proud of myself.
  • I am proud of my partner.
  • I am thriving with this relationship.
  • I love that this relationship brings out the best in me.
  • I feel totally natural being in a loving relationship.
  • I find it amazing how centred and stable I feel.
  • I love being with my partner, I love us living together, working together, having a really happy and productive life, both our own journeys and co-journey being honoured and blessed with our association.
  • I am committed to devotional service.
  • I am a winner! Everything is working out for my higher good. Everything is working out for everyone's higher good.
  • I choose love over fear everytime!
  • I’m blown away by how amazing my partner is and without me doing very much how we are both beautifully unfolding and transforming. healthy veg 
  • I choose food I love, that is good for me and makes me feel great!
  • I love enjoying a sugar free diet and the amazing energy it gives me!
  • I love and appreciate that my work is recognised, enjoyed and valued.
  • I love my business and the success I am attracting.
  • I am really enjoying dancing, exercising and singing.
  • My body and mind feel at ease.
  • I love breathing in the present moment.
  • I am sitting in gratitude for all that I have. Thank you for the continual blessings.
  • FlorenceGallery2017I am so happy I have the commitment and determination to see my visions through to completion and celebrate their full realisation!
  • I am excited about how much I have learned and to have the opportunity to do things again, this time differently.
  • I am inviting in love, forgiveness, honesty and transparency into my life.  
  • I love living in the present moment. I belong here.
  • I am letting go. Everything is okay as it is. Nothing needs to change.
  • With any challenges that arise, I lovingly say ‘That’s okay.’
  • I am giving myself time to go places and be, such as the botanic gardens, the sea, park, forest, beach, cliffs and hills. This is a form of love.
  • I step up to be my best friend, mother and father. 
  • I’ll start with being my best friend. As my best friend, what did I do for myself yesterday? What did I do today? What will I do tomorrow?

Remember the Yin Yang symbol. No matter how much darkness, there is always a light, when you remember, breathe and be the light <3.

Now what do you choose?    Love image

What do you choose to affirm?

To experience?

To be?

~May you be guided by the higher self to realise your potential~ 
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