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Monday, 13 May 2019 15:43

Pinhole Glasses- See More Clearly!

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Have I told you how well you look today?

I've recently realised that the more clearly I see, the more beauty I also see?

Pinhole glasses can transform blurry vision to clear vision instantly without the need for corrective lenses.   pinhole effect on eye

Test right now by putting a little hole in a piece of paper or cupping your fist, and putting either up to one eye, with the other eye closed.

Look through the hole in the paper or open the fist just a little, so that there is a small hole to peep through. 

Compare the with and without. What do you notice? Just 5 minutes of wearing pinholes can give the eyes a rested and refreshed feeling. 


  • Relax tired eyes
  • Relieve VDU eye strain and eye related headaches
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Improve vision and focus
  • Expand spatial awareness

Pinholes Libby Gerry WexfordHeres Why

A lot of eye focusing problems are caused by weak muscles in the eye. This is especially true of the long-sightedness associated with ageing. 

  • Pinhole glassesare specifically designed to exercise the muscles in your eyes responsible for focusing. 
  • When you look through the pinholes it improves your ability to focus. 
  • They help reduce stress and can prevent headaches and tension. 
  • Expect anoticeable improvement in just two weeks

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When you look at an object, your brain adjusts the focus of your eyes until it senses an increase in contrast. When your brain cannot find a difference between a dark and light area it cannot focus your vision. Pinholes improve this contrast which helps your brain find the focus point more easily. This gives you a sharper, clearer picture.

 As your brain makes your eyes use their focus muscles more with the pinholes, the muscles are exercised and become more toned. Like going to the gym for your eyes!

Therefore the muscles become stronger (and better at focusing) even when you are not wearing them.


Will you benefit from Pinhole Glasses?

Pinhole Glasses work for both long and short-sightedness. However they tend to work better and faster for long-sightedness because short-sightedness can have different causes. Be sure always  that there is enough light.

  •  If you are long-sighted: wear your pinhole specs for close focus activities like reading and looking at your computer screen. 
  •  If you are short-sighted: get the benefit from focusing at a distance, eg. watching TV.

“I wear glasses for reading but when I put these on, I could see more clearly than I do with my glasses! The difference is like night and day. Fabulous!” Ruth

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One of the best places to wear your pinholes

In good daylight, outdoors in your garden, the park or somewhere in nature.

Look at a flower upclose, or try painting etc. to improve close up vision.

Longer distance vision, admire a good view admiring in detail through the pinholes the braches on the tree, view etc.

The geometric patterning of nature along with the pinholes, I've found, gives additional calming, feel good feelings as well as improving vision~

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What the experts say about Pinhole Glasses

“When you wear prescription glasses you’re falling into a trap. You’re no longer fully using the focusing muscles in your eyes or the photoreceptors in your retina. The important ciliary muscles start to weaken, so you need to go to your optician for stronger and stronger lenses. 

The moment Pinhole Glasses are placed in front of the eyes, a narrower parallel beam of light comes through the holes. This focuses on your retina and sends messages to your brain for clear-sightedness.

Pinhole glasses focus light on the ‘fovea centralis’. This brings objects into focus whatever the shape of your eyeball, while the rest of the glasses’ black lens stimulates the photoreceptor ‘rods’ in the rest of the retina. Therefore the whole retina is being stimulated and exercised. This is relaxing and beneficial.”

 Peter Grunwald

Peter Grunswald recommends wearing Pinhole Glasses if you suffer from short sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia and presbyopia), and regular astigmatism. 

Money back Guarantee

If for any reason at all, you are unhappy with your Pinhole Glasses, just return them to us within 3 months of purchase and we will refund your money in full. We cannot refund your money if the glasses are cracked or broken. That is why, if you are returning them, we suggest you use protective packaging. Please note that this guarantee does not cover the cost of return postage.

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Please Note

While pinhole glasses are claimed to be useful for people who are both near- and far-sighted, they are

  • Not recommended for people with over 6 diopters of myopia.
  • Additionally, pinhole glasses reduce brightness and peripheral vision, and thus should not be used for driving or when operating machinery.


I lost the vision in one eye as a child and have had to take good care of my eyes since. Having noticed a reduction in the vision of my 'good!' eye I introduced pinhole glasses and eye supplements, and noticed a great improvement. Thankfully I enjoy excellent vision to this day. 

I wish you great vision and health.

Enjoy the risk free, vision supporting, money back guarantee and may you too experience a calmer nervous system and improvement to your vision..

Thank you for reading,

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 11:29

Special Pinhole Glasses Offer! 2 for €22

Improve your Eyesight

pinhole glasses sunshineAmazing for improving vision YES improving vision as well as relaxing your eyes and calming the nervous system? 

Wear for 15 minutes a day for great results within 2 weeks.

1 pair €14.99, OR super special till Wednesday 15th August, 2 pairs for €22!

Great for a present, a colleague or someone you care about 

Cloth pouch and instruction leaflet included.

My family and colleagues love them as well as many customers.

Get yours todayhave them delivered within 48 hours! 

Click here for more information on pinhole glasses and to purchase!

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Would you like to get involved in a pinhole glasses trial?pinhole glasses

Are you interested? Curious?

Do you live in Dublin?

You'd be required to wear them for 15 minutes + 5 times week for 3 -4 weeks starting asap.

Interested to see how that would affect your vision and wellbeing after 3 -4 weeks?

Also it would be great though not necessary if you are available to meet on a Wednesday evening 23rd November in Dublin where you can share your experience with us.

Please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 087 2320159.

If you have pinholes great and if not a pair will be provided free of charge. Feel free to share with any friends who might be interested.

What do pinhole glasses do? Please click here for more info Pinhole Glasses!

To go direct to purchase Click here!

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Monday, 16 June 2014 00:00

Sleep like a baby!

Welcome to the most powerful sleep support product I have ever discovered!

I first came across it as part of the Dr Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse programme. I'm not joking when I tell you that the first night I took it, I slept more deeply than I had in years! Plus, I didn't even have a sleeping problem to begin with! It's just that with the Ornithine, my sleep was deeper, and when I awoke I felt more rested and stronger.

I couldn't believe that for all the years I'd been working in the health industry I hadn't heard of it.

I wasn't sure If it was just I so I shared it with some others eager to try it too, and they reported the exact same findings as myself!!! Unbelievably good rest. It said it was non-addictive, but I wasn't sure how I would be able to let go of something that had me feeling so good every morning!

Well 4 weeks passed and suddenly I didn't feel such a desire for it any longer. Now I take it whenever I feel like it or that it would be beneficial. I go months without taking it and it's pretty much a similar story for my customers. They take it when they feel the need and that's it.

One thing I did observe was that for 1 in 10 who tried it, it didn't make much of a difference. But a 90% success rate is massive and worth sharing. It is such a great feeling to wake up strong, happy, well rested and full of energy that I wanted to share this with you and ask you to please share this with anyone you think maybe interested. 

At just 25Euros for a bottle of 100 capsules it also very reasonably priced.

Ornithine and buddha

"L-Ornithine is an amino acid that is often used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to produce the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland. L-Ornithine supplementation is meant to assist in the production of urea which is necessary for body detoxification purposes. Because L-Ornithine helps release the HGH hormones, it can help the body with the metabolism of fat and cell rejuvenation. A combination of the amino acids L-Ornithine and L-Arginine have been shown to assist in increased muscle strength." 

Read more : or google it yourself!

To summarise, Ornithine helps with:

  • deep slee
  • metabolism of fat
  • cell rejuvenation
  • detoxification 
  • liver support

Wowsers, aren't you surprised and perhaps even excited to try it for yourself!?

To buy here: 

Go to "Shop" button at top of page next to "Home" button. Click on it, and then go to - herbal cleanses- buy herbal cleanses - where you will find some products for sale and you can buy it on this website for just €25 and I can post it to you where ever you are in the world!

Sweet Dreams!

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