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Saturday, 23 January 2016 15:07

The most wonderful retreat

It's a week now since the Jan Soul Holiday Retreat took place and what a deep week it has been.

Many of the activities varied from sharing something each person appreciated about themselves to silence while looking at a nice viewpoint to eating delicious homemade vegetarian food to pondering what if hte universe is a friendly place to simply sitting on the couch or shutting eyes nad listening to music. 

It my experience it is in the nothing that much occurs. We can be expecting something big but often it is in something small that a slight change of direction occurs which can lead to an entirely different path and destination.

This amid nice food and a loving caring environment supports deep insights and evolution.

It can take days even months further to process what occurred or 'shifted' in those days.

In this instance, there is about a 10 day processing period following the retreat where the intentions each placed at the beginning of the soul holiday are working on a deep level and often creating some changes and new opportunities.

It is great to sit down to acknowledge what occured.

Deep gratitude to all involved!

Each person comes from a different background and situation yet each brought their true self and over the hours and two days shared themselves vulnerably, openly and voluntarily in the most beautiful way. The space, respect, listening and kindness that each person gave to the other enabled ease and peace in which that which needed to could arise. 

So much contribution from everyone;

Kombucha, Kefir, A bag of logs for the fire, loads of lovely scones, chocolate, food, stories, insights, setting the table, helping in the kitchen (+ in so many ways!) laughs and more...

Good connections.

Thank you to each that came. 

Intentions are powerful and when set consciously can create great change to one's existence. Thank you to each who participated in the Little Soul Holiday Retreats and if this is something you are new to but might like to experience, please get in contact as the next soul holiday retreat takes place end of Feb. Thank you. 

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Yes it is a wonderful time of year. Time to let go, relax, change, spend time with family, friends and whoever you like. The solstice, Christmas and New Year offer us the opportunity enjoy the pleasure of living a bit more and gift ourselves and those we love in some special way.

I've found myself drawn to more meaningful presents this year. Personal handmade jewelery,books, food, body oils, supplements and even a poem have made it in there for my dearest and nearest! If you are having a think about what to get yourself or someone you love this year, here are some special deals on beautiful treatments and products. Vouchers can be emailed or dropped off in Dublin/ Wicklow where possible. Terms and conditions are below. Please note that a free skype or phone consultation is available to ensure that the Special is right for you and to answer any queries you may have. 

Christmas Specials:

  • Tripple healing package  Christmas present
  • Healing session and Customised Bach Flower Remedy
    • 90 minute healing session 
    • Customised Bach Flower Remedy
    • Make a real impact in one session
    • RRP €108 + €35 = €142 Special €118 
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  • Tarot Reading and full healing session
    • 60 min healing session 
    • 30 min tarot reading
    • This 90 minute session will give you insights as to your current influences and the healing will help you clear that which you'd like to let go of. Feel more at peace and ready for the new year.
    • RRP €128 Special €111 
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  • Deluxe healing session
    • 90 minutes to deeply relax and release as blocks are cleared and the body and mind lighten and harmonise.
    • RRP €108 Special €98 
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  • Regular helaing session

Premium packages

Please Text 087 230159 if you wish to avail of the free skype consultation to help ensure that this work is right for you. 

  • VIP Day 1 Full 8.5 hour day to make for maximum impact and deep change fast. Upgrade your mind, emotions and body. woman angel wings
    • Recieve 2 healing sessions, 90 min morning and 60 min afternoon.
    • Meditation guidance to hone your own practice and be guided through customised meditations deigned specifically for you.
    • Discussion of delight, what is it and how to ultise it for optimal living and happiness.
    • Be guided through the process of the souls goals so that you are clear with 8 column approach to satisfaction and fulfillment. This includes relationships, home, family, finances, health and fitness, personal transformation and more. x
    • Lunch/ tea and coffee and all materials on day included.
    • When you come on this day you are ready for change.  
    • RRP €899 Special €649 
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  • 5 week 'Boost." Upgrade and boost how you feel and experience about yourself and life.
    • An amazing gift to help you increase in clarity over 5 weeks.
    • 3 x 90 minute healing session
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    • 2 x Bach Flower Remedies
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Terms and Conditions:

Special prices valid till 4pm, 24th of December, 2015

Healing sessions take place at a beautiful Crystal healing room at the Harvest Moon centre, Dublin 2

All vouchers valid till 31st July 2016

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