Life is changing!

On a personal level, this can feel confusing, as life as we once knew it, crumbles. What if it has purpose though?


Every CHALLENGE offers a solution and a gift. Your heart is the key for accessing that solution and the reality that goes with it.

Some put up with challenges for decades until enough discomfort has been experienced. Eventually we all SURRENDER...

A challenge when seen from a higher perspective, offers a bridge to a NEW YOU. Trust me, you want to experience this! No more stuck nor stagnation necessary. Just sweet conscious evolution. But you must take hold of the reigns, and I’m here to help you with this. 


Hi, my name is Orla.

 I help people move through transformation into greater wellbeing, awaken to the light within and walk their Divine path.


I entered the world of healing and spirituality in 2003 and took to it like a fish to water. Finally life made sense! I straight way felt and still do, that I was born for this. Since then, I am fortunate to have witnessed thousands of people including myself, awaken, transform and thrive. Between 2003 -2009, my old identity crumbled as I awoke spiritually. My whole life changed; relationships, career, that which I considered important and pretty much everything! More on this if you are interested in the 'About Orla' page. 

How aware are you of your dominant habits, patterns, thoughts, emotions and the feeling of love within?

These play a huge role in your life right now whether you want them to or not, and are also the GOLDEN KEYS to a happier and more FULFILLING LIFE. Becoming more conscious is an amazing trip and available to us all.

I WARMLY WELCOME you to this community for Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, Self-Love, Natural Health Products, Cleansing, Workshops & more. Are you ready to dive deeper?  As you experience harmony within, so too will you observe it in your outside world. There is a BEAUTIFUL LIGHT in your heart, may you see it, feel it and know that this is who you are, before and beyond the body, and stories you tell yourself. This is where change occurs.

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