Sunday, 30 November 2014 00:00

I turn on the healing power! Featured

If we get damaged we are not like an apple, who bruises and dies, as we have a self-healing mechanism – remember this, turn it on and use it! We can self-replicate cells/ tissue whatever is required. But in certain deeper cases of healing we must firstly consciously know this exists in order to fully access it. If we think we are done and that is all there is, there the body/mind et al will respond accordingly.

Knowing complete self-healing on all levels is possible is often all it takes to access it. Knowing this, where will you send your awareness and self-healing power in the next few minutes? Tell it and envision a white light moving around your body, use the infinity sign (like the logo for this business picture here) infinity new over any particular areas, you can expand it out to cover the world and universe or micro size it smaller than a dot. Imagine it as a white light and you can shape it and direct it wherever you like. Cover any aches or heaviness and allow your intuition to guide you. And of course you can also use this on trees, animals, other people and where ever you feel guided. Believe you can do this. Open to it as an option by saying, what if I can heal myself? What if __________________  fill in what comes to mind!?

This is one of the reasons I chose the infinity symbol for this business :)

To your happiness and wishing you fun today! With love, Orla


Pzapper apple1.s.speaking of apples, a zapper can also help - and there's free postage at present:) Click here for info on the zapper!

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