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Would you like to boost your sex life, energy and healing power!?

Who'd have thought? How something so plain and simple can do so much? couple love water

I sell this great product called Arginine. It is part of the 5 product parasite cleanse but is also available individually.

As with all the products I sell, I use them myself, to regularly trial them and share the benefits.

I had the delight of making a new friend recently who is also deeply into health, happiness, eating well, supplementing et al.

When I offered them some of the Arginine I sometimes take when going for a run (I run faster for longer when it's taken about an hour before I run or if not going for a run I tend to fly through my work and jobs more easily) they accepted. As they did so, they reminded me of some of it's benefits:

Taken with food during the day it reported to:

  • Act as an anti-oxidant
  • Give powerful rejuvenation
  • Boost energy levels
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • Reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and cholesterol
  • Unclog arteries
  • Improve cardio-vascular system
  • Boost peripheral circulation
  • In both men and women, increase sexual power , libido and promote healthy sexual performance


Taken on an empty stomach it is said to:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Stimulates muscle development
  • Supports Hypothalamic Response
  • Helps decrease Body Fat
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Helps maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • Helps in promoting Healthy Sexual Performance
  • Help the body produce the human growth hormone: necessary building blocks for the body to maintain healthy growth hormone levels
  • Helps produce Nitric Oxide
  • Stimulates production of Human Anti-Aging mechanisms for those over 23 years. 

Click here to get more info on Arginine and to purchase. As a Christmas present for you, I've taken 3 euro off the price this month, which effectively means - free postage. What are you waiting for!?


-The Arginine for sale on this website have a recommend intake of 1 -3 a day depending on physical  energy requirements, if you are not going to use the energy do not take it. It has been reported that if one takes Arginine and does not use the energy, they can become grumpy! So if you take it, enjoy it~ and go out for that walk, run or hop into bed for that cuddle!

For those looking for bedtime anti aging and healing magic, I recommend the Ornithine to be taken at night and Arginine during the day. It is also for sale on this website, click here for more info and to purchase Ornithine

Hmmm with all this news, and excitement and I think today I shall start a 30 day trial of Arginine. 

If you'd like to try some, it's only 20 euros for a bottle of 100 capsules, Click here to purchase Arginine! And if you made it this far in reading this document the prices may be going up in January so it may be well worth purcahsing now ;) Try Arginine today and you never know what might happen! Christmas might even be more fun!?

Disclaimer: Check disclaimer on home page, if in doubt seek professional medical advice especially if pregnant, breast feeding or on medication. Thank you!

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 Some of the above point are taken from this body building website

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