Thursday, 01 January 2015 19:25

Ponderings for the new year

If you can deal with sadness, you can deal with anything!' Silver lining and all that- Happy New 2015!!!

Having spent many years pondering peacefulness and happiness among other things I came to the conclusion that much happiness comes from personal relationships, with life, yourself, and others. The Soul's Goal process enourages us to make time for people every day! To make it a positive choice to visit, call, text and share life and listen :)

It is often with others that synergy of spirit is achieved where 2 (joined) minds are better than 2 seperate minds and where 2 (joined) hearts are significantly more powerful that 2 spereate hearts :)

Of course, use your own discernment with whom you spend time with- choose influences that you are happy with!

Will we allow love to flow through us?

To this new year of life: Thank you life for creating yourself anew again!

I wish you deep ever expanding peace and if stress arises remember, 'take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself!'

With love, Orla

Ps In the next few days I'll be sharing some thoughts about the current energy shift and alternations , namely to do with the masculine energy. There'll also be a post with workshops and healings day for the next 4 months. Please check back soon if thtat tickles your fancy!! Thank you :)




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