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Spiritual Awakening


There is a great change happening on planet Earth and we as a mass of beings on this planet are currently awakening. Awakening to the fact that:

  • We are all connected. I can feel you. If I can feel your pain and happiness, then am I subtly feeling everyone on this planet, without perhaps even being aware of it? 
  • There is something greater than this physical body and mind at play- it makes the birds fly south, the forest grow beautifully, provides rain fall and sun shine and gives life something special. It gives life. It lives... It provides great ideas to inventors, songs to musicians and acts like an invisible force. Some are aware of it.
  • There is a light and an inner awareness that can do things the brain can't even comprehend.  

It just is, we are evolving and this is what we are waking up to...

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Politically, economically and at all levels, changes are taking place on earth. Consciousness is expanding, a new age is arising and new models and approaches that refelct this are coming into being. It is like moving from being able to hear 3 octaves of sound to being able to hear 5 octaves of sound. This is an exciting time, however it could also be considered a frightening time, as it requires one to step into the mystery of the unknown in order to discover new things. Those who resist change will have the hardest time. Know that the change, as natural as the seasons changing, is here to support you and a huge blessing.

Orla is truly inspirational and exudes calmess and serenity.  After a visit I feel empowered and enlightened.
I find her work very beneficial to my wellbeing and really value her advice..

Consider that::                       

~ You are alive at a time where a leap in evolution is taking place. Previous leaps in evolution include the advent of fire and the industrial revolution. This one has to do with awareness.

~ You are a self-fulfilling entity with access to all you seek.

~ Everything you send out into the universe returns multiplied. I used to think that meant only words and actions until I realized that it includes thoughts and feelings. What you send out, you also attract. Another great reason to send good vibes to everyone!

Since the 1960’s great change has been taking place with the expansion of the consciousness of man. An increasing percentage of the world population is in some form of the awakening process and this will continue until man on earth is fully awakened at which point we will be in a whole new ball game. This is the transition time as new systems, economies, enterprises, artists and innovations inspired through this new consciousness are arising in the world.

You may be one of the people here to lead this change in some area, perhaps a new business idea or a more holistic way of living? Perhaps you are the anchor in your family who openly chooses to heal or one whose presence and authenticity ripples out inspiring others?

Many people are feeling a need to alter the approach to living as the emphasis shifts from acquiring money to being happy and peaceful and enjoyng the direction one is heading. Many are choosing to approach life differently and utilising meditation and awareness to receive insights and guidance.

As mankind evolves and leaps, we never go back to the previous state. This evolution is reflected in the spiraling action of our energy and some would say solar system as it travels through space. We do not stay in the same place in space, or just go round in a circle, but rather Earth and her solar system team orbit the sun and continue to move gradually through the cosmos in a spiralling flow. We experience up and down parts of spiralling wave and evolve and experience new consciousness and as we travel through space.

peace signThe current leap is from “separation consciousness” where one feels separate to others to “oneness consciousness” where one experiences being part of the one being, connected to each other, one consciousness in all. This leap notably started in the 60’s with the advent of ‘One Love’ and ‘Peace!’ Today this awareness is becoming mainstream with more people recognizing the value of connecting with others. The news may try and convince you otherwise, but general living in society will prove that this is true.

It has come to general awareness now that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection[ii] Connection is what people desire more than anything, whether they are aware of it or not. Connection to one another, connection to something greater and all in all oneness with life.

“Oneness” is not just for fun-loving hippies, but rather an integral part of a healthy, happy life, authentic and successful life. For the individual, the group, the community and even the business model, it is the progressive and yet harmonious way. We are all interconnected and there is no more denying it! We have been transitioning into this new state of awareness for over 50 years and there is simply no turning back! It is evolution and of benefit. It’s time to surrender resistance and tune into love or at least increase one’s power of observation so one can see more clearly. Here is a chart describing some of the differences between the old and new paradigm. Most people are transitioning through this change at present. Meditation, energy healing, exercise and nutrition are powerful ways to help deal with this transition and are enormously beneficial for attuning to the true self and the inner guidance system.

Old Paradigm New Paradigm
Thinking mind Consciousness – Awareness – Observation
Thinking State of being - Feeling (the moment) fully - White light in the now
Prisoner of one’s own thoughts, thinking you are your thoughts... incessant think -mental anguish Observation &  awareness. Thoughts are temporary and come and go... I am present and I do not even need to engage with them.
Spending time mostly thinking ‘in the head’ thinking one is the thinker... Awareness  of what arises and disappears; In the space & in the body. One is the observer.
Fear based thinking/speaking/feeling/ being Love based feeling/ speaking/ being/ thinking. Autherntic presence however that is in the moment.

Systems, economies and even thoughts based on the old paradigm, are breaking apart and gradually being replaced by new more evolved counterparts that are in harmony with the new paradigm and consciousness. Most children today are born naturally in alignment with this higher consciousness and over the next 50-80+ years, massive reshaping will occur throughout the world as systems et al align with this new paradigm. Just as seasons change, it will change. The old paradigm and identity will eventually become redundant. Resist it or be in harmony with it ? Be conscious and make a choice.

Exert from 'The Soul's Goals' by Orla Phelan
I offer healing sessions, calls, workshops and retreats designed to support this process. I welcome you to get in contact if this resonates. We are all walking each other home. 

[ii]  Hedy Schleifer - The Power of Connection

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