Saturday, 07 March 2015 08:54

The culmination of the current shift occurring 22nd December 2014 to the 22nd of March 2015

As we pass through the 1st period of 2015, from the 23rd Dec to the equinox taking place on the 20th of March we are shifting vesica piscis flower of lifeparadigm, consciously or unconsciously. The paradigm has been in flux since the 60's but has come to a whole new level of being since 2012. Think about all those bad old habits you had, I bet you have less of them now! Being cruel to yourself and others used to be acceptable- but no longer is this the case. Love is arising in the hearts and in the centre of all power. Those who are resisting love will find life more challenging. Be it love for self, love for life, love for family, love for friends, love for animals, love for all of humanity, love for everyone and everything. This is the energy of the new paradigm. The paradigms represent shifts in energy, and leaps in evolution, we progress and then we leap. You are being offered opportunities to leap right now in your life. Are you ready? Can you see where love can be chosen over past behaviours and ways of being that were previously more fear based? Both realities and paradigms co exist. The fear based and the love based, but as we evolve the love based is growing and the fear based is receding, so if you wish to go with the flow, you'll be tuning into love more and more and allowing love to be the central power in your life. Are you ready!? You will receive opportunities this week, and in the following months and years it will in vesica vesica piscis crop circlecontinue, but this week and coming weeks offer great opportunity to leap in some way into a more love aligned reality, and this means a happier, more peaceful and more in the flow reality. So what's stopping you? Nothing! Especially now that we are aware that this is occurring; all challenges are opportunities, gifts to leap. Gift yourself a couple of leaps this week. Grab them and your life will only improve and be happier as a result. Change your dynamic, habits or patterns with yourself and others. It can be something small like going for that walk or something huge like standing on stage and singing your heart out. Go for it! Now is the best time ever! You are ready for the gift! The gifts can come to you and flow to others through you. The vesica pisces remind us how 2 realities can overlay each other. You may see the fear reality but also the love reality co-exists. If you wish, make it your intention to align with the love reality, take firm steps in this direction these coming weeks and watch your reality, the peaceful reality, the reality with gifts soar and blossom like never before. Are you ready!? Get ready cause here is comes! 

Vesica piscis 2

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