Thursday, 09 April 2015 16:23

Currently operating without a phone

no phone zoneHi lovlies,

Just to let you know that I am operating phone free since Monday, the 6th of April. I will update this note accordingly when I am back in phone contact. Until then please use email and skype orla.phelan47 to get in contact. This phone detox feels great though I would like to let all customers know I very much wecome you to get in cotnact via the facebook page, email or skype.

Peace and love to your hearts,the energy is working through us all at present.



orla treatmentI have the joy of a photo shoot today for the website and new brochures, i'll post some photos for you soon! It was a gorgeous day by Blessington Lake and I even gave a lovely healing session outdoors that was photographed, I've always loved working outdoors and if you would ever like an outdoor healing, just let me know and we'll arrange something amazing for you.

turn off mobileHow have you been navigating these intense energy changes? I am in peace and feeling such incredible faith in life even though I am without car and phone! It's ironic but feels so perfect for now.

Business continues, appointments are still taking place and products being posted. 

I would also like to remind you to go outdoors and be in nature as much as possible while these energy frequencies are
harmonizing in our fields.

Be outside, turn off your mobile or put it on flight mode while sleep and take breaks from it during the day where at all possible.

The colour blue is very healing right now breathe this into your body and mind for increasing your feelings of peace and wellness. Enjoy these days, take an hour off and just walk, don't chant and natter, just walk and breathe and it will come to you whatever you are seeking, walk and breathe, that's all we need. You will come to you. With love , Orla x





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