Monday, 13 April 2015 13:57

Urgent but peaceful call to all lightworkers

souls goals new door popeningWishing you a blessed day full of spiritual understanding, liberating insights and the feeling of divine oneness.

Many of us are feeling quite sensitive right now. If you would like to be included in a group healing session through distance healing later today, please leave below or pm me your name and the name of any loved one's you'd like included. I will start weekly distance healing session, so feel free at any time to send your name or your loved one's via email or text to be included.

Breathing this very moment fully will help bring you back to the now.  All stories are made up, I understand how real they feel, but now it has never been more important to breathe this moment fully and be who we are truly, say 'if none of these stories in my mind existed how would I be feeling now' ahh this is you, the real  you, the you behind the stories :) Time to connect to the state of being who exists behind the stories and feel this moment fully. I know it's takes energy but I it also brings limitless priceless peace :) <3 <3 <3 X

This is a call out to you. Everyone is required, the more of us that breathe peacefully the smoother this transitional state will be. There are thousands of steps on the road to oneness. This is a big one and will flow outwards over the next few months. Help yourself and loved ones have a smooth ride on the wave of change by breathing peacefully for 1 minute or longer whenever you think of it, at least once a day. Do it with you friend, your partner, your family. One minute of eaceful breathing ~ the peaceful world is awakening in us. Now is the time. Let go of all stories and be the presence that you are, support soul presence on this planet - allow yourself to breathe slowly, one with life.

Are you prepared to drop all your stories and be this moment fully? Just for 1 minute right now? and go back to it throughout the day whenever you remember? This is warrior workfor the higher good of all. Give it a go and I'm sure you'll agree that the peace, limitless love and great feelings which arise from this space are totally worth it, with love, Orla

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