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Energy dynamics - The grand shifts of July 2015

Hello dear friends and new comers to this site,

I've been feeling the winds of change and wished to connect in with you and share a few insights and experiences.

Four weeks ago I decided  to go to Mallorca with some of my family for a holiday.

When I deliberate over a decision I usually get a firm yes or no, but not always, and that was the case when it came to this trip.

However, words from my brother swayed me, 'If you stay it will be the same , if you go you never know what might happen!.'

So off I jetted to a beautiful 5 star resort in the beautiful island of Mallorca with 11 members of my family. For those who don't know my past, I've a bit of a history with this gorgeous island having spending many childhood holidays there and even lived there for 9 months in 2011/2012.

So what happened~?

Well after one week of relaxing into the island I finally felt i'd let go, now as a fairy relaxed person I cannot tell you why it took this 'long' to feel this way, it just did. Then the muscle ache started! I came down with an intense virus. 

I became reliant on painkillers every 4 - 8 hours though I have only taken maybe one in the previous 7 years!

Five days into it and it was at it's most intense. A voice had told me that it would clear by Friday and this was Thursday. Every cell in my body was awakened with pain and my head throbbed to the point of tears. I contacted three good friends and healers, one in New Zealand, one in Germany and one in Ireland explaining I was unwell and inviting and welcoming their healing energy. Fairly quickly I felt the saves of support coming  in from these marvelous beings. Sensitivity has its benefits!

Even still I lay in bed late that night in knots of pain, it was only a few hours since my last pain killer and rather than take another I tried to bear the pain for a few hours more to go gently on my body. Out of nowhere the impulse came to sit up and meditate. I did and immediately all pain disappeared. I had been so heavily in pain that I could still feel my cells and body so sensitively, yet there was no pain. I sat there doing the basic breath; breath in feel the energy in the body, breath out; feel the energy in the body for a long time. After a few hours I felt like resting again and took the final pain killer and fell back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later, bed and body and clothes covered in sweat, but alive and well. I got out of bed, it was 9am and I never needed another pain killer again! Thank God!

While this process of pain/ illness was riding through my system I couldn't help but think that there was a reason for it and that it was somehow for my ultimate benefit. The word, 'defragmenting' came to me while meditating. I looked it up on google for any insights and found, 'to reorganise files thereby improving performance and space' and 'Since Jenny defragmented her computer, all her problems have gone!" This made me laugh and feel the lightness of the situation. I was defragmenting, fair enough, we don't have to understand everything like how electricity works and phone lines connect voices (though possibly you already do!?).

Am back from the holiday a few days now and I feel topsy turvy, I am going through a change in identity. This happens every now and then. The old identity breaks down and something new arises. What is arising is more of a feeling and vision, it is like smooth velvety flowing light. I'm just going with it, knowing that whenever I step into the mystery it always delivers me back better off before.

beginnign the best part of your lifeI know that I am not the only one going through changes and this is just a little reminder for us to go with it. Some days are strange, have this space and nothing urgent calling, these can feel disorientating. On these days I do the basis of staying well, a bit of exercise, good food and water and break it down to what to do next. Sometimes it feels like it makes very little difference what choice  I make and other times it feels like a definite path is being shown. Today my intention is 'letting go'. I'm just going with it, letting go and knowing that all is working out perfectly however it looks or feels. I have a project I am working on and notice that when I ignore the project, forget about it or just keep prioritising other things, a restlessness arises. So from now on I am prioritising this project above all other things. Every morning, first thing it will get my attention. And as I work on it or even just breathe consciously I feel a recalibration occurring.

This letting go and coming back together again is of extreme importance for smooth transitioning in the new paradigm. If the brain gets stressed (because it wants to understand everything and it's unable to understand what is happening), I breathe and send it love. Love heals.

Sending love to yourself and others is the best way to transition these shifts, that and going for long walks, being in nature, sleeping, laughing, partying, enjoying good conversation, working on a creative project and whatever else comes to mind...! 

Let's shift the focus from worry to taking steps each day to be kind to ourselves, others & allow and encourage ourselves to lighten up! After all that's what's happening, we are becoming lighter! Expressing, being and feeling more light!

As Einstein is quoted saying, 'the same brain that conceives a problem, cannot solve it!'  

How have you been getting on this Summer? Are you noticing many shifts occurring? How are you dealing with them? I'd love to hear from you and post your insights if you are happy to share them. Peace & love friends, Orla


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