Thursday, 20 August 2015 17:42

Falling in Love with the Ex!?

Been revisiting the relationships of old!?  

Reminiscing over the good ole days!?  

Seeing the beauty in those you perhaps once gave a hard time?

This is much of what has been going on energetically for many since July.

And it's not just the exes...

All types of relationships are undergoing a revamp, even those with an old school friend where you may not have seen the person for over 20 years! Messages in your dreams, movies, music, new encounters may be triggering all sorts of emotions and nostalgia.

We are entering a new era of peace. Sowing up loose ends, and  coming to peace is being activated by a great healing wave moving through the earth. You may even change your own habits, identity and way of viewing life. It's really big. You'll be presented with scenatrios and experiences. Make the most of each situation that arises. Surrender to love. try slowing down and relaxing into the moment. Share, take time out and have fun... Yes there'll be tears too but that's cool and super healthy- let them out...

'Don't look back in anger... Look forward in delight' Heaven on earth is emerging through the ether, have you been experiencing it? 

It is a sign of great healing when we look back and see the blessings rather than the stresses and challenges which we couldn't help but focus on back then. This is happening for many as we align with the higher self. Old clutter, be it energetic or material is clearing out.

Allow yourself time and energy to release old pains from the mind and come to peace, acceptance and even appreciation with those from your past. Declutter the house while you are at it. Let go.

There is a whole new wave of energy emerging. It is lighter and as we move through this energy don't be surprised if you naturally observe the old evaporate and a new lightness and appreciation emerge.  


  • Clear out old clothes/ things/ clear space in your home/ car/ garden and create room for the new to enter. Give away/ recycle/ sell/ release that which no longer brings you delight.
  • Take the time to ponder the major presences in your life. Go for a walk/ lie on your bed. See the gifts of these people and encounters.
  • For anything that appears challenging/ hard to understand/ sore, try repeating this statement regularly, 'Thank you for this blessing.' This can transform even the toughest of experiences.

Peace and love, the new paradigm is arising and we are part of it :)



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