Wednesday, 23 September 2015 09:24

Stress Relief

Is managing stress is an area you are dealing with?

Here are some great ways to increase the peace:

  • B Complex vitamin: Take 1 daily each morning, take 2, one at breakfast and one a noon/lunch – but no later than 3pm) on stressful/ challenging days that require more energy and greater calm.
  • Good oils, either flax seed/ fish/ hemp/ etc. Udo’s choice are great, either in capsule or liquid – depending on which you will use. Take 2 -3 capsules daily at the beginning of a meal such as dinner
  • Ponder regularly perhaps each morning and or evening, or at least once a week,

Who am I and how would I feel, what would I be doing/ thinking/ speaking if there was no stress?”

The pondering of this is important and will bring you closer and more in alignment with this reality.

  • Consider the version of you where you feel little or no stress and fill out the following ( they can change day on day):
    • I am…
    • I believe ….
    • I am happy that….
    • Thank you…
    • I love…
  • Cut out sugar, replace with fruit, honey, stevia etc. Increase water intake to approx 2 litres (non tap - either filtered or bottled) daily.
  • Green smoothies: Get yourself a little whizzer if you don’t already have one. Look at the “Have a superlife” mix of 8 super foods available from health stores, 300g is about 20 euros. A large dessert spoon of this mixed with cucumber, spinach, celery water and whatever else you like (almonds soaked overnight, dates for sweetness…) also ok and fine to make fruity ones with berries, pineapple etc… will vitalize your blood nad being each morning so the point that you may crave them above any other breakfast option!
  • Morning run/ walk for 10 to 20 minutes. This will clear stress right out of the system, give you a natural high, oxygenate your body and get into your real soul rhythm. Ask your man to join you if that helps!
  • Take magnesium an hour before bed and ornithine (available from website) for a deep healing and restful sleep.
  • Emotionally, have a Bach Flower remedy made for you ( available from website and via personal appointments/ healing sessions).
  • Have some healing/ massage every few weeks to ease stress and help you let go of past. Being in the present moment in peace is the easiest and most delightful and inspiring place to be. Healing can greatly help this state of being arise.

Contentment and peacefulness are some of the greatest riches. Love is natural in these states. All is well. There are other ways too to support the shift into peacefulness. Please feel free to get into contact if you have any queries. Thank you.


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