Wednesday, 17 February 2016 09:57

Stepping through the Portal

The Portal of the Divine Mystery/Mastery

My sister told me last week that she is stepping through the portal. woman angel wings

The portal to where? The portal to an even more true version of myself, possibly even as the poster in the hallway says, 'the me I never knew.'

Many are going through change right now in conscious preparation for even greater(more satisfying and fulfilling) times ahead.

Issues arising are 'healing.' Whatever is arising is what now needs to be dealt with. It is yoru urrent main distration to being in the now and as you deal with it, you'll observe the distraction evaporate and find yourself more in the now.

Things that are coming to mind are distractions to being in the now. We transcend and expand through it when we can find harmony with ourselves in what is happening. Accepting/ embracing/ transforming it from something heavy to a gift, to something that we can accept and be comfortable with is often the way. 

The opportunity for trancendance and expansion is happening for all. No need to be afraid of letting go of who you've been in order to discover who you more truly are. I'll be flying there next to you. Many of us are. No need to choose familiarity of the same ole crap over the portal to the unknown. Have a clear intention and good feeling? Go with it- give it a go! grow! Leap! Fly! When you feel ready give it a go- and get support if you need it. This is why countless healing therapies and supportive services exist. You don't have to do it alone! 

Stress is being seen as a gift and people are realising that their priorities are changing. Happiness of the heart is goign 'knock knock' with quality of life and a happy, peaceful heart being recognised as more valuable than any job or status.

Remember in any moment you can feel lonely or feel God. 

The expansion is occuring for everyone. Those who have worked on themlseves may be able to ride this wave more easily. Challeneges will always arise but with compassion and understanding we can learn to ride the waves and not need to get so washing machined by every single one! There is no judgement here. Just the reminder, that all is well. Life is siupporting you. Can you take just half a day to be in nature and really feel into this? It will greatly help. I guanantee this. Just take it easy, no yapping. Look at the patterns in nature and the space between the braches. Breathe. Gratitude and ease  permeating the body and cosmos. All of us are on the wave. The wave of a 'Welcome to a higher vibe life!". It has been gifted to you. Are you saying yes!?

Everyone I see is an element of me. Harmony with myself, others and whatever arises is key. Wishing you peace and success with this expansion. xxx

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