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Finding yourself in a new space? Difficult to see what is coming? You are not alone!

!Welcome to Being in the Mystery!

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We are currently in between two eclipses, experiencing a solar eclipse on the 8th of March and a lunar eclipse on the 23 of March.

What does this mean!?

Change is occurring and we might not know exactly where it is taking us. Relax, this is normal and OK.

Trust life is working for your higher good and so it will.

Trust that all the answers and information will be offered in perfect time and so it will.

Trust that you are able, good enough and deserve your dreams and more, and so it will be.

Trust that you don't need to know all the answers right now.


This eclipse is in a way helping us come into the now. The shift often starts with a conscious out loud choice. Choose to be present right here- where everything is okay, where funny moments are observed. Where people smile and actions go a long way. Here, where you fully belong. Here where the mind relaxes, releases control and surrenders to the heart. Here where the heart beats and is realised as the centre of the space. 

Chances are that you've been experiencing change recently. If you feel at relative ease with what is arising you've probably done a fair bit of personal development work and are in general at ease with the concept of surrendering and non-attachment. Well done!

If it's been challenging it is imply showing attachment to some outcome- that is not unfolding as you may wish it! This is widespread and not happening because you've done anything wrong! It's simply showing,

'hey here is an area that is not quite in harmony- there is opportunity here to bring this area into harmony and enjoy more harmony with life.'

The first eclipse may have well highlighted the issue and a desire to change things in some way. The period in between the two eclipses may highlight greater awareness including how to deal with it (and how not to deal with it!) and new tools/ people/methods/insights.

The next eclipse this Wednesday the 23rd of March 2016, will gift us with some help and lighten or even fully evaporate the apparent burden.  Peaceful and positive thought, word and action towards a clear desire feel good outcome will greatly help one navigate this. Provide the energy of life with a direction that feels good.

No need to battle mountains right now, rather take it easy and use your energy to gain clarity with a vision that feels good. Think it, speak about it and act towards it in easy ways while relaxing, being in and observing the now.  

You may also experience the opportunity to forgive and let something go. Let it go for until we do the stories of old may repeat. Let it go, let it go (even turn it around in the imagination)... No more stories, giving out about it... when you feel ready.

While we are in the mystery life is all about the now. It's always about he now but especially now as we may find our path/vision altering.

When I am in the mystery I find it helpful to realise that I am in the mystery and let go! I trust and truly believe that the mystery always delivers me into a better space then where I entered. Time again this proves itself to be true to the point that I sit back, acknowledge, accept and go with it. Plans often change too during this period. Again I let go and allow. Going with the flow, with what arises and where the calling is. Practicing non-attachment to outcomes! Also observing greater depth in times of silence and with people. Greater sensitivity- this happens with a full moon anyway. Realising the depth, value and power of connection; I welcome, acknowledge and go with the flow. Overall I acknowledge and surrender to inner guidance - moment by moment as I observe this mini boot camp prep me for even greater freedom and existence!

When faced with what feels like a challenge, I remember the go-to prayer; Thank you for this blessing!'


In each moment I simply aim to be present in what I am (doing). Feeling the ground beneath my feet helps.

In the next few days something will shift for the better for all. The light is increasing: A Great Light is coming through and with it solutions and a way forward will arise. Have no doubt: beautiful things are coming for every one.

The Delight Meditation:

Basic delight meditation

  • Sit somewhere warm and comfortable, close your eyes.
  • Relax the body. Inhale and exhale through the nose. On the inhale visualise white light moving straight through a tunnel as it enters the body. Exhale; push in the stomach and visualise white light moving straight through the tunnel out into the world. Practise for 10 clear breaths.
  • Focus on the feeling of delight. Breathe in and out this feeling for 3 minutes. Focus on the area between the top lip and nose. On the inhale: Feel delight spinning from the outside world into this area. On the exhale (push in the stomach): feel delight spinning from this area out to the world and universe.
  • Move this feeling through the body, starting at the crown – head- throat – chest – heart – spine- shoulders – arms – hands – hips- sexual zone – thighs – lower leg- feet – soles and back up again;
  • For a few minutes Inhale delight into the mind on the inhale and spin it back out the world again on the exhale. Observe any thoughts or ideas which arise that are expressions of this delight.
  • Practice daily each morning and night for greater delight in your regular waking life. See what happens and please share!

With love, Orla

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