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Kilkenny Holistic and Psychic Fair June 12th Featured


here are some photos from a lovely day at Kilkenny offering healing treatments, sharing products and meeting wonderful people.

0D6749CE1D73B16FB45C30EB029BB79C1EA3F2173257EBEDABpimgpsh thumbnail win distrI had the pleasure of having a friend come with me and help me set up and even help on some treatments. Thank you Rafael. Rafael is a healer/ musician from Brasil who gives massage and healing treatments so 67D4D8024854B9129DA9D6843F31C85E2A5A707362EF255207pimgpsh thumbnail win distrsome lovely customers got to have the two of us working on them! In return Rafael is helping me musically! As a producer of electronic music we are mixing keyboard with his music and mantras. I'm pretty passionate about music, dance and mantras so it's a great combo, like a cake with cream and cherries on top! Watch this space for more and i'll share if anything decent arises!

Back to Kilkenny. Well the pinhole glasses were popular with many feeling the immediate benefits of calm that occur when one puts them on.

In addition to that it was really all about the healing treatments. I'm so grateful to everyone who chatted, shared, including the others therapists and especially those who got on the healing bed and had a session. There are few things that feel better than healing, perhaps combining it with music, dance and mantra is the only way to up it further!


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People are exceptional and their stories no different. I greatly respect and honour each who shares their story and opens up to receive healing. It is a special process for everyone involved. If I met you there, please drop me a note as I would love to hear how you are getting on and am here not just during a session but afterwards also to offer support. 

As I was leaving the fair, car all packed, a lady dressed in red who had caught my eye a few times that day was at the door of the function room asking about a taxi. I looked at her and asked here where she was heading. Kilkenny train station she replied. 'Well I'll take you there, I replied. 'Do you know where it is?' she asked me. 'No,' I responded, but i'll find it.'

The kind receptionist gave us directions and off in the car we went. She told me something remarkable! This lady travels to Ireland from the U.K. every week and works at a 72BEB0DB3E13081A14A9B53ED563B2C78B9BCFFC2637451B7Dpimgpsh thumbnail win distrholistic fairs where she offers readings and healing. Her parents were psychic healers as were her grandparents. It is all she ever wanted to do and now in her age of retirement when many do little, she takes a ferry to Ireland weekly, paid for by her pension, takes a bus to wherever the fair is on in Ireland and gives readings. She then gives all the money she earns to charity!!! If that is not enough she told she doesn't sleep in hotels, she rather go to the airport and sit in McDonald's as it's free and she doesn't have to spend the money so more can go to charity! Her name is Jeanette, and here is her photo. The lady in red. Further more she told me that when the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo is on for three nights she goes and sleeps at the airport. Seriously ladies and gentlemen, she altered my mindset through this chat! To finish it off she told me that when she was a little girl her parents used to say to her that spirit could see what she was up to and not to be disappointing spirit!! Haha! Very good. Of course her words were  different and the message clearer, but anyways as you can tell she made an impression and I was truly grateful to her and all the lovely people I met this lovely day. A walk around the grounds of the castle and some chips had me feeling like i'd had a holiday myself! Healing is so lovely to give and to receive! Still feeling the glow! Thank you all :)  


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