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12 Top Tips for dealing with Change

Welcome Change, my old friend!

Changing jobs, changing vacuum cleaners, changing cars, changing laptops, changing clothes, changing hormones...

Let’s face it, change can feel stressful even when we know it is good for us. It’s the unfamiliarity of the new. But what exactly is the problem with change? It seems that people naturally just don’t take that much time to consider its major benefits. Imagine if everything stayed the same, would there still be growth? Cycles are part of life, and it is a worth considereation to choose to enjoy every cycle as much as possible.

No matter where we are in life; what age, sex, colour; change is inevitable and how you manage it, is up to you. Blessington Lake 27 March 2017

The choices you have made; to roll with it, fight it, appreciate it etc. all give rise to who you are and how you are feeling right now. To resist it, and possibly feel a victim, is the natural unconscious human approach.  However, you can also choose to consciously embrace it, and with it, be your own hero.

Fear of change is held in the body, often in the womb in women, but for each individual and situation it can be anywhere from the big toe to the right ear. It’s usually where you haveaan ache or some issue going on.

When you feel fear toward a change, look for where it is located in the body. Right now, give this a go. Name the fear and scan your body for it. The space holding this energy may have been doing so for a long time; it may even be the same place that your mother and grandmother held the same fear…

To bring more peace and acceptance into change:

  • Energetically scan the body and locate the place on the body where fear of change sits.
  • Inhale: Breathe love into this place.
  • Exhale: feel this spot relaxing.
  • Again, inhale love into the space.
  • Exhale and feel it relaxing and reconnecting happily with the rest of the body.
  • Repeat  x 12.
  • Well done! You are using your power consciously and well.

‘I am great with change. It always works well for me!

Own it baby! What do you tell yourself about change? What if you knew that life is always working out for you somehow? Would you then be more at ease in accepting, welcoming and aligning gracefully with the change!?

The Mystery

Often change is masked, we can’t quite clearly call it, ‘Change’ it’s more like an usual unknown phase where we may not know what is happening or coming. I like to call this,

‘Being in the mystery.’

Surrender and ReleaseThe mystery is a scared place in life. We do not know what is coming and if one does not recognise it, one can feel ill at ease, anxious, unsure, like something is off. However, it is just a period of change that is occurring. As much as there is outward obvious change like job change, there are numerous inner changes, chemical, biological, spiritual and otherwise that can be harder to define.

I have learned to recognise the mystery. When things feel a bit strange, I realise that deep within change is occurring, and all I have to do is take good care of myself. During these times I get on with my tasks and aim to eat, exercise and rest as well as breathe! Meditation is a great gift for awakening us to a peaceful place even when we are in the middle of commotion or unknowing.

The good news is that by following this simple approach, the mystery always delivers us to a better place than where we entered it.

To sail into new waters, you’ve got to let go of the familiar sea shores….

Here are some top tips for moving through change. Let us know what you think and if you have some further tips please add them below.  

1. Translate fear into excitement. Whatever it is, see how it feels to feel happy about it and give yourself permission to feel excited about it.

2. When you feel fear of change rise up in you,

-Breathe in love and breathe out calm-

 Use your power to do this. Focus on the heart and breathe 3 times in a row. This is extremely powerful.  

Well done!

3. Choose to trust life and trust the soul self. Tune into and trust your inner guidance.

Life is always working out for me.

Affirm regularly,

Everything is always working out for me somehow!

4. Change requires energy, so support yourself with exercise, good eating habits at least 80% of the time along with enough rest and sleep. Set yourself a challenge to get to bed at 9pm some evening and see if you can do it!

5. Right now, visualise the change you are moving through, occurring smoothly, and that you are feeling happy with it, satisfied with, it, excited by it and benefitting from it. Calmly breathe and imagine this. Ask to be shown the Divine purpose and gift of this change is and embrace it.

6. Remind yourself that all your needs are supported by life. Here is a friend’s favourite supportive affirmation following her major change:

I am abundantly provided for.

(It really worked well and is working well for her!)

7. Remember you are a creator and have power. As a (wo)man ages, usually their power grows. Use your power consciously, for your higher good and the higher good of all. The divine works through you. Affirm your power,

I am a grand and wonderful creator.

To support this, wish for and affirm for others what you wish for and affirm for yourself,.

I and all beings feel supported and peaceful with moving through change.

Send blessings and prayers to those around you,

May all beings manage change in life with ease, grace and beauty.

8. It’s never as bad as it may appear! It only has power if you give it to it, so by asserting and remembering things are never that bad as they can appear, so it is!

9. The great secret of creating anything desired is not fear, nor stress! It’s simple, and it’s this:

Love and happiness:  Get happy. Consciously give yourself love. Imagine yourself feeling happy with the change and happy with what it brings to you. This will set up your path nicely.

10. Recognise when you are in the beauty of the mystery and breathe!

11. Remember it is temporary. This phase, like everything in the material world, is temporary and will only last for a temporary period before it changes again. Knowing the temporary nature of a thing, from a dance to a day at work, to a dinner to hormonal change can helps one greatly play with and appreciate it!

12. Know where you are at and where you are going.

  • Mark yourself out of 10 in relation to personal development, family, work, finances, health...
  • Have feel good vision of what 10 in each area would look like to you.
  • Check in and remeasure each month.
  • Anticipate and enjoy your progress.
  • Check out The Soul’s Goals at for more on this approach.

Well done and thank you for sharing this moment!

Orla Phelan is an international speaker, healer and writer working between Dublin, London and Monaco. She has been involved in conscious wellbeing for over 14 years, training in Ireland and New Zealand, and offering spiritual awakening, healing sessions, meditation and The Soul's Goals workshops for 10 years+. She loves to feel well and offers 'The Soul's Goals' process for managing change and living a more peaceful, fulfilling and satisfying life.

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