Monday, 10 April 2017 16:47

Giving the old self some credit

I recently found an old cd with pictures from 10 years ago. This morning I opened it and had a look through who I used to be and got an unexpected fresh insight insight into who I am today. 2007

I was so self-deprecating, in a non-humorous way! Even after years of meditation, healing, wisdom studies and journeying in consciousness, back then I was still predominantly unhappy with how I saw myself and where I was at. It was like climbing a seriously tough mf mountain. I knew there was some inner beauty, but didn't think it visible. I didn’t focus upon it and thought deep down to do so was probably wrong and improper!

Today 10 – 11 years later, looking at photos I am deeply moved by who I was back then. I remember my struggles, focus, hard work, commitment to the path, tears, stress, difficulties and hope. Beautiful of heart to say the least, emanating light, understanding, with desire to be true, to share, to care. A million miles more special than I ever gave myself credit for. I worked hard then and still do. I wondered this morning as I saw the beautiful, vulnerable and yet powerful and loving younger version of myself, what choices I might have made differently if I had been able to see myself more clearly back then. I almost cried at not having given myself enough credit for doing a truly amazing job at life and living.

Orla 1642006So what’s the point? Well to bring it back to today, I realise that today and over the next few weeks, I need to take some time out and really feel into the now and give myself credit and bask in what’s been done and whom I am. I’ve never made giving myself credit a priority, and unless I do, I may still run the risk of allowing the self-deprecating old remnants of patterns subtly weaken and disturb my path. Like many, I was so disturbed by ego maniacs that I took the opposite approach that I was no good. I thought this was an honourable path, it may be to some degree but also becomes as ineffective as its opposite at some point. To sit and really be who we are right now, to own it, own ourselves, stories, healing and successful steps is a must in integrating our being and being fully present .

I know it's a bit random to post photos of ourselves appreciating ourselves, but if you don't appreciate yourself, how can anyone else? It is our job and responsibility or opportunity, depending on how you look at it to heal ourselves. Part of that is bringing all the lost parts of us back home, back to the heart and into the now. I once heard that a powerful healing method is to take a photo of yourself at a very young age and place in a nice visible place somewhere in your home. Every time you see it you send that little child love and appreciation and with it you heal. 

Today I will take the time to go for a walk in nature and sit by a tree and really give myself the credit so long overdue! I share this because I think it may be a beneficial idea for us all to do this. A good catch up with and maybe even mini awards with yourself for making it here!  It’s been a big journey and continues to flow forward, amazing scenery and people surround us as we progress. In giving credit we are reminded that we are not alone on this journey, those who have helped include friends and family plus strangers who’ve stepped in, also those guides who are non-physical, angels, relatives who got their wings, spiritual masters and guides, deities of the inner school and so on. Today I will crown you all with light and praise. Today and over the coming weeks I will take time out on walks and wherever else to give credit to you, to I, and to those who come to mind for making it to this point in time and I invite you to do the same. 

- Find a photo of yourself from a while ago or any age and have a good look at yourself. Recognise and acknowledge yourself, give yourself some love and credit from this time.G

- Give yourself and another some credit, don’t think about it, see what comes to mind:

1. I give myself credit for ___________________________________________________

2. I give ______ credit for ___________________________________________________

- Bring it into the now, into today. Appreciate yourself, instead of the mind wandering in troubles, feel for a lighter feeling in the now. All is well. 

We are transforming into more light and presence.

So much peace and love :) 


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