Wednesday, 27 September 2017 08:47

A song for Tara

I've been blessed the past few months to have spent time on at some of the Irish scared sites and beautiufl gatherings around the country. The simplicity of walking in nature in these places and communing with life has been most special. At the beginning of August I found myself drawn to Tara where I happened to come across a beautiful group of beings all gathering there for Lughnasa- see the photo below. In this modern age and world, many are feeling stress, including myself at times! If we can go and be in nature regularly however, we can experience great healing and reconnect to the inner calm. From nature we came, and to nature we return, and if we ever lose ourselves, to nature we must return.

In Ireland we are blessed with many sacred sites and holy wells where the energy is extremely potent and can greatly help one feel more grounded and connected, to their heart and the heart of life. Get a dose of nature and you'll see a difference, and if you an take your shoes off and walk bare foot in the land, you'll recieve even more. If you are already doing this, you know, and if you don't why not give it a go. Be proud, take good steps for yourself! Here is a poem that came after those few days I found myself on Tara in communion with the Divine and many beautiful souls. 

Hill of Tara Sacred land. 

Oh my land

I now more clearly understand

Why we are here

What’s it’s all about

The creative spirit

From the cosmic heart shines bright


This pure energy

Shines purifying light

Heavens above and heavens below

Let’s go slow,

And lovingly inhale through the nose

The lips expand in joy,

The eyes open wide

The ears vibrate awake

Soul fully present.

I am home,

All is well,

The sun is here

It’s been fuzzy grey dream

But now we are ready

To be seen.


Colours abound and life’s everywhere

We are one with the light both circle and square.

I am in service to the cosmic heart space

I bow to the heart and to the grace.

I choose to serve the golden light

Day and night

I feel the love of this land

Eiru goddess, I offer my hand.

The light of stars

Are the neurons I know

We all belong in this glorious show.

The centre of the sun is inside me,

I am girl, I am woman, I am free.

I am safe to feel exactly how I feel.

I trust the divine spark

The light is real.

We emanate delight

Here is Peace on Earth

Thank you my friends for opening up

The  present moment fills all cups.

Tara Lughnasa



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