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Cleanse Programme April 2020

Cleanse Programme April 2020


Get ready for a new you! 

Hi friends,

April is coming!!
Online one month cleanse programme
Come join us wherever you are at.
All welcome!
A new new awaits for new earth this May.
It is time to bring out the best in you.
Don't worry, you've still got a while to eat chocolate cake!
Sign up today! 

I've been cleansing in March so I can properly hold space for this offering in April, so three weeks into it I can tell you, I feel super peaceful and well!

I'll be continuing this in April as a support and guarantee that if you join us, you will not regret it!

Ever cleansed before? Yes? Great! New to it? Perfect! Either way we would love you to be part of this online cleanse programme for the month of April.

There will be:

  • Personal video conference consultation following sign up.
  • Weekly online Zoom calls
  • Videos
  • Food guidelines and recipies
  • Weekly self-dvelopment workshops
  • Live weekly Q & A
  • Meditations
  • And more!
  • You can do as deep a cleanse for as long as you wish :) 

There is also the opporutnity for personal coaching through this month with weekly calls and daily check in. Click here for more.

Let April bring out the best in you. It is time for a new beginning for all. 

A cleanse doesn't just clear out the waste, it genuinely brings out a higher version of oneself.

Think more clearly, feel more conscious, peaceful, sleep better, boost your immune system, digestive system, watch your skin become smoother and more radiant, feel more energised, happier and connected. This is a true gift from yourself to yourself. 

Normal Cleanse value is €257 for the month (€99 deposit and €79, first week and €79 second week).

However in this current climate, this cleanse is avaialble for:  IMG 2901

A deposit of €99, or by donation with what you can afford. Click here for payment details.

We want everyone taking part.

Cleansing is one of the most powerful game changers you can do it one month and we want you! 

There is no excuse!    

This is our work. 

Let's raise our vibration.

You can purchase a cleanse on line by clicking here.

Pay deposit or donation directly via paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here.

Come join us. This is your time.

 cleanse time

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