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Hi friends,

WE are so excited about this upcoming cleanse.

It's going to be huge! WE have a beautiful support team coming together of past participants, who are eager to continue the journey but are also now ready to also share their gifts!

Cleansing brings inner stability, focus, greater health and happiness. It is a necessary medicine that has been used for eons, and is especially potent during times of change.

Cleansing looks like dietary changes but truly it is about becoming lighter and clearer in every way. Are you ready to experience an UPGRADE? To release old patterns you’ve outgrown and COME HOME to the harmonious being that you are? We are! Join us :) 

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Your intuition and trust will grow. We will have Saturday morning weekly workshops on connecting with your guides, visions boards and guest speakers including a fasting expect and herbalist.

I've been cleansing regularly since 2004 and am ready to share all my secrets, recipes, tips and more with you!

Online one month cleanse programme

  • Personal video conference consultation.
  • Weekly online Zoom calls
  • Videos
  • Cosmic Cook book with food guide, recipes and week planner.
  • Weekly self-dvelopment workshops
  • Live weekly Q & A
  • Meditation, yoga
  • And more!
  • There are 5 levels to cleanse starting with taking herbs with no dietary changes, making it accessible to all.

There is also the opportunity for personal coaching through this month with weekly calls and daily check in. Send a message for more info.

Ready to experience a higher version of yourself?

Get ready to feel clearer, more peaceful, sleep better, boost your immune system, digestive system, watch your skin become smoother and more radiant, feel more energised, happier and connected.

This is a true gift from yourself to yourself. 


Click here for more testimonials and to book your place!



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