Friday, 16 July 2021 22:35

The Larch Bach Flower ~ for Success!

The Larch Bach Flower ~ for Success!
??Larch Bach Flower???
From fear to failure to expectation of and excitement for success????
?? Clearing trauma and patterns of fear is a major theme right now ?
Please see the video below, an introduction to Larch, a Bach flower that’s gets used regularly from the kit!
Drop into water bottle, mixing bottle or take direct.
Take at least 3x daily, over 3-6 Weeks for good result.
Open your mind to seeing things differently and acknowledge the successes you have achieved to date, healthy body, getting out of bed, making lunch, school, kindness, writing, your life is full of successes, no matter how small they may appear. Allow yourself a few days to really feel this. This will support your shift of mindset.
If you like, you can purchase an online consultation from the shop page!
Send a Dm to have a personal consultation and remedy made just for you.


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