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The Cleanse Revolution has just evolved into The Lifestyle Revolution!

The Cleanse Revolution has just evolved into The Lifestyle Revolution!


The Cleanse Revolution has now evolved into and is included as part of The Lifestyle Revolution!

Think more clearly, feel peaceful, sleep better, boost your immune system, digestive system, feel more energised, happier, radiant and connected as your wellbeing goes through the roof!

This is a true gift from yourself to yourself. 

Ready to bring out the best in you?

Is it time for a new beginning?


Awakening to the True You


We understand not everyone is ready to change their diet, but everyone is ready for positive change!

Now, supported by daily videos, weekly meditation, distance healing sessions and optional workshops, we have two offerings to make this our most Inclusive and Fun Awakening adventure yet! You can choose the Lifestyle Day Planner, Cleanse or both, and enjoy daily support and amazing community as you revolutionise your diet, body, mind and lifestyle! 

  • Cleansing Diet
  • Day Planner


Furthermore, there are three levels at which you can partake, ranging from doing it yourself to regularly 1 to 1 session to help you stay on track!

Scroll down for chart to see available packages. 

Cleansing Diet: The Cleanse Revolution

Would you like to boost your wellbeing, energy, health, radiance, clarity, peacefulness, sleep quality and happiness? Well then, this is for you.

The full parasite cleanse follows a diet free of sugar, fruit, dairy, wheat, white rice and white potatoes. It includes herbs and supplements, all detailed in our brochure and videos and takes you step by step through the protocol as developed by Dr Hulda Clark. It provides all the information you require, including a list of cleanse friendly foods and a 60 page Comic Cookbook with meal, snack and drink ideas for you to enjoy! In addition you’ll receive daily videos, meal ideas, optional cleanse buddy and more.

The cleanse looks like a physical clean out, and in many ways it is. Think more energy, feeling lighter, better sleep, greater mindfulness and joy.

However, it is also so much more, this cleanse will clear your mind, calm your thoughts and bring you to a new place of inner calm, focus, clarity and awareness. Prepare for your reality to be upgraded! For more information, please check out the Cleanse Revolution Brochure! 

The Day Planner

What if you spent a month engaging in watching more sunrises, in walking bare foot on the earth every week, and recording your dreams? Engaging in conscious acts of kindness, movement, rest, relaxation, meditation, going to bed earlier, waking up earlier and tidying your space!? Does that excite you? This is your opportunity to see for yourself what change this brings to your mind, energy, relationships, work and creativity. 

We love a bit of discipline but also know that we work best when we combine, contraction (discipline, focus) with relaxation, and a good dose of fun. Therefore the key aim here is to enjoy this journey! We lean away from ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ and into delight and feeling inspired. So if you are feeling more inspired to nap than meditate, enjoy that nap!

We developed the Day Planner to support and inspire you the nurturing of healthy habits, patterns and being. It is recommended to print and read the Day Planner each evening before bed. Highlight the activities that excited  you for the day ahead. In the morning look through again and then during the day, check in and tick as you go. Watch your feel good vibes grow! Here is a taster of some of the 120 daily actions to choose from!


No tv/ netflicks 9am - 5pm!








Paint a picture/ doodle








Make up a song/ poem in the moment








Create something, anything!








Work on creative project 








Visualise miracle for self








Visualise miracle for planet








Chat with spirit









Water & Food


Water intake: 2 liters a day+








Herbal tea








Morning tonic, eg. APC/ lemon & H2O








5+ Veg a day










The Cleanse Revolution ~ Awakening the True You



Cleanse Plus

Cleanse Plus Customised

The Lifestyle Revolution Brochure 

Cleanse Brochure: Which cleanse is right for you?

Cosmic Cleanse Cookbook!

Membership to Telegram Cleanse Community Group


Share your own weekly update of your journey video

Digital Detox

Live Take-off Call!

PM Thursday 30th Sep.

Live Celebration completion call!

30 Daily Videos to help you stay on track!

Day Planner Form

Weekly Meditation

Distance Healing

Plan your Cleanse Call with Q & A






Buddy System


Online Private Consultation


4 Transformational workshops Saturday 10am -12noon


Weekly Q&A + Creative Project Call - optional


Gentle Yoga weekly- optional


Cleanse Plus Customised




1 to 1 Additional Personal Consultations, pre, during & post cleanse.



Access to all info and group for 3 months following the cleanse.



Special rate on future work with Orla and Cleanse Programmes. Discount depending on programme.

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