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Soul's Goals Workshop Saturday 20th Nov 11am - 4pm Featured

How often do you tune into your inner guidance?

Can you imagine a more inspirational version of yourself!?

Lovingly accepting yourself as you are and holding an uplifting inspiring vision that feels deeply true, go hand in hand with conscious evolution.


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Accepting this day is the way, and no longer playing to the illusion that there is something wrong with this moment.~ There isn't! It's actually perfect just as is.

Can we take a communal breath into this!?

The vision you hold is what you are growing towards and providing direction to your subconscious energies and inner GPS.

Now, from here we can receive insight, vision and align with the flow.

Yippee and thank you very much!

- Gain clarity with the highest version of yourself

- Receive visions of your higher path

- Gain clarity with your one major choice and intention for 2021

- Have a some time to relax, enjoy guided meditation, connect with a lovely bunch of souls and a 5 hours of bliss that is for you and all about you

- Experience more FLOW, DELIGHT & HARMONY!


How much of the time do you allow allow an unpleasant vision feeling or fear take over the mind?

Yep this is the normal 'default' state for most. It is common, but NOT NECESSARY. 

Join us for this workshop from the comfort of your home, where we will journey through this awareness and a number of insightful practises where we will receive our visions for the coming months and put it out there that we complete this year in FLOW, DELIGHT & HARMONY!

Are you in?

Have you recieved a harmonious feeling vision that you would love to see occur?
Are you ready to activate this into your reality?
Would you like to open up to receive visions for your higher path from your higher self?
This work nurtures delight, intuition, inner guidance, self-esteem, satisfaction and success.
It pays greatly to take time out to relfect where we are at, envision where we are heading, and who we are becoming.
This is your day. It is time.

Numbers are limited so please book in advance.
Includes workbook material, sharing, time for lunch, chats and as well as time to sit/ meditate/ walk in nature and welcome inspiration.
Feel free to extend this invite any friends you think may be interested. 

Everyone who is curious or this resonates with, is welcome. No previous experience necessary.

Simply secure your place through payment or send a dm.


Choose any of these options to secure your place

  • Revolution Orla @0872320159
  • Paypal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Bank transfer or cash- please enquire

    Location: Zoom: Details will be sent upon booking.

    Feel free to drop a line if you have any queries.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the day.

EARLYBIRD PAID IN FULL by Wednesday 17th 6pm is €69

Regular price €79

Further €10 discount for all those I have worked with in 2021. Send a dm :) 




Thank you Orla, I really enjoyed the souls goals... love and light.'

'Hey thanks for yesterday, it was fun and when I went to bed I felt such a huge energy flow through me for hours!'

Just did a course of the soul's goals, with Orla Phelan I highly recommened it.' G.B.

'Just wanted to say thank you soooooooo much to Orla and all who participated in yesterday's Soul Goal Day event. Wow what a wonderfully inspiring and overall lovely event, not to mention the gorgeous wholesome food! Yum ! I am so grateful to have been a part of it and for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful, kind hearted and loving people, I hold u all dear to my heart!! Thanks again x x' O.P.

'Thank you for a most wonderful and enlightening day.
Call it synchronicity but I have been learning and teaching The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People since 1992, just short of 25 years and still learning from the 72 minute CD. I never ventured into the 7th habit "Sharpen the Saw" until the start of January. It is about looking after self body, mind and spirit... Definitely synchronicity. The time out to think and question with six people who actually have common and specific areas to address is Synergy in action (6th Habit). Thank You for bringing "Acceptance" which is the start and I do believe when you start the finish will come, as night follows day.Yours Sincerely' P.T.

For more info on the Soul's goals:

Thank you.


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