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The Soul’s Goals 7 Week Programme

The Soul’s Goals 7 Week Programme starting Thursday 20th Jan, 7-9pm on Zoom!

Bring your dinner!

Like to develop your intuition and inner guidance in 2022? 


Hello beautiful friend, and Happy Solstice to you.


Develop Your Intuition & Inner Guidance

7 week Programme

We all have this amazing Inner guidance. It is an art form to learn to listen to & understand it, but really all it takes is a desire and some focus.

Anyone can develop this easily. I’ll show you how.

Of course you can still choose not to listen to it! For us all, that’s okay, but at least you’ll now have the awareness to tune in and receive it on a daily basis. Game changer? I think so.

That’s what' you’ll receive over these 7 weeks as well as clarity on your path & Inner visions for your next 12 months.

One time only. I plan to be offering a number of programmes this year including cleanses, however this course will not be repeated in 2022, so if you have been thinking about it, this is your time!

Ready to start of the year well? Join us!

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What some past participants had to say....

‘Highly recommended. Everyone should experience this . Truly transformational.’

‘Doing the souls journey was gave me clarity and positive affirmations in the area I want to develop. It was a beautiful experience and I really did not want it to end. I am very grateful for Orla in hosting this event and I would truly recommend it.’



The regular price is an amazing €320 for the whole 7 weeks including all weekly workshops, worksheets, meditations and Telegram group.

  • Payment plan also available with special rate once deposit is made by above date.

Ready to book your place!?

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your spot at this special rate,  text 087 2320159, or click here!


This is a real opportunity to move into a more harmonious and happy headspace and live your life more in the flow.

 Your understanding of your intuition will expand greatly and will your Inner guidance.

 Some of what you will cover over the 7 weeks

  • Receive visions for your relationships, career, wealth, health, transformation and more for 2022.
  • You will then experience more of these four main foundational states; peace, happiness, self-love and Inner guidance in your daily life, regardless of outer circumstances.
  • Nurture your relationship with self
  • Realign your thoughts and feelings to create a happier and more harmonious version of you and reality for you!
  • Upgrade your belief system, so that it supports your visions.
  • Experience the joy and power of moving to your own personal higher path of loving service, and the satisfaction, fulfilment and gifts that come

I personally guarantee if you attend that this will shift your life positively- OR YOUR MONEY BACK.


What to expect?

  • Connect with your Intuition and understand how your inner guidance works.

  • Witness your inner guidance and reflect upon what happens when you go with it.

  • Receive your visions for 8 areas of life over 2022 and for each of the 7 weeks.

  • What if your visions have purpose and it is our service to each other and life that gives us energy?

  • Develop your awareness of delight and clarity and continual moment by moment pleasure and inner guidance.

  • Be part of a conscious fun community who share their insights and breakthroughs together.

  • Watch all areas of your life expand in the feel good direction.

  • Head into Spring and Summer 2022 in the flow and the best version of yourself.

  • Observe your mind become clearer, calmer, and more positive.

  • We take this journey over 7 weeks to help create a real and ongoing shift in your reality.


Payment Options

  • Payment can be in cash or online, depending on what works best for you.

  • Revolut: 087 2320159


  • Bank transfer:

    Bank account number: 14291005

    Bank details as follows:

    Bank Address : Bank of Ireland, Sutton Cross, Dublin 13




  • Cash or PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much for reading and all your support during 2021.


Healing sessions will return early Jan. 

Loads of love,



'Thank you Orla,  I really enjoyed the souls goals... love and light.' 


'Hey thanks for yesterday, it was fun and when I went to bed I felt such a huge energy flow through me for hours!' 


Just did a course of the soul's goals, with Orla Phelan I highly reccommened it.' G,B. 


Orla is so talented in so many aspects of her life and in particular to helping you find you true soul's goal. I have done various souls courses with Orla and always found them brilliant. I myself was trying to find my calling in my career path and with the help of Soul's Goals I found my true north. I can't put into words how much that has meant to me and I am so grateful for Orla and her Soul's Goals course for helping me find it. If you want to change life into the right direction, well the Soul's Goals is it!' C.S  



'Just wanted to say thank you soooooooo much to Orla and all who participated in yesterday's Soul Goal Day event. Wow what a wonderfully inspiring and overall lovely event, not to mention the gorgeous wholesome food! Yum ! I am so grateful to have been a part of it and for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful, kind hearted and loving people, I hold u all dear to my heart!! Thanks again x x' O.P. 


'Thank you for a most wonderful and enlightening day.
Call it synchronicity but I have been learning and teaching The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People since 1992, just short of 25 years and still learning from the 72 minute CD. I never ventured into the 7th habit "Sharpen the Saw" until the start of January. It is about looking after self body, mind and spirit... Definitely synchronicity. The time out to think and question with six people who actually have common and specific areas to address is Synergy in action (6th Habit). Thank You for bringing "Acceptance" which is the start and I do believe when you start the finish will come, as night follows day.Yours Sincerely' P.T. 



'I love the magic! Have been following this [Soul’s Goal approach] process for a over a year now attending a workshop every 3-6 months. I have come to clearly observe that the days where I utilise the Soul’s Goal approach, are without a doubt, more productive, fun and magical! The visions are becoming clearer and easier to work with too! This is pretty amazing and helpful in so many ways :) I highly recommend this work!'-E.B. 



'I can only recommend Orla Phelan as a wonderful spiritual teacher. So, if you are ready for some quantum leaps, go for it!
My life has changed in so many ways since I started working with her. Well, I changed, too :-) Sometimes our vision is blurred and we cannot see, that a step or a move, e.g. moving house/ changing jobs/ starting self-employment is necessary to grow. Since I took on her advice and did the work she gave me, a lot of answers came, I have become a much happier and more confident person, and I am starting to live my dreams. I know that there is much more in the pipeline even though great things are happening already..., and I am all excited about it. 
I wish to thank Orla for her wonderful advice, work and angelic guidance! <3' S. 


'My satisfaction with my daily life has increased greatly!' L.T. 


'The Soul's Goals has given me a system which works. The chaos in my mind has calmed. I can see more clearly and enjoy living each day more. This really works. Thanks!' E.F.  


'I'm so happy to report that I have achieved and experienced major visions and desires that I have penned down over the past two years at Soul's Goals workshops. I had no idea I could achieve the delightful images that came to me. I am continuing to use this process and very grateful for the ease and flow that can be seen and continues to grow in my life. This is really good work. Thank you.' G.P. 

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