Sunday, 06 February 2022 21:29

Podcast with the Yogi Hour

Podcast with the Yogi Hour

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with John at the Yogi Hour.

The Yogi Hour is a new podcast that chats with "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!"

John and his wife Pushpa are good friends who I met at the Krishna temple many years ago.

We have enjoyed many kirtans together and will I hope enjoy many more.


Unfortunately there is a problem with the sound, so apologies, however I'd though I'd share it here incase you still get something from it.

So much love to you today right now.

Remember to tell yourself, "I am enough." and allow the love flow through you :)


Here is some of what we discussed:


1. Tell us more about your wellbeing therapist and healer

2. How did you get started

3. Explain more about The Souls Goals

4. How do you find the balance between giving and nourishing yourself

5. How did you learn to heal

6. How long have you been doing it

7. Is it a natural ability or can anyone do it

8. The spiritual practices that benefit you

9. What challenges have you faced and overcome in your line of work

10. Tell us more about the books you are working on and what inspired them

11. What do you do to relax

12. How can people get in touch

13. With all that has happened over the last two years fear, negativity, isolation etc - What can we do to change and grow?


You can find the Yogi Hour on Youtube- see below and subscribe, also on facebook by clicking here.

I'd love to hear any takes you get from this.

Thanks for stopping by,

Till next time,

Much love x 


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