Saturday, 19 February 2022 10:11

The April Cleanse is Coming!

The April Cleanse is Coming!

The April Cleanse ‘The Best You’ is coming!

Enjoy that cappuccino & cake!??

Soon you’ll be sipping cucumber juice, enjoying brown rice & kale with cashews and mint tea, looking radiantly fabulous, feeling more energized than in years, enjoying, self-massage, meditation and yoga in your freshly cleared and beautified home.

Included as part of this cleanse are now 2 group calls, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the 4 weeks, 4weekly Q&A, yoga, meditation, in-depth informative cleanse brochures, cookbook, food demos, videos, weekly meditation, yoga, regular videos and more. 

The workshops are now optional, can be paid for with your package upfront at a discount or you can choose during the cleanse to join in for one. The workshops will also be open to those not cleansing with us. 

This is to help make this cleanse as flexible to your desires and good value for you as possible. 

There are a fantastic four packages available, with or without workshops. 

Join us, you will be so proud of yourself and feel amazing for it. 



Click here to get the best value & book your place with a deposit today!
This is all waiting for you.
Come join us.
4 weeks to transform.
We’ll do it together!

☀️Clear & rejuvenate✨
You will thank yourself so much for this ☀️
Send a Dm for more information and to be notified of early bird.
Registrations open 1st of March

Free to share and subscribe for Cleanse updates insights and tips over the coming six weeks.
Thank you✨

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