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Cleansing and the benefits

Through healthy cleansing, and herbs you help rebalance your gut microbiome, that is bacterial colonies living in the intestines. You're helping to cleanse it of overgrowing bad bacteria and increase your counts of good bacteria. A balanced gut microbiome is a healthy microbiome. One that supports smooth and comfortable digestion, regular movements,  more powerful immune system, clearer skin, better mental health including thought quality and mood, hormoes, energy, sleep quality and pretty much your entire quality of life. Worth investing in? We believe so.


A 4 week cleanse can be equated to a full service on your car. In most cases a regular yearly cleanse will be sufficient to rebalance the system, clear out stagnant waste, improve assimilation and absorption of nutrients, cleanse the palate of any cravings and sugar addictions plus drop excess weight.


Where one has had on-going health issues, a longer cleanse may be required to completely rebalance the system, for example 3 -6 months. It takes about 3 days to begin to feel the benefits with by about day 18 day, the cleanse is considered easy to maintain as cravings have gone, the body and mind have adapted, already experiencing considerable benefits.


What the research says about going sugar free


A research study from 2006 suggests that sugar may be directly connected to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation, which affects a large percentage of the population. Learning to live without added sugar can help reduce the risk of these dis-eases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, arthritis, acne, headaches, and rashes.


Refined sugar, such as those found in processed foods, cookies, chips, and cake, actually makes you feel sluggish and lethargic, often creating a subtle sugar hangover, making the body require more sleep and while still feeling less fresh. By giving up sugar, you're likely to increase your energy, wake up naturally earlier and brighter and feel more energised during the day.


Giving up sugar can help achieve a better balance of good gut bacteria. This impacts everything from gas and bloating to diarrhea and constipation.  “Sugar and refined carbs feed bad bacteria in the gut which can lead to digestive problems," explains Jenny Askew, MS, RD, LD, ACSM-EP, integrative and functional dietitian and president of The Nutrition Clinic for Digestive Health.


Improved meantal health and mood, including less depression. Sugar intake from sweet food and beverages is linked to common mental disorders and depression in findings from the Whitehall II study. The study consisted of non-industrial civil servants, who were recruited in London at age 35 to 55 years. The initial sample size was 10,308 individuals incuding female and male. The result was that higher sugar consumption was linked to higher depression prevalence in several ecological and cross-sectional studies. Some of the reasons given for this are the following which are directly linked to high sugar intake:

  • Change in brain chemicals.
  • Hypoglycaemia through an exaggerated insulin response which also incluences hormone levels and mood states.
  • Addiction-like effects of sugar suggest dopaminergic neurotransmission mechanisms may connect frequent sugar intake with depression.
  • The impact of obesity upon body and mind.


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