Thursday, 05 December 2013 23:55

Hello! What amazing times and experiences.

So much is happening, yet there is a constant calm force moving slowing through everything! This past week I have seen friends spiritually awaken, witnessed the natural at home water pool birth of a child, - without stress, and with much love and peace. I have journeyed into the mystery and watched the transformation and liberation of dark energy into delight. And that is only some of it- Yes the time of Samhain is a special time, an active time but also a blessed time.

Any habits that you would like to increase in your life? Sure go for it now, practice it over the next few weeks and you’ll soon have awoken the light to where (bad habits!/darkness) was! I’ll be getting up earlier- and probably going to bed earlier too some nights : ) I’ve always liked the idea of starting my day at 6am.

Any fear that is arising- welcome it- stay in the light by doing things that make you feel good. If you would like to help yourself in this area, imagine, visualise and feel; “I breath in light, I breathe out light.” Soon your body and room, matter and space, world and universe will be light. This is very powerful! Seek to introduce one positive habit into your life and see what happens.

With peace and love,




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