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Meditating with the Stargate

I am fortunate to be part of the Stargate Ireland team, help out with organising the Stargate visit to Ireland. Having meditated with the Stargate back in June this year and thoroughly enjoying the experience I was delighted to hear of it’s return and happy to help in any way I could.


Thursday evening with the Stargate and Buddhabag brought a few gifts my way. A light introduction to a powerful energy, I found the Friday that followed a most pleasant, easy and flowing day. Plus I enjoyed some of the most honest conversations that needed to be had with some people. It was a day full of things to do that flowed with ease- Imagine if every day was this easy and productive- now that’s living in a higher dimension and awareness- and It’ feels totally normal and absolutely lovely!

The weekend was an intensive, spiritual and divine two days of bliss. Meditating with the Stargate, people around me cried, laughed, snored and coughed! There was energy moving through everyone, meeting them in the most appropriate way. My gifts? Well I began to see the Hathors again. They’ve been on my mind for years. I’ve a beautiful few words I came across many years ago that I recite regularly called the “Truth about Self” that originally came from Egypt. I’ve also had a beautiful connection/oneness with Nefrititi/Egyption being, like an 8 foot long angled golden female being. At this experience though I saw the Hathor team working on people- working with their upper and lower chakra system- awakening higher chakras, lovingly calming the chaos swirling awakening energy, clearing out kinks, and supporting individuals’ awakening at whatever level they are becoming expanding into.

I’ve been blessed with the gift of inner vision since childhood, and in the past seven years have seen many a spaceship, star being, angel, fairy, elf ,gnome and other! As society tends not to accept such imagination I often say little, though sometimes cannot help telling someone there is an angel trying to get their attention! Angels are everywhere! I’m even aware of angel colony near Dublin! Anyone can call on them for help at any time. I hadn’t been aware that the Hathor team are so loving and focused upon helping us evolve. They represent for I the change we are going through. From being scared/ ruled by fear – ( you might run a thousand miles the opposite way if you saw one of these approaching you!) but by sitting in the moment and really feeling it and watching, I began to see that they are totally focused on helping us awaken. They don’t seem as emotional as us, but that is a gift of human being. Most star beings- all I’ve consciously come across anyway are buzzing with a high vibration love. We have a different vibration. We tend to vibrate all our experiences at once with the dominant focus being the dominant vibration. (Think of lots of musical notes). Because we live in duality we have so much depth in our vibration from the sadness to the light. When depth chooses to focus upon light and love, and this becomes one’s dominant focus, then one becomes a massive magnet for cosmic love. It appears that because of the pain we have experienced, the compassion they feel for us is immense. Angels and other beings can help us. There is a great saying, that for each step you take towards love/ awakening, it takes 10 steps towards you.

blog2aSo thank you Stargate. I met beings and family from Sirius too, thanks guys, and from all over, I merged in Arcturian light which I can still feel and felt the familiarity of our friends the Andromedans.

The purpose of the Stargate in additon to meeting and feeling the presence and high vibration of the 12th dimension and starbeings is to wake up dormant aspects of one’s DNA. Right now and since then I just feel really present, peaceful and ok with how I am whatever that is. Saying what I feel like say, doing and being who I truly am. Acceptance. And it’s fun!

I write this way to share with you and be more open about my experiences of what is going on in other dimensions and realities. It really is a time of awakening and the great shift from pain and fear to love and delight is happening through us. There is so much help around. Call on it and see for yourself. Close your eyes and ask for an experience. See what happens : ) It seems about all children have experienced a psychic/other dimensional vision. For some they continue. The magic that surrounds each and every being is phenomenal. Turn off your tv, be outside or inside whichever you rather and tune in. All the best and with love, Orla.

PS If there are any articles/points in this blog of website that interest you, or you’d like to add something, or If you’d like more information about anything let me know in the comments below or feel free to drop me an email. Peace & love xxx

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