Friday, 06 December 2013 00:05

I can see a sun expanding in the hearts and mind of humanity.

Even more light is here and each is addressing their energy, re-balancing, burning away parts of the personality that are not serving them so that they can express the light that is expanding through them.

Back in August I thought ahead to the equinox and saw a mass energetic beautiful lightness shining through the Earth. Well we are here now! It seems that every month, week or day there is talk of another big shift!

My experience has been that the part of me that was out of balance went in over energy mode until it had enough and then began to calm and is pretty much dissolving as I write. I don’t mind now what happens, I’ve stopped for now “fighting it” or “wanting it”. The real I is here all chilled and grand observing the calm and humour of it all! Thank god for the full moon-the intensity of the energy magnifies everything going on within us so we can more easily see ourselves. Some say that even just observing an imbalance or something within yourself is enough to bring about beneficial change.

You never walk alone. Ask for help when you need it, from friends, healers, angels, saints, whomever you feel drawn to. The light is always with us, and in the next few days more and more will realise this. Thank you for the blessings that are already on their way. x Click on the link below for a gift for you :)

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